Pokémon Smash! July 21: X&Y Gameplay! — FINISHED! [UPD]

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NOTE: As of late our readers have been frequently posting suspected X & Y information in the comments of our articles. This is perfectly fine, we enjoy reading them and sometimes it brings to light new possible information that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. However, we’ve also noticed that some users have taken to the comments to deliberately deceive, creating duplicate accounts. If you create a duplicate account posing as another individual we WILL take action, providing you with a warning which can lead to a ban if you persist.

If you’d like to submit any rumours or speculation to us please use our contact form. It’s the best way to communicate with us.

NOTE 2: We reported yesterday on a new GameFreak game that’s coming soon. Trademark applications have been found online for the collaborative game (as well as a website URL) and suggest that it is a game called Solitiba. This name seems to be derived from Solitaire and ba, a way of saying horse.


It’s once again time for our weekly Pokémon Smash coverage. This week is hopefully going to be a big one, we’re expecting some live (at the time of filming) gameplay of Pokémon X & Y, details and a never seen before trailer on the new X & Y anime season and possibly more!

This week we’ll be using a new platform for streaming which will hopefully reduce issues we’ve had with previous streams. As usual if you encounter any problems please report them to us in the comments of site chat.

We’d like you to follow along and come take part in our site chat which can be found HERE. Come along and talk about anything Pokémon related as well as the episode when it begins airing! Also make sure you follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook! Don’t forget about our forums too!

If you can hear a popping noise whilst on this page, please view the chat in the spoiler below and click the small speaker in the bottom left of the chat,

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Our overage will begin once the episode begins!

  • The anime episode reairing this week is The Lost Lapras
  • XY Gameplay time!
  • We’re in for a full Pokémon battle: Froakie VS Fletchling.
  • Moving on to a TCG section…
  • Time for the usual Eevee Friends segment
  • Back to XY, this time Xerneas and Yveltal are having their type revealed again!
  • A double battle shown, showing off both Yveltals and Xerneas signature moves.
  • Now some footage of a wild battle.
  • Time to catch a Pokémon, or at least try!
  • Time for fishing! A wild Octillery appeared. Check out those nice new effects!
  • Up next is some surfing, Pokémon are still shown as the blue creature thing
  • Inkay can be found in some grass by the sea!
  • Now over to the XY! Ash is shown arriving in Kalos, as well the three starter Pokémon!

[UPD] We’ve updated with some low quality footage of the gameplay below, with thanks to our friends at PLDH.net. Expect a post with HQ footage tomorrow!

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84 Days Remaining Until



  1. Let’s hope the starter evolutions will be revealed!! Although that will never happen hahaha, I will be checking it first time tomorrow morning.

    Most of the time is nothing new unfortunatelly..

    1. I would be AWESOME if they, for a change, would show us something we’ve never seen. At least they will do some actual gameplay and not a video.

    1. This episode’s description says “Pocket Monster X Y” research institute is special! akido doctor demonstrates how to catch Pokemon by software of real “Pokemon X Y” what! But it is excitement shitashokotanga…?”. So im sure itll be like the demonstration they showed us with Pokemon black and white 2 😉

  2. Now that everyone is hopeful for a Sableye evolution, I want to ask which one of these Sableye evolutions is your favourite while we’re waiting for Smash 🙂

    Edit: Why there are double photos, anyone can edit it 🙁

          1. I doubt it, especially wit the main rumors suggesting it’s counterpart, Mawile, will be getting Fairy to go along with Steel. Creates kind of a nice balance between the two.

          2. If Mawile and Sableye both get evolutions, I can see them being version exclusives again.

    1. The first one actually looks badass. The others are, well, not badass. I’d really like to see if Fairy is resisted by Ghosts. Would GameFreak really give up on the Dark/Ghost gimmick (Assuming Fairy is SE against Dark)? If so, Spiritomb deserves an evolution too.

    2. I like 4 the best.

      6 looks derpy.

      5 makes me think of Dimentio for some reason, probably the feet.

    3. Mine is number 5. It’s very simple and I’ve always wanted a Dark Pokemon based on jester. But I would like it to have sharp clawy hands.

