Pokémon X & Y Coverage Day 4

This post contains spoilers for Pokémon X & Pokémon Y. The comment section of this post will also contain spoilers for the upcoming games. Do NOT proceed it you wish to avoid details on the game. 

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Day four of our X & Y coverage starts here, below will be a compilation of all our discoveries and findings from the game, which will later be compiled into our latest project (stay tuned)! Today we’ll be using a slightly different format and listing a brief rundown of the story events in a separate spoiler.

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Oldest updates are at the top of the list, and latest at the bottom – the second spoiler contains story details. 

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Coumarine City

Items & TMs

  • Incense can be purchased from a market stall, all costing 9,600
  • Good Rob can be received from fisherman
  • Lucky Egg is obtained in the Hotel
  • TM63 Embargo can be obtained by completing a quiz – answer to the quiz is “Embargo”. This NPC hands out different TMs on different days
  • HM02 Fly is given to you
  • A Metronome can be obtained
  • A Poké Toy can be obtained if you successfully guess what Pokémon the woman is mimicing
  • Black Sludge can be obtained in the Coumarine City – Route 13 Gate
  • Sky Plate is found on the ground


  • Your Pokémon can be awarded a Smile Ribbon inside the Hotel
  • The Game Director is found inside the Hotel

Route 13

Items and TMs

  • Using rollerskates to grind the player can obtain Smooth Rock and a Sun Stone
  • Flame Plate can be found
  • Power Plant Pass can found in a rock

Wild Pokémon

On Route 13 wild Pokémon pop out from the ground as the player moves.

  • Dugtrio
  • Gible
  • Trapinch

Slugma can be found using Rock Smash

Kalos Power Plant

The Kalos Power Plant has 3D functions

Items and TMs

  • Zap Plate can be found
  • Fresh Water can be purchased for 300 (before clearing the Plant) or 100 (after clearing the Plant). The usual price is 200
  • Magnet can be obtained (after clearing Plant)
  • TM43 is given to the played (after clearing Plant)

Lumiose City

Items and TMs

  • King’s Rock can be obtained
  • Water Stone, Fire Stone and Leaf Stone can be bought for $2,100
  • In the same store, a man is selling Charizardite X/Y for $1,000,000
  • You can groom Furfrou at a specialized Salon

Route 14

Items and TMs

  • Big Mushroom, Hyper Potion

Wild Pokémon

  • Grass – Carnivine, Skorupi, Weepinbell, Karrablast, Goomy, Haunter, Quagsire(?)
  • Bellsprout can be found in Hordes
  • Swamp – Shelmet, Quagsire, Goomy, Stunfisk

Laverre City

Items and TMs

  • TM41 Torment can be obtained
  • Ether is found behind the Boutique
  • Gengarite is given to you




  • Upon arriving in Coumarine City the player must visit the monorail station where Professor Sycamore and Diantha are waiting and discussing Mega Evolution. Sycamore then gives you HM02 Fly
  • The player must ride the monorail to the other half of Coumarine town where the Pokémon Center and Gym are located
  • Serena Challenges you to a battle outside the Coumarine Gym as previously promised. Her Pokémon are as follows
    • Meowstic Lv.31
    • Absol Lv.31
    • Quilladin Lv.33
  • The Coumarine City Gym is run by the gardener and Leader Ramos, who specialises in Grass Type Pokémon, he awards you the Plant Badge and TM86 Grass Knot. He uses the following Pokémon
    • Jumpluff Lv.30
    • Gogoat Lv.34
    • Weepinbell Lv.31
  • Upon leaving Coumarine Town a Holo Clip is received from Lysandre, who tells you how the power of Mega Evolution could help change the world. In the Gate two of Sycamore’s aids stop you and add the Mountain Kalos Pokédex to your Pokédex
  • The player must then make their way through Route 13 where the Kalos Power Plant can be seen
  • The Team Flare Grunt is found later along the route and will challenge you to yet another battle, when you defeat him he will explain how he has lost is Pass to gain access to the Power Plant, it can be found in a rock nearby. When found the player has access to the Kalos Power Plant entrance nearby
  • Upon entering the player will run into another Team Flare Grunt who questions your identity and challenges you to a battle
  • Team Flare are redirecting the power from Lumiose City and will continue to challenge you as you progress through the Power Plant. When you reach the centre of the Plant, a Team Flare Admin and Scientist will notice you and attempt to dispose of you
  • Once you have disposed of them two mysterious figures will appear, heal your Pokémon and give you Full Restores. The power is now restored to Lumiose City and the played can now proceed
  • As you progress toward Lumiose City you come across a strange man who talks about Pokémon
  • When you reach Lumiose City Shauna appears and talks to you about Team Flare at the Power Plant, then says you should both go watch the lights of Prism Tower be lit. As you reach the tower Clemont is there, he activates the Prism Tower lights. Prism Tower is Lumiose City’s Gym!
  • The Lumiose City Gym is run by the inventor and Leader Clemont, who specialises in Electric Type Pokémon, he awards you the Voltage Badge and TM24 Thunderbolt. He uses the following Pokémon
    • Emolga Lv.35
    • Magneton Lv.35
    • Heliolisk Lv.37
  • After defeating Clemont in the Lumiose Gym, yet another Holo Clip is received from Prof. Sycamore. This time he asks the player to meet him and Lysandre in the Lysandre Café. Once you reach the café the two of them are discussing Mega Evolution
  • When you leave the café Trevor will send you a Holo Clip requesting you meet up with him and your other friends on Route 14
  • Upon meeting them, Trevor will challenge you to his own type of battle, and compare his Mountain dex with yours. Serena will then challenge you to a Pokémon battle and uses the following Pokémon
    • Meowstic Lv.35
    • Absol Lv.35
    • Chesnaught Lv.37
  • After Serena leaves the rest of your friends want to go check out the Scary House along the route. When you near the path to the house Serena appears and calls you over. Inside you’ll discover the truth behind the house…
  • Next you make your way to Laverre City