Dae asks: Evolution

Dae asks time! News is awfully slow, but that’s the calm before the storm, right? Nintendo is attending E3 next week, and will probably give us new stuff in one of their Directs, as part of reaching an international audience with XY. If not, Corocoro will still leak, normally starting around Monday. So keep checking back for exciting stuff!

Today we’re taking a step back from all the XY craze. This is article is not about the evolution methods they could implement in XY, but rather the evolution methods there are today. I will do a Daely Snack on possible new methods if next week doesn’t bring something. If it does though, I will give my opinion on them whatsoever. But for today, let’s focus on things we know for sure. Do you like the concept of happiness? Or feeding an ugly little fish candies in hope it will become something more beautiful? What is the best, most flavorful evolution method, and what is the most frustrating one?

Tell me all about it. My finals are coming closer and closer, but I’ll be reading every comment you post, so start already!