Dae asks: What do you want to see from my XY review?

I’m still alive! I had a really rough week this week, and mostly four hours of sleep each day. I hardly had the time to check my computer, let alone do something meaningful (sleep deprivation isn’t very helpful when writing articles).

Yet, after I finish doing some important homework, I will get back to writing my XY review. I don’t plan to write a review like most gaming site do, but more of an extensive opinion piece comparing the game to the ones who came before it. I’ll write a bit about the new direction they are seemingly taking and how they try to accomplish that and will give my opinion on all the changes and new stuff to see what I think works and what could use improvement. I’ll try to only include mild spoilers, so I won’t discuss story in detail or anything like that.

That brings me to my question of today: where would you like to see me focusing on? Are there any points in the game that stood out for you, be it positively or negatively? Any suggestion are greatly appreciated :).

I don’t know when the review exactly will hit, seeing as I’m still a busy man. It most likely will be around Monday. I’m revealing new details for PJN Magazine very soon, based on all the feedback I got. I got like 140 replies, with only a few trolls, so the interesting seems to be there.

See you then. In the mean time, start commenting below. Also try to keep XY playthrough spam to a minimum, or else… 😉