Jungle5: Generation II

The Older Generation…

This week has been very odd, we’ve had some news come at strange times, and the staff have all be off doing things outside of their online lives. I initially wanted to get this article up a few days ago so we could run Generation II Theme Week for longer, but illness and the unbalanced spread of news meant it got put on hold, but here it is!

After this article we will be ending Generation II and moving on to Generation III, while trying to make up lost time.

Introducing… Jungle5!

Welcome to our latest column, Jungle5 (or Jungle10, from time to time!) No, we’re not forming some sort of alternative pop group, instead each article will take a look at the Top 5 according to the topic and we will then ask you to make your own list in the comments. This first article will be taking a look at the Pokémon of Generation II, and the Top 5 of each PokéJungle Staff members.










Check back for more soon!

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NOTE: It’s two weeks until X & Y release internationally and much like previous game releases, leaks are beginning to appear online. We will have a full written PSA soon, but please be weary of what you’re reading online if you wish to avoid spoilers!