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The Older Generation…

This week has been very odd, we’ve had some news come at strange times, and the staff have all be off doing things outside of their online lives. I initially wanted to get this article up a few days ago so we could run Generation II Theme Week for longer, but illness and the unbalanced spread of news meant it got put on hold, but here it is!

After this article we will be ending Generation II and moving on to Generation III, while trying to make up lost time.

Introducing… Jungle5!

Welcome to our latest column, Jungle5 (or Jungle10, from time to time!) No, we’re not forming some sort of alternative pop group, instead each article will take a look at the Top 5 according to the topic and we will then ask you to make your own list in the comments. This first article will be taking a look at the Pokémon of Generation II, and the Top 5 of each PokéJungle Staff members.










Check back for more soon!

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NOTE: It’s two weeks until X & Y release internationally and much like previous game releases, leaks are beginning to appear online. We will have a full written PSA soon, but please be weary of what you’re reading online if you wish to avoid spoilers!

  1. I only share one Pokémon with those lists up there. For me its:
    1. Quilava
    2. Espeon
    3. Umbreon
    4. Crocanaw
    5. Steelix.

  2. 1. Feraligatr (my favourite pokemon of all time)
    2. Steelix
    3. Tyranitar
    4. Octillery
    5. Ho-oh

    I felt they revealed some really awesome and powerful-looking pokemon this gen, exploiting the potential of the new types. When I first saw a Steelix it blew my mind and Tyranitar was basically the God of this generation!

      1. I think Steelix fits better given it is steel type. Plus I don’t really like the sound of Ironix too much as it makes me think of the word “ironic”, which doesn’t particularly fit a massive steel beast in my opinion

        1. well maybe but Iron + Onix = Ironix. It’s ironic that a tiny underlevelled cyndaquil and okho it though in Jasmine’s Gym

  3. I was expecting almost all the staff to have Ampharos up there xD Wow, only Kriffix!
    Hmm, my Gen 2 favorites:

    10) Yanma
    9) Pichu
    8) Gligar
    7) Kingdra
    6) Scizor
    5) Tyranitar
    4) Sneasel
    3) Feraligatr
    2) Espeon
    1) Ampharos!!

  4. Fav Pokemon:
    1. Espeon (this is not a shocker)
    2. Typhlosion (beast)
    3. Chikorita (cutie!)
    4. Ampharos (one of my fav electric types)
    5. Tyranitar

  5. 1. Meganium

    2. Crobat

    3. Noctowl

    4. Ampharos (Edited, forgot about my trusty sheep dragon thing :D)

    5. Quagsire

    By the way, sorry this is (sort of) off topic, but you have to watch this! :O Lovin’ it! <3

  6. Hm…
    Mine would probably be:
    1. Dunsparce
    2. Ampharos (the whole line)
    3. Lanturn
    4. Espeon (maybe Umbreon, hard decision)
    5. And probably Crobat

    1. I chose Totodile in GS and C. When I was a kid, I figured that he worked once, why won’t he work again?

      I do prefer Cyndaquil (for Quilava) now that I’m older.

  7. Personally, these are my favs:
    1) (tie) Espeon and Umbreon
    3) Cyndaquil
    4) Pichu
    5) Politoed
    (6)) (All the others :P)

  8. This one is a bit difficult for me to nail down, but lets give it a shot. I didn’t want to use legendaries because of Lugia and Raikou are just freakin awesome.
    #5 Donphan, I have loved it since I first saw it.
    #4 Umbreon, because it is one of my favorite types, and is my favorite Eeveelution. So useful too.
    #3 Ampharos, because I always try to use one, it’s awesome, it’s my favorite type, and the mega evolution is fabulous.
    #2 Scizor, because he is all-around awesome, and he has been useful, although he was harder to get for me back in the day. So that made me value him more.
    #1 Tyranitar, because everything screams bad-ass. It is so awesome, and can be cute. Not to mention it is one of my favorite types, and the origin is so cool too. Too bad it has that 4X weakness to Fighting, but yet it serves to be useful.

