Dae asks: Evolution

Dae asks time! News is awfully slow, but that’s the calm before the storm, right? Nintendo is attending E3 next week, and will probably give us new stuff in one of their Directs, as part of reaching an international audience with XY. If not, Corocoro will still leak, normally starting around Monday. So keep checking back for exciting stuff!

Today we’re taking a step back from all the XY craze. This is article is not about the evolution methods they could implement in XY, but rather the evolution methods there are today. I will do a Daely Snack on possible new methods if next week doesn’t bring something. If it does though, I will give my opinion on them whatsoever. But for today, let’s focus on things we know for sure. Do you like the concept of happiness? Or feeding an ugly little fish candies in hope it will become something more beautiful? What is the best, most flavorful evolution method, and what is the most frustrating one?

Tell me all about it. My finals are coming closer and closer, but I’ll be reading every comment you post, so start already!


  1. No one cares, post something about X and Y or don’t post any article at all. That’s all we care about. Why talk about the “Now” evolutions when X and Y is going to change Everything anyway? Booooring.

    1. I love Pokejungle because they keep the conversations fresh and provide something to discuss. It’s become my favorite Pokemon website.

    2. Do you know how awesome it is to be able to freely discuss Pokemon-related topics with other people?? Personally, my friends do not share the same enthusiasm for Pokemon that I do, so it’s very difficult for me to share that enthusiasm with them because they are simply not interested. It’s pokemon sites like these that provide an outlet for many pokemon fans to express their thoughts and ideas! Perhaps it’s boring for you and thats ok, but for many of us it’s actually quite fun. 🙂

    3. I love Pokejungle because sometimes there are rude,tactless and presumptuous comments like this.

    4. You know, if you go on other Pokemon Fan sites, you won’t see any posts relating to XY BECAUSE NOTHING HAS LEAKED YET.

      At least we are getting something . Beartic!!!!

    5. I love the way you say ‘we’ like everyone here agrees with you.

      Oh, and ‘we’ don’t, by the way. If the stream of irritated replies and downvotes hasn’t clued you in yet.

  2. I hate pokemon that evolve through trade…. like i have friends my age that will trade with me…. :,(

    1. If you have the money, buy a second 3DS and the mirror copy of your game (Buy X and Y). It’ll allow you to evolve them by trade without friends.

      A second 3DS also allows you to move pokemon from a previous generation. (Diamond to Black, Black to X, for example).

      I recommend an XL because, at least for the Gen 4 to 5 transfer system, it makes catching the pokemon easier.

      1. It’s worth noting that the method of transferring Pokémon to X & Y hasn’t been mentioned yet, let alone confirmed. So, don’t go buying a second 3DS just for that reason alone quite yet!

        1. If we can’t transfer our old Pokemon to X and Y I’m going to be so sad and it would create a lot of fan backlash.

          1. I have every faith that we will be able to transfer, I just don’t think it will require two 3DS units. I see it being done through an app on the 3DS.

        2. While that’s true, i suspect it’ll be similiar to generation 4 to 5’s system.

          Either way, it does help you to get those pesky evolve by trade pokemon 😛

  3. I never quite understood evolution through trades. Is the Pokemon THAT happy that it’s leaving its trainer that it lets loose a tremendous energy and evolves? Pretty saddening in my eyes.

    I loved Feebas’ evolution because of how unique it was. Giving an ugly Pokemon candies that raise it’s beauty (Too bad that doesn’t work in real life…fat people), and that makes it evolve into a beautiful Pokemon.

    My least favorite evolution is Wurmple (I know, standard level-up, but let me explain). Mainly because I don’t know what it’s going to evolve into! I want Silcoon, and it evolves into Cascoon, so gotta catch another Wurmple. Ugh.

    Nincada’s evolution is pretty neat. Being able to obtain two Pokemon if you have an extra space in your party (and now an extra Pokeball). Shedinja is awesome.

    Btw, good luck on your finals Dae!

    1. Evolution by trade is to promote the ‘trading game’ design, i think. You can only get certain pokemon if you have a friend is a little silly, but it’s what pokemon is designed around. You can overcome this by owning a secon DS and another game in that generation though.

