HQ Pokémon Smash X&Y Gameplay + Anime Recap!

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Pokémon X & Y Gameplay & Anime Preview


Pokémon Smash surprised us with actual, new gameplay footage! We’re going to break things down and see what we can find, with thanks to ZephyrSonic for the footage.

  • Fletchling is sent out and its cry is heard! Kinda sounds like Woobat
  • The animation for throwing a Poké Ball and the ball catching a Pokémon is pretty much the same as in previous generations, with a little bit more zooming in on the Poké Ball and a 3D flair
  • Fishing for wild Pokémon an Octillery appears
  • When Honedge is sent out of its ball it is seen unsheathing itself
  • Honedge knows Aerial Ace and Shadow Sneak. Shadow Sneak looks SPOOKY!
  • Surf is back with the protagonist riding the weird looking Wailmer
  • A nice little animation where your character puts an obtained item in your bag has been added
  • Battle with Inkay, who appears in a patch of grass nearby the sea! If you take a look at it’s level here, it changes from 27 to 26 with magic 😉

It also contains the first ever clip of the upcoming X & Y anime. Although it didn’t show much we got a little look at the Kalos starter Pokémon and… what’s that? Perhaps a very first look at a new Pokémon outside the airliner landing in Kalos?

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[UPD]: Here’s the second video of gameplay footage!