    4. If you took number ones head and put it on number threes body then it be perfect!

    5. Don’t particularly like any, maybe 4 if I had to pick. Sableye is mischevious, but it’s not intended to be badass or scary. It’s quirky more than anything and most of these are either too silly (number eight) or too much of an attempt to be “cool” (number one) that doesn’t fit well with the trickstery fun character of sableye. Six is just strange, and I can’t see any real resemblance to sableye in seven other than “let’s tack on some gems!”

  3. I hope we get to see some game play too and maybe some hints on the new upcoming pokemon I want to see the starters once i see them then i will be happy well more happy 🙂

    1. I want to know how looks when you catch a trainer with the ayes and then you would have a battler, and the music

    1. So people can decide on their starter Pokemon in advance for those who enjoy planning their teams 🙂

        1. Don’t be giving me that cheek Mr. Dae 😉 My Froakie and I will punish you 😛

  4. I have an incling this will be an interesting smash with a decent showcase of X and Y occurring 😉 🙂

    1. Am I the only one waiting for sprites? That’s my only gameplay hope plus a bit of the first routes.

    1. We couldn’t really find a slot to discuss this until now because it really wasn’t worth making a whole post on it, sorry :p Hopefully word will go out that it doesn’t really have to do with Pokemon.

      1. No worries, Im doubting its Pokémon related also, But I still want to keep on the news as much I can 🙂

    1. You make it seem shorter, which is good, since most of us can’t wait much longer.

  5. Let’s have some Oorotto please. We’re supposed to be getting something good from smash this week….so the least we can go away with is some footage of Oorotto.

    1. With the trailer containing Orotto having appeared already in theaters it should be easy enough for them to at least explain what he is or something. He’s already appeared so its not like they can just show him and say nothing.

  6. Gonna stay up (and most likely be disappointed)
    Slight unrelated note, October is gonna be an awesome month for me: Pokémon, and I’m going to two gigs

  7. Does pokemon X & Y info usually appear near the beginning, middle or end of the show? It’ll be kinda late so I’m not sure if I want to stay up….I can just as easily check it out in the morning.

    1. when it’s a XY special, they usually start showing the info right after the anime showing is over.

    1. We’ll have a stream up soon, it’ll also be recorded if you can’t watch it at the airing.

      1. cool i never seem to be able to watch the live stream lately and can never find it recorded

    1. 821 Pokémon? This is your guess, or do you know this for a fact somehow?

    2. that is not true, that would make 172, more than any other game. and that high a number is highly unlikely

        1. kanto-151,johto-100,hoenn-135,sinnoh-107,unova-156

          most that has ever came out in any gen is unova with 156 and there is a pattern of high and low numbers so this gen should be less then 156

  8. Does anyone know what time this stream will start in Eastern time (on the East Coast?)

  9. The demo party of the show is in the title which means the segment will be longer than usual. I wanna hear about our TreeGai but since we already pretty much know what he looks like I hope we get a different new Pokemon.

    And X&Y anime trailer? Holy shit!

  10. In this trailer, they will show a pokemon being captured. It’ll be interesting to see which one.

    1. If it’s not a new one, then my money’s on Helioptile. No particular reason, I just like it. Plus, it’ll make it easier to daydream about the Helioptile I’ll eventually catch.

  11. Hey, what was the move Fletchling used- Tackle or Peck? For that matter, was Honedge using Aerial Ace or Night Slash? Whichever it was, it was the same move Chespin used in the very first trailer.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I’m guessing, I just didn’t want to rule out Peck right away. What about Honedge’s move, though?

        1. Which one? From what I can tell, Honedge used Shadow Sneak against Octillery and what I think is Aerial Ace against Inkay. Whatever the latter move was, it had the same animation as the one Talonflame used.