      1. Yup, I understand that regarding promoting the trading mechanic. But thinking of that being a reason a Pokemon evolves seems saddening lol. Think about it, you’re trading your Pokemon away, and that makes it evolve haha.

    2. I always assumed it was the energy from whatever process did the trading that triggered the evolution. Like just supercharging it by sending it through the trade machine or something?

    3. A while ago, I heard somebody throw around an idea for trade evolution that made the most sense off all the ones I heard.

      In the Pokemon’s eyes, you have deserted them, so they become stronger in order to prove they’re worthy of being with you.

      1. I don’t think it’s anything like that, I think it has something to do with the energy found during a trade…..I think Shelmet’s and Karrablast’s pokedex entry states they evolve when traded for each bathed in a light or energy of some kind.

    4. Evolutions through trades encourage gamers to trade and become friends.

      Game Freak always intended the Pokemon games to bring people together.

    5. I think way they evolve by trading is that they receive electronic stimulation while trading, causing them to change form. This could explain why shelmet and karrablast only evolve when traded with each other ( the armor comes off shelmet due to the stimulation and onto any possible donors (karrablast, or, if no karrablast, shelmet)). So, like Sean and TerminusTypeR.

      1. It’s probably the reason, but you have to admit Senoel’s explanation was really good 🙂

    6. Your comment could have been a good one, then you throw in an offhanded comment about fat people? Seriously? Childish, hurtful things make you cool, I guess. Trolls will be trolls.

      1. Offhand comment? If anything I’m offering sympathy because I said too bad it doesn’t work in real life, instead lots of candies can lead to getting fat. I swear somebody is always offended by something these days.

        Btw, my mother is nearly obese. I constantly try to motivate her to lose weight and get healthy. Next time go after somebody who is actually a “troll.”

  4. My favorite evolution was wurmple because i always caught two and i always got silcoon first and then castcoon. The least and most horrid evolution (in my opinion) would be feebas’ because it never evolved even when it was a very high level and its friendship was high and when its beauty was at its limit…. stupid feebas D:<

  5. I don’t like Feebass’ beauty evo mainly because it’s possible to to not be able to get it to full beauty (depending on nature) and thus making it literally impossible to evolve some Feebass through no fault of your own. Same with Wurmple. It is impossible to pick the one you want as the mechanics of it are completely out of your control. Worst of all, and unlike Feebass, you get no indication form Wurmple until it’s too late. I’m not a control freak by any means, I just really don’t like unnecessary randomness. Especially since there’s so much of it in the games already. Randomness from moves is necessary, random IVs and natures make each Pokemon unique, and critical hits and random statuses (and the additional randomness of some statuses like confusion or attraction) on top of that are tolerable, but when randomness decides which Pokemon I get and even whether or not that Pokemon can evolve at all it crosses the line.

    1. Sadly i was one og those people who caught several feebases and none evolved even when their beauty was maxed out. 🙁 this is why i didnt like feebas until BW2

      1. Yeah, it was a little jerk to evolve back in gen 3. I was so confused about why I’d fed my Feebas so many of the correct berries and yet even though it wouldn’t take any more, it wouldn’t evolve. When I later found out why online (the berries hadn’t been mixed to a high enough level of pokeblock) I wanted to chuck my GBA at the wall.

        Oh and I’d only caught one Feebas, so had the joy of going back and trying to find another one. And nobody had told me back then about how they only appear on one tile.

        Wtf, Gamefreak, really.

        1. exactly. it was a pain to find them and the thanks i got from them was “nope. sorry. im not beautiful enough.”

  6. Who do you think is the BOSS !!!
    Yveltal or Xerneas ??
    and ofcourse credit to xous54

    1. Well, I’ll make this easy.
      Vote this post up for Yveltal, vote down for Xerneas

      1. How is that fair? You have to have an account to down-vote, but not for up-vote. :m

        1. Wait, really? That sucks :/
          I’m always logged in so I didn’t notice that 😛

  7. With the numerous types of Pokemon evolution, The idea of new ways a Pokemon can achieve evolution truly lies within the Pokemon’s genetic situation.