  9. This is one of my favorite generations because Gold was the first Pokemon game I played. These are my favorites:

    01. Typlosion
    02. Crobat
    03. Sunkern
    04. Heracross
    05. Ho-Oh

  10. Generation 2. Introduction of my favorite type, Dark. Pretty easy to see where this will go…

    1: Tyranitar – Especially because I was such a die hard Godzilla fan during those days, Tyranitar EASILY takes this list. It has been in my top 1 favorite Pokemon period for years, and despite it dropping occasionally, it tends to find it’s way back up there. We’ll see with Gen 6 if anything can challenge it, but regardless, Tyranitar is pure awesome.

    2: Umbreon – My favorite Eeveelution, and the one I always get if I get access to an Eevee, provided I can evolve it to that stage. It is the first Dark type in the entire Dex, has a nice simple, and strong design, and once I got the hang of the fact it’s better utilizing it’s amazing defenses, I’ve had great success with it.

    3: Sneasel – I always liked sneasel, though I never really got the chance to really use it til Generation IV, but it really evoked the look of what Dark represented extremely well to me, being crafty and sinister looking. Of course, the Physical/Special split two gens later was such a blessing.

    4. Houndour – Yes, Houndour, not Houndoom. It has grown on me some, but Houndoom losing it’s ears, apparently in place of the horns, never really looked right to me. Houndour, on the other hand, with the little skull on his head, and still being rather cute, always has been a favorite of mine.

    5. Lugia – Well… NOT the Dark/Flying type, but a Psychic/Flying instead. Murkrow is cool and all, but it isn’t one of my major favorites. Lugia on the other hand, instantly became one of my favorite legendaries, not that there was that many to choose from at the time, but it is part of the reason why Yveltal struck a chord with me, as his Dark Counterpart feel to Lugia.

  11. 15 DAYS!!!! 😀 So excited! 😀 Can’t wait to get my hands on that game!

    1. Chikorita
    2. Togepi/Furret
    3. Espeon/Umbreon
    4. Dunsparce
    5. Crobat

  12. 1. Politoed
    2. Houndoom
    3. Totodile
    4. Steelix
    5. Spinarak

    The lack of Houndoom and Politoed in y’all lists is disturbing, though Pokejungle gets bonus points for Dunsparce and Ariados.

  13. Let’s do this, not a lot of variety (only 100 Pokemon released) but still had some of my favourites:
    1. Espeon (how can you not have it on your list?)
    2. Crobat
    3. Scizor
    4. Houndoom
    5. Ampharos

  14. I’m writing two lists in one: One for legendaries, one for non-legis.


  15. My favorite are:
    1. Heracross
    2. Tyranitar
    3. Feraligatr
    4. Umbreon
    5. Crobat
    This is my favorite generation!

  16. 5.Suicune 4.Houndoom 3.Celebi 2.Lugia 1.Feraligatr
    LEAST FAVORITE: 5.Wooper 4.Magainium 3.Smoochum 2.Sunkern 1.Dunsparce

  17. Actually, this time it doesn’t look like any of the staff are that similar to me so far. Oh well, I must be special. Anyway, here’s my top 5:

    1. Unown
    2. Togetic
    3. Sudowoodo
    4. Ho-Oh
    5. Sunflora

    Honorable mentions this week go to Crobat, Smeargle, Bellossom, Espeon, and Celebi, in no particular order. Sorry guys!

  18. Favorite Pokémon:
    1. feraligatr
    2. forretress
    3. steelix
    4. tyranitar
    5. heracross
    and if I could add ANOTHER 5 (favorite not best):
    6. scizor
    7. ampharos
    8. granbull
    9. ursaring
    10. houndoom

  19. 1 Phanpy-My favorite from Gen II, so cute 😀
    2 Politoed-Nice design, i like how it is always happy in the anime
    3 Teddiursa-Very cute, liked how it was evil in an anime episode
    4 Hitmontop-Cute voice and nice design
    5 Lugia-A perfect design, doesn´t look like anything but it is so graceful…

    And please!!! Delete all XY comments on this articles!!!! If you have news, wait for them to be confirmed and then comment about it!!!

    I´m really tired that when I want to look comments on some article about past gens or anime like this I just found all of this off-topic stuff!!!!

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