          1. The one with the slashing. The other one I’m almost positive was Shadow Sneak.

    1. more likely yes we learned a few things,. like surf is still on a generic lookin pokemon thing lol

  12. OK, so, anyone know exactly what move Honedge used? I’m thinking either Night Slash or Aerial Ace.

  13. Is this what? I have been watching the episode but I didn’t see anything like that. What is this?

    1. Didn’t see anything like that in the episode. Looks like a Sudowoodo evolution to me.

  14. Honedge unsheathed itself! 😀 It was like half a second long but we saw it! lol

  15. show over. xy anime teaser, got to see xy game catches, battles, fishing and surf

      1. Yeah especially when he first arrived. I have linked a picture here exactly the part I am talking about. Nice to see someone agrees with me tho 🙂

        1. I could see the reasons they didn’t before, Squirtle – Squirtle squad. Totodile – The dancing for comic relief. And Oshawott for his loveable but macho personality 😀 So this time id like to see the water starter be the powerhouse 😛 Please 😀 🙂

  16. This is the first Gen since the 3rd one, that I won’t be able to choose a starter for xD

    1. Im sorry you set me up for this 😛 …………. you couldn’t choose ?????


  17. According to some rumors I heard next week they will show flabebe and litleo evolutions. But it is smash so its hard to tell.

    1. If that was the case, then we would of been shown gameplay with a question mark in front of the board or something to signify that.

      I don’t think there will be any significant X/Y news next week.

          1. Yeah, even if you were brothers (which I don’t really doubt) the tactic you use seemed a bit shady. You were essentially self promoting by upvoting and replying to your own comments. This can be a bit deceitful to others, so watch out for that. 😉

  18. Ahh gosh the animation for the new season looks really nice, love fennekin’s little sneeze I want it even more now. >u< I don't know why but Ash looks a little bit grown up.
    Gonna have to say though I'm pretty disappointed we still have the wailmer shaped pokemon for surf, it's a bit awkward with how small it is compared to the trainer.

    1. Yea, I wish they showed the pokemon but It will be challenging, mostly for small pokemon! Image ur trainer standing on that! So, I understand why they had to do it! But they could have made it large! BTW Team Froakie B)

      1. Oh gosh yeah I forgot about that detail! x3 There could always be different animations of how the trainer holds onto the pokemon depending on it’s size. That’s why I’m excited about the game finally being in 3D, they can really go beyond their horizon and expand their capabilities even more, it makes stuff like this become much more possible in years to come ovo/

  19. If people question the walking it goes like this:

    When u walk u can move in 8 grid based directions! (No more 4 :D)
    When u use the Roller-skates it takes u to 16 grid based directions

    When u use the bike it keeps u in a 8 gird based directions

    So, Roller-skates are for the veterans to the pokemon series and bike is for the newer people 😀

    1. Don’t mean to disappoint you, but even though it’s 8 way movement when walking, it’s still grid based.

      This was confirmed at the Live round table Q&A.

    1. Think about surfing on smaller pokemon! It will be hard to replicate that in the game! I admit it does look dumb (now its in 3D) but I recommend to gamefreak to make it larger XD So, it fits the character, better than it does now!

        1. XD now u say it; it does look like a trash bag! I never noticed that. But Surfing is Surfing! It does not bother me much 🙂

      1. plus think about wailord. how the hell you gonna move around the small areas on that!

      2. Nothing they can do about it now. The games are already finished. (Probably.)

        1. Maybe! But on almost every trailer it is Gameplay footage is not final! They also changed things in trailers so we dont know XD

    2. They’ve done what realistically is all they can do for the game. As pointed out i’d be great for every Pokémon to have a surf sprite, but then using pokemon like wailord, gyarados, milotic and Kyogre would limit areas to surf XD 😛

      1. Yes, I understand that. Just our character gaining a dimension, but the surfing sprite staying the same seemed funny.

        1. That’s as true as the deep blue………….. Sorry ill see myself out XD 😛

  20. The beach looked really good along with the detail to the fishing rod and wow is my reaction to the music, just wow.

    1. Exactly my thaught, a lot of effort was put into the game and it really shows. I honestly couldn’t be happier with what ive seen so far 🙂

      1. They missed some, but its actually good quality 🙂 Filb should have it soon enough 😀

  21. Maybe we’ll get to see a wailord or pokemon that can manage surf. Other than that everything else looks amazballz!!

  22. Alright, it’s been settled- the move Honedge used (and by extension, Talonflame and Chespin) is Aerial Ace.

    1. It’d make more sense for it to be Night Slash.

      Honedge is a Sword and Chespin is rumored to evolve into Grass/Dark.