    Pokemon commonly evolve when they gain enough experience.
    Select few evolve through exposure to the radiation of an evolutionary stones.
    Some Pokemon require a specific item and the energy released from a Pokemon Trading Machine.
    Gender plays a slight role in Pokemon evolution, either a male or female can evolve while the other gender cannot.
    Specific types of environment can lead to Pokemon evolution, including time, place and situation.
    Some moves a Pokemon can learn can trigger a biological change. and evolve into a Pokemon better suited because of the move.
    and some Pokemon require additional Pokemon to undergo evolutionary change.

    But for the time being, The Kalos region Pokemon remain disclosed and unidentified, therefore before we can learn of these Pokemon’s methods of evolution we must study the Pokemon as we discover and train with them.

    reverse happiness
    consumption of X amount of Y
    perform a certain move a specific amount of times
    during different weather (sandstorm, rain, sunlight, hail)

    These are my hypothesis’s

  8. My favourite evolution method has to be the stones. The ability to evolve certain pokemon (Eevee, Gloom, etc) different ways via stones is awesome.

    I do like how unique Kerrablast and Shelmet’s evolution is though.

    1. Oh no I hate that. I can’t remember who’s evolution they are, because they are way too similar.

      1. Oh thank Arceus, it’s not just me that gets them confused!! Haha.

  9. I’ve always hate happiness evolution. It always confused me and it took me days to get my pokemon happy enough. I mean it’s SO hard to complete a pokedex with that kind of evolution. the worst out of the bunch i would say was Happiny

    1. Happiness isn’t that hard if you don’t let the Pokemon faint & (depending on the gen) give it massages, give it the Soothe bell, & running around alot w/ that Pokemon in the front of ur party 🙂

      1. Yeah but people like me who have college work to do, how can I have time to make them happy?

          1. Well for me it doesn’t take long & I’m in high school, & i know massages r only once a day thats all u need rly + w/ Join avenue in W2/B2 there r faculties that make raising happiness even faster I was just giving tips for you hope they help u 🙂

          2. I did say i was in college right? Because I am not a 2 year old who doesn’t know what join avenue is. I am not this guy…

          3. Might I remind you this is a Pokémon fansite?
            If you want to talk about Doctor Who, you can always go to Tumblr.

    2. Happiness evolution is the great. You just have to carry the pokémon in your party and never use it.

      After some time (1-2 hours of gameplay) it would evolve by leveling up. Works all the time, you should try it.

  10. Hmm I like Kerrablast and Shelmet’s evolution, very unique! I’m hoping for something new in X&Y, something like sending an old pokemon from the past games to Kalos and it gets a new evolution. Holding your 3DS upside down is also a fun way of evolving :3

    1. the karrablast and shelmet evolution is ok i wouldnt mind seeing it in X and Y; as long as its not like 20 pokemon evolve like that

  11. I think happiness evolutions are probably my favorite, I just really like the concept of a Pokemon getting stronger because of the bonds it shares with its trainer. uwu

    There aren’t any methods I dislike, though I hope to see some more of the older ones used again this gen – I feel like some evolution methods are introduced and promptly ignored. Feebas being the prime example. If we get contests again, I’d love to see Feebas get its beauty-based evolution back, and maybe see some other ‘mons evolve through contest stats as well!

  12. I really like the whole “leveling up while knowing a certain move” type of evolution, especially with ancientpower. 🙂 I also like the happiness evolutions because to some extend it provides an element of surprise with ur pokemon randomly evolving 😛 The evolutions where u must have a certain pokemon in ur team (Mantyke and remoraid) is cool too and personally, I hope we get more of those types of evolutions.

    My least favorite evolution method is trading. It’s such a drag to have to go through all that to evolve your pokemon lol.

  13. Happiness evolutions are probably the hardest ones depending on your pokemon training styles.
    Stone evolutions are the best.
    Trade evolutions are the most frustrating ones.

  14. My fav method of Evolution are Happiness, & trading with items I got 1 of my fav pokemon through that method Gorebyss I just always thought how interesting it was an item affected a Pokemon! (i got off track from happiness method…) For Happiness not sure why i like it, Do poffins/pokeblocks increase Happiness? i loved making those for Contests for my Pokemon, & since my #1 fav pokemon Vaporeon evolves via Stone i like that method too, i kinda think all the methods of Evolution are cool, & i enjoy doing them 🙂

  15. Although I see trading Pokemon in order to evolve, I think Nintendo was implementing that concept so that more people would be willing to trade among each other.

    The one method that I truly never understood, was the evolution from achieving happiness. If you didn’t have right items or know how (soothe bell, protein, etc) you were stuck with a goldbat, munchlax, riolu, and so on.

    But my favorite concept was evolution through natural surrounding, (magneton->magnezone: if you evolved it in a certain cave or Stone charge cave) It made the game-play of Pokemon seem more natural when Pokemon evolved when they were affected by their own surroundings. Although nature evolution is cool, nothing beats the old fashion way of leveling up your Pokemon and evolving them. But sometimes they evolve too slow like *cough* larvesta & zwelious *cough* *cough* -dies-

  16. I’d like to see a special item like an id chip that tracks the trade progress and the moves of the pokemon it is traded for so it could learn “trade Moves’ like a scizor being traded for a kingler and learning Crabhammer next time it levels up but the ‘id Chip’ would not show up on the pokemon in battle but rather as a star on the pokemon’s profile that you could click to see its trade history as well as battle stats , like wins , losses, and draws.

    1. That sounds very awesome ^-^ that would make learning moves that a Pokemon wouldn’t know, possible.

      1. i just hope trading is alot faster and multiple pokemon can be traded at once… not to mention battle speed. i hate the leftovers animation

  17. I feel like GAMEFREAK overdid the evolutionary method for Hydreigon; at level 64, the player would most likely already have beaten the main storyline. I believe that the level for any third evolution shouldn’t be past 55.

    Also I did not like that most of the pokemon in BW only evolve twice! Total rip off, and plus it made most of the pokemon’s stats terrible!!!! I really wanted to evolve 🙁 Beartic

    1. No kidding. They even had to give Ghetsis a super low-leveled one just to squeeze it into the story. Why not just make it evolve earlier? You get Garchomp at level 48 and that thing’s the best non-legendary ever made. Heck, he’s even better than many legendaries. There’s no reason for Hydreigon evolving so late.

      1. BEARTIC!!!!! I THINK I REMEMBER HIS HYDREIGON being a low level when I was battling him. I was like “WTF? SO HE CAN HAVE ONE AT THAT LEVEL, BUT NOT ME?” LOL.

        I really don’t like how the show is completely all over the place. It jumps between the BW and BW2, and makes no sense. For example, in America, the show is up to the part where Ash has already met N, and Cheren. In the show, Cheren a gym leader now (although it was not stated that he replaced Ma’ma), YET Iris is not a gym leader nor the regional champion. Elder is still the champion. How the hell does the show jump between the two games?

        EDIT: AND TEAM PLASMA Changed their outfit to the BW2 costume!!!

        EDIT: BEARTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Reason why I never bothered with a Hydreigon. Back in the early days of BW I was still into competitive battling, and I could easily bring it from 10 tot 50 in a day when it was EV trained. But bringing it to 65 was just too tedious so I never even tried.

      1. Yeah, and it sucks because I love Hydreigon now, but it’s a pain in the ass to evolve.

        IT ALSO MAKES NO SENSE because it’s not even THAT strong. It looks strong, but it’s stats suck. WHY ARCUES WHY??????????? Beartic.

    3. Yeah, they definitely went overboard with BW’s evolution levels and some of the moves. Volcarona is another pokemon that comes to my mind when talking about the evolution level being too high.

      1. Bear! I Agree. But I think Volcarona is worth it because of its movepool. Unlike Hydreigon, you could find it in the game at like lv 40, right? I think so. The thing that sucks is that you have no control over why nature it’s gong to be. I think it was stupid in BW to give us it’s pre-evolution for free, as well as Volcarona itself.