      Besides I have reason to believe that Talonflame used Aerial Ace. The animation was the same, except the slashes we’re facing the other way.

      1. It -is- Aerial Ace though. At least, that’s definitely what Honedge used. The attack in the ‘Honedge used ___’ text box in the battle matches characters perfectly with the Japanese name for Aerial Ace.

        As for the direction of the slashes, it could easily be random, to add more variety. Many pokemon moves in previous gens have had subtley different animations each time you use them.

    2. I agree with Elite it makes much more sense for it to be Night Slash. So now its decided ! Its night slash 😉

  23. Looks like Rock Smash will be used on field again.

    Yayyyyyyyyy! <– Sarcasm.

    1. No XD Pokemon said during B/W Rock Smash isn’t returning as a HM by how annoying it was! Cut was only used once in Black and White! I excpet cut to be removed! And the HMs be Surf, Strength, Waterfall, Dive, Fly, and Maybe Rock Slide!

      1. I didn’t say it would be a HM though did I? it can still be used on field as a TM. What about Dig? And Sweet Scent? There TM’s.

        1. True! Rock Smash did return as a TM! Maybe the HM will become regular TM? (THAT WILL MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY :D)

  24. When they were fishing there was a huge amount of dark water to the right does that mean dive returns or just an area that you cant swim on.

    1. I seems like Dive will be returning! 😀 I doubt there will be a area u can’t swim on! Remember dive was in Black and White!

      1. By area you can swim on I mean that line of rocks that prevent you from swimming anywhere you want
        eg west cherrygrove has rocks coming out of the water stopping you from going out to sea.

      2. What I mean by area you cant swim on would be for example west cherrygrove, there are rocks coming out of the water stopping you from going into the sea

  25. What I observed is that sometimes camera changes not very smoothly, especailly during Fletchling battle, when Fletchy uses its attack we see Froakie getting hit but after that suddenly we see normal battle screen, no transition between.

  26. Anyone else see the Honedge’s “coming out of the ball” animation. Firstly its scabbard comes out then it grasps its scabbard. Cool! Even cooler, if we get coming out the ball animation for every Pokemon!

      1. Can’t wait to see other Pokemon! I really can’t wait. Gosh, I’m expecting Bisharp to do some epic poses!

  27. Did you guys see how he PUTS THE ITEM IN HIS BAG !!!!!!!
    So much fricking details i love it

    1. The detail in how he does it is great, but this feature was included in BW. Jut not shown as clearly 🙂

  28. I loved Froakies Foam in the anime. The way it moved, increased and decreased. Didn’t know he had such control over it.

  29. What is the move that Froakie used ? i know he used Bubble but there was another one where he slashes the other pokemon but with Water ?

      1. HAHAH ! I have a feeling this saga will be similar to D/P where he will be more serious towards his training for the Kalos league 😀
        Ash Swagger FTW ! 😀 😉

        1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but having the collar up to his jacket, makes him seem more mature.

          1. No, I agree it definatly adds a few years onto him 🙂 It also looks badass 😛 😀

          2. Oh yeah, it’s definitely confirmed that he’s 16 in this Series. And for those of you saying he should be 21, have you ever thought that each Gen in the anime, takes place across a year Forget actual episode release dates and years in real time, this is anime time we’re talkin bout’ here.

          3. Where did you hear that he’s 16? At the beginning of Best Wishes he was still 10…

          4. I can’t remember, but it’s confirmed.

            Maybe they realized it was time to wake him from his cryogenic state.

          5. Assuming your mystery source was correct, does that mean that six years pass between Unova and Kalos? That would be an interesting Naruto-ey twist to the story.

          6. I had a theory that since he is on his journey he looses track of the date so he forgets his birthday so he also forgets his age and thinks he is still 10 when he comes back from unova he remembers

          7. That would be hilarious. “Oh yeah, I’m a teenager now, aren’t I? (Suddenly grows six inches.)”

          8. Exactly !! They even referenced timelines similar to this in the Anime itself !! Im hoping to God ash gets a Froakie and fully evolves it this saga. Please sweet Jesus let it happen 😀

          9. FROAKIE FOR LIFE!!!!! (working out a tattoo with those words(partner dos not approve))

          10. Hahaha there should be a fan club 😛 Haha tell any partner its an epic frog. Epic Froakie > Partner 😉 lol 😛 Seriously tho its awesome 😀

          1. If he does I hope Ash, kicks his ass 😛
            I don’t know why but I took it personally when he used legendaries against Ash in the league. Sure its been done before eg Battle Frontier, But I felt like it was a bit of an excuse to have him lose, just because Tobias had Darkrai and Latios 😛 XD 😀 I know im weird haha

          2. Darkrai I can understand. He looked similar to Darkrai in a way. Latios was just too far.

          3. I know 😛 I was literally like ah here now ! Do you remember the random Sky battle Latios and Swellow had ? If you watch it again look at the completely random Squaking they do to one another before they fight lol. It gets me every time 😛

          4. ups sorry hey dude looks you know that my 3ds is fixed but for some reason the screen down change the color i dont know why before that It was looking great and for some reason it turned off and when I turned on it change

          5. do you have skype? I want to show you my 3ds, it doesnt have crash or something like that!! I can play but the screen touch looks weird, the color is difderent, I’ve a day without use it

          6. Same, I don’t want him to win it ( unless he really deserves it ) so id love him to even be the runner- up 😀

          7. I think Ash will get chespin because chespin the onlye one who look normal!! fennekin trought fire for his ear and froakie have buble

          8. Well if were going to get picky 😛 Chespin has a random brown spot on the back of his head 😛

          9. i would not say evil i just don’t think he should win but i want him to do better than D/P

          10. and i want it to be both sides to be down to there last pokemon too. and the other guy barely wins

          11. That’s about what I want aswell in a Nutshell. If they did tho it would prob be a case like Ash’s Pokémon was already weak and lost in the end type of thing 😛

          12. yea like that i just want better then the unvoa league which i thought was a let down

          13. This might sound like an over -exaggeration but I was honestly disgusted with the Unova league and how it was handled. Kicking Trip out and having a 1 v 1 battle with Ash was outrageous IMO ! All season I was looking forward to the final 6 v 6 in the league thinking it was going to be Ash vs Trip. 🙁 I know im ranting but My God I was pissed ! 😛

          14. I know, I actually loved Cameron as a Character but that royally pissed me off 😛

          15. Yeah it seemed like a much more crushing defeat aswell knowing Cameron only had 5 Pokémon and took out all 6 of Ash’s 🙁 😛

    1. Not that it really matters, if you look during the Xerneas part, they at least confirm that Sylveon also isn’t a female only evolution*didn’t think it would be at this point with the Fairy type* as that Sylveon is male. Maybe it had been shown on earlier stuff, but the first time I’ve noticed it with actual in game battle footage.

      And while not that big of a deal, I kind of liked seeing the pair up of Umbreon and Yveltal to compliment Sylveon and Xerneas. Seemed somewhat appropriate, and nice they did that, rather than stick any Dark type in there with him.

    1. Pause at 0:32, you can see that brown spot on the side of Chespin’s head (Right under its left upper spike) just like in the game. So that rules out it being a graphical glitch. I don’t know why, but it has me so intrigued why the green doesn’t cover the whole back of its head.

      Anyways, I love how Chespin gets so spiky! ^_^

      1. Maybe when Chespin evolves, that Brown spot protrudes into a branch or spike.

      2. This make me think about rumours of Chespin’s evolution. I’m going to reach right now, so get prepared. The rumoured evolution name is Chinken, chink as in a chink in armour. Maybe its evolution will be very well protected Pokemon but with a weak spot and that weak spot being brown hole, a chink in armour. That’s the end of my reaching.