  18. While I like the evolution methods we have already, I still find that trading to evolve certain Pokemon can be a bit hectic. Especially, the one that involves trading a Shelmet with a Karrablast. It was a nightmare for a few people, that is unless you have a friend that has the game too. I would like to see days and nights to make a return, but that is almost a given. My favorite stone is the Thunder Stone, and so far we have only had 3 Pokemon that evolve using that, not to mention 2/3 of the Pokemon that use it are from Gen 1. That means, Eelektric was the first Pokemon from a newer generation that could evolve via Thunder Stone. it is kind of sad, really. Electric types are my favorite of all, and I would like to see more Electric types this time around. I was happy to see Helioptile, and I can honestly say I haven’t seen a terrible Electric type yet. Pichu is my least favorite of the electric types, but, hey, at least it’s cute.

  19. I’m probably the only person here who actually doesn’t dislike any evolution methods but if I were to choose my favourite evolution method, it’d have to be normal level-up evolution as it’s a great classic. I, myself, am hoping that Pokemon X & Y adds at least 5 new evolution methods as that would be awesome and it would be fun evolving them that way and it’d actually feel like an achievement (that’s why I don’t mind trade evolutions).

    P.S. Another reason I don’t mind the trade evolutions is that I bought a 3DS then enrolled in a Pokemon VG tournament promoted by EB games and the prize for first was a 3DS and I got lucky and won.

  20. my top disliked evo method has got to be trade/trade with item. i mean at its heart its a big part of what pokemon is about, collecting and sharing. but at the same time i like to earn my evolutions and trading/trade with item doesnt feel earned, and can be done asap leaving the previous stage all but pointless. same goes for stone/item evos but not nearly as annoying as trades.

    my favorite has to be the classic level-up. when spaced right it makes the whole experience great and makes me feel like im doing things right.

  21. I love the evolution of Remoraid, because archerfish and octopus is like, the former can spout water, the latter can eject ink. The designers always like to use these same place to design a set of evolution, I want more ideas like that seen in X&Y.
    Good luck on your finals~

  22. I personally like the whole deal with Shedinja- Nincada evolves into Ninjask, and then a Shedinja just appears, right there, in your party. They could maybe do something like that with Kangaskhan where it gains an evolution, and once it evolves, the baby leaves the pouch and counts as a proper Kangaskhan pre-evolution. It’s a little out there, I guess, especially since it could easily be abused to get unlimited Kangaskhan, but it’s something they could potentially work with, isn’t it?

  23. The elegant master of life, Xerneas?
    The powerful master of death, Yveltal?

    I choose Xerneas (I made up the one about them representing death and life LOL)

  24. I think GAME FREAK will feel the same as I do when it comes to least-favorite evolution method: Leafeon and Glaceon’s. I just think that it seems completely unnecessary, and I never did like it very much. Especially with Leafeon, who I would have really liked to have seen evolve via Leaf Stone (imagine that). I think they could have just made Glaceon an evolution by holding an item in a snowy area or something, I don’t know. Maybe it sounds odd, but I actually like the Mt. Coronet/Chargestone Cave evolution gimmick, on the other hand. I just don’t care for the special environment stones, as I’m sure GAME FREAK doesn’t all that much now that they have to program them into nearly every new game from now on.

    1. It never could evolve with a Leaf Stone. They want to avoid people asking themselves “why couldn’t this Pokémon evolve earlier then”. That’s why they always invent new methods for old Pokémon. Leafeon evolving with a leaf stone would mean that it should be available in Gen I also.

      1. Then explain why Lickitung and Piloswine’s Generation IV-introduced evolutions required them merely to level up while knowing moves they had been able to learn for as long as those moves existed?

        1. Well, yeah, those are the only two that could evolve in Gen II. You can kinda circumvent this by saying no Pokémon could evolve by learning a move back then.

      2. I know, but I’m still sad. I mean, the Leaf Stone was the only one besides Moon that didn’t get an Eeveelution back then. It would have made so much sense! We should have gotten four to begin with, I think.

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