        1. That’s what I’ve speculated on too in the past 😀 It might be a weak spot in Chespin’s protective shell.

      3. Some say Chespin gets so spiky to attract a mate……….. Sorry wrong show 😛

        Seriously tho, Its a great feature to an already great design 🙂 😀

    1. Any way you can make that a little bigger to include Chespin’s funny reaction? 🙂

  30. The English names of the final evolutions for Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie have been leaked, but they could be fake, and no, the 2nd Stage names were not leaked.
    Only these- the 3rd Stages:

    Chesknight- The Chestnut Knight Pokemon, and the last evolved form of Chespin. It’s name origin comes from “chestnut,” “knight,” and occasionally “chess.” It is a
    Grass/Dark-type Pokemon, and is one of three founders of Kalos.

    (Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie’s final evolutions are pseudo-legendary Pokemon, founders of Kalos.)

    Kroaking- The King Frog Pokemon, and the last evolved form of Froakie. Its name origin comes from “croak,” and “king.” It is a Water/Fighting-type Pokemon, and it, along with Chesknight and Magikin, is another of the three founders of Kalos.

    Mafoxy- The Magic Fox Pokemon, and the last evolved form of Fennekin. It’s name origin mainly comes from “magic,” and “fox.” It is a Fire/Psychic-type Pokemon, and along with Chesknight and Kroaking, is the last of the Kalos founders.

      1. Kroaking was never mentioned, and yes, I just wanted to bring those names together for people who haven’t seen them.

      1. Both, can be considered either one, however, there are possibilities that only one will make it into the final game, if these rumors are indeed true. The leaker state that some bullshit was thrown in here, and everything he said is here. He did state that he meant to say that they were supposed to be pseudo-legendaries, but he added a twist by adding the Founders of Kalos part. That would be the bullshit part.

          1. Yes, but he stated this was bullshit, but I put together everything he said.

    1. Well, it would certainly be interesting if all the starters were to turn out to be pseudo-legendaries. Starters need some love in competitive battling.

    2. pseudo-legendary is a fan made concept, I doubt any real leak would include the term.

    3. Chesknight doesn’t sound like a good idea for a name, it’s one of the those where you’ve just stuck two nouns next to each other and prayed that it sounds good

    4. I doubt it. Starters will remain starters with a max base stat of 535. They are never going to make it 600.

      Also, the names sound too similar to what we rumoured based on the trademark names.

  31. Froakie is an absolute BRO ! I love it 😀 Froakie at first I loved you, now your making me obsessed 😉 😛 😀

        1. Haha indeed ! Ill be starting with Froakie on X but on my play threw Y its chespin all the way 😀

          1. I’ll probably love Fennekin when I try him in Y, II cant wait to try them all 😀

          2. That’s really up to everyones personal opinion. I love froakie, but I know tons of people think fennekin is a badass itself 😀

          3. Lolol, same! I’ll be starting Y first with Chespin. And in X I’m gonna use Froakie, whom I’m gonna nickname Popple (From the Mario & and Luigi series).

          4. Love it great name ! My God im in serious crunch mode now to see the starters final forms 😀

  32. Hey Moving, here’s HD Quality footage of the Gameplay (Courtesy of ProVictini)

    1. Was surprised by this, it definitely endears myself towards him more…..but I’m still with Fennekin right now.

  33. So, I’m gonna make Gifs of Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie so you guys can use em’.

  34. I am so blinded by Chespin’s adorableness!! <3 Of course Fennekin's sneeze was cute, and Froakie's puff up as well but they aren't as adorable as Chespin!! lol

    1. Still does’t look all too enticing. In fact, I was hoping it to be a bad-ass Physical move. I mean, with a cool name like “Oblivion Wing”, you’d expect Yveltal to use its wings to attack. But no, it just flies up and shoots some kind of red laser.. what’s the need for the “wing” anyway? Because of this, I think Yveltal will be more Special-oriented, while Xerneas will be Physical (Geomancy does look a lot like Earthquake).

      1. i understand and your most likely right, Yveltal attack healing himself is kinda cool

      2. If you’ pay more attention, you’ll see that that beam of energy was gathered from it’s wings. Both it’s wings and 3rd wing/tail all glow and then the energy gathers at it’s mouth to fire.

        And the healing part makes perfect sense. It’s a destruction Pokemon, taking away life force and then using it to replenish itself.

    2. It’s called Oblivion Wing in the English games. I know, lame, but there were very slim chances they’d ever put ‘death’ in this game.

      1. i know it is called Oblivion Wing in english and i think it sounds cooler than death wing. but by spelling bad and i did not feel like looking up oblivion when i wrote that post

  35. HQ Footage of the X and Y Gameplay and you can update with this on the site kriffix 🙂

  36. Does anyone know where this “Meowstick evolves from Meowth” rumor came from? I thought it was supposed to be a new line altogether…

    1. Haven’t heard the rumor myself, but it’s probably because of the names being similar. And I bet the name is actually “Meowstic” (Meow + Mystic).

  37. Somehow, seeing Fennekin’s ears emit some kind of fire-dust thing and Chespin’s spikes hardening up like that, I’m convinced that Fennekin will be Fire/Fairy and Chespin Grass/Steel (Froakie will be Water/Fighting). I know Chespin won’t get SE STAB against Fennekin, but it’s still balanced because Grass/Steel is a great typing with just two weaknesses.

    1. Grass/Steel has 2 weakness (Fire and fighting). Weakness against the 2 other starters like empoleon was in 4th gen

      1. But Grass/Steel is 4x effective against Fire, with Fennekin gaining an huge advantage over Chespin. Then again, it has superior defensive prowess otherwise.

        Edit: If Fennekin turns out to be Fire/Fairy, it’ll have a wide range of coverage, granted most Fire types learn Solarbeam or Energy ball. Fire, Grass and Fairy attacks will cover for Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel, Ground, Rock, Water, Dragon, Dark and Fighting (Assuming the rumors are correct). That’s an impressive 10 types on the offensive side. I just hope they don’t nerf its speed.

  38. Anyone notice in the Inkay battle how that tall mound of sand just suddenly appeared? Weird…

    1. It’s even a different Inkay! Most likely the first one died and they just stitched the footage together.

  39. Pretty sure that dark area of water is dive-able and that rock is smashable….but they’d only make em HMs if you had to have them to progress further into the game (ie Sootopolis)
    It was quite funny watching them go ‘ooohohoohohoh’ when they took one step
    Other than that…looks sweet, and really impressed with the little details (the picking up, the rod, the close up of Pokeball etc)
    Can’t wait!

    Edit: and as for the anime, prob gonna do what I’ve done with BW, look at the ep pics on Serebii…tbh, all I’m interested in, is how similar my ingame team is to the characters team

    1. That dark area of water (at the right of the screen) might end up just being a replacement to the boulders. It might say something like the sea is too dangerous to go any further. It’s too early to say….

      1. It could be a replacement..although there was a boulder next to the beach iirc (I am leaning towards diving rather than no access tho)

      2. Just saying the sea is too dangerous isn’t good enough. I want a huge Tentadread rising from the depths of the sea, and knocking you out, making you appear at the previous Pokécenter. You will never attempt to cross those waters again. 🙂

    2. I’m pretty sure you just talk to the rock to find a hidden item (ala talk to rock and find pokeball), it doesn’t look smashable.

  40. Just so you know, Kalos Ash can’t be 16. He doesn’t look it at all. He looks more mature, definitely, but not 6 years older. Ash encounters Alexa in BW, where at the time he is 10. He would then have to have waited six years for the next league, which makes no sense. Therefore, he is most likely 10 still, maybe 11 if we’re lucky. I remember seeing somewhere too that he was 16, but that is just a rumor and not confirmed. If so, then Alexa will have to look 6 years older as well.

    1. Sticking an artificial age on it doesn’t matter to me much. What’s the difference if he were 10 or 13 but still acted the same regardless of age? He’ll still always be a kid, that’s one thing that will never change.

    2. Have you ever thought that each adventure in a region, going by anime terms, is roughly a year? So when he arrives in Kalos he’d end up being 16. That’s where I’m going with it. Forget the amount of time it takes for episodes and stuff, because if we went that way then Ash would be 21 right now.

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