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It’s that time again, the slow news period we all dread, so it’s time for a Dae Asks. This time, however, it’s not actually Dae asking, but me, moving. So that’s a little bit of a twist for you! Dae’s feeling a little under the weather at the moment so I’m doing this on his behalf.

Corocoro is due to leak next week at some point (this week if we’re very lucky) and we’re all hoping for some fresh X & Y news. We want to know, what do you want to see in this issue of the magazine? Do you want to see a couple of new Pokémon? Details on some new features? Or even information on the region itself?

Personally I’d like to get a little bit of everything. Maybe a new Pokémon or two some highlights on features we can expect to see and possibly a look at the new map. Get commenting and let us know!

    1. Noooooo, I’m taking his place for today. I’m clearly much better than dae. 😉

  1. “We want to know, want to you want to see in this issue of the magazine?”

    Well, you meant “We want to know, what do you want to see ….” didn’t you? 🙂

    1. That’s exactly what I meant. For some unknown reason I can’t get back in to edit the post. But I’ll fix that when I can. 🙁

  2. I don’t think they should reveal new Pokemon just yet, they should release some information on the protagonists and the region !! 🙂

  3. All I’m saying is if we happen to get the reveal of a Pinser prevo and a Heracross prevo…then we already know everything we need to know about the upcoming games. JUST SAYING!!!

    1. I don’t want to think about that. Everything would become boring. Pokemon X&Y hype would be like it’s beaten to death like a birthday pinata.

      1. I would be upset too if it turned out to be true as I would have nothing to look forward to for the games in terms of being surprised.

  4. I want to see the legendary types O_O IT’S BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY. I also want to know Sylveon’s type, and maybe a few new pokemon with the box art. For some reason I really want to see the box art. And the Region Map.

  5. At this point, I am LOVING the new generation. I would like to see more Pokemon that aren’t really special, but on the other hand I want information on the legendaries. The legendaries will more than likely be covered sometime in the next 2-3 months, but I could be wrong. The thing I always look forward to the most is the starter evolutions. I kept wondering what they were going to be with Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy. Now I REALLY REALLY want to see the evolutions for Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie, because the possibilities are quite amazing. It is hard to say for these starters. I know the starter evolutions is what I want to see the most.

    1. As much as I prefer a new type, I would be ok with Flying since it debunks Mr fakers claim

  6. Whatever they reveal will cause two things to happen.

    1. People will be pissed/butthurt

    2. Mr XY will look like a big ass retard.

    1. Okay, first of all, don’t call people retarded derogatorily. Second, if any of his rumors are confirmed and none of them are falsified, then 2 can’t happen. 1’s almost guaranteed though.

      1. He still backed himself in a corner. And somebody just posted “information” about corocoro and not only does it seems more plausable than MrXY but it also debunks some of his rumors. Yes he was right about a Torkal evo but that was one of the more predictable claims on his list.

  7. Highly doubt Corocoro will leak this week, simply because of time constraints as Pokemon Smash usually does a recap of the information that was originally leaked the following Sunday/Saturday. I see it more likely to leak next week, monday at the earliest, as it goes with the “traditional” leak around the middle of the month. Out of curiosity though, and this question can go to anyone (fans and staff), how does Corocoro and/or Pokemon Smash get this Pokemon information? I would assume that the information is given to them from the Pokemon company, to then distribute through the magazine/TV broadcast, but i’m not 100% sure. It just seems easier to me for The Pokemon Company to release the information through the actual website, but that’s just me.

      1. That’s pretty much how it rolls. Pokemon.com updates on the 14th since 14th here would be the 15th in Japan which is Coro Coro release date.

          1. Corocoro officialy comes out on the 15th, but it usually gets leaked a week in advance.

          2. Sylveon was revealed before the CoroCoro official release so the Pokemon.com reveal came before the Japanese reveal. Leaks aren’t official revealings until the official date of the magazine releases.

        1. Pokemon.com updated on February 14th with the Sylveon because that’s when Valentine’s Day is, and Sylveon is the perfect Pokémon to reveal that day.

  8. I think either more showcasing of the Legends or the first sneak peek at the region. I really wouldn’t mind some Character art for the Playable Characters and maybe a rival.

    Other than that I’m not expecting anything big this month. Next month I’m expecting a little bit more since it’ll be close to the mid way mark.

  9. eople might be up in arms lately after the “Mr. XY” Leak, but I bring information that will appear in the latest CoroCoro. It is quite a big issue this time.
    *Movie News.

    The Movie News focuses mainly on Mewtwo, with a sidebar detailing its various appearances, including the original film, Mewtwo Returns, its role in Red and Blue, Pokemon Stadium, and even Smash Brothers Melee. Mewtwo is said to have amnesia within the film, and doesn’t remember who Ash is, and considers him an enemy alongside the rest of humanity. Mewtwo engages in a fight with the Red Genesect in order to “free it” from its prison, as it senses its pain from being transformed into a weapon. Mewtwo is said to have obtained a new power, but it is not stated what.

    The city within the film is called Neodoll City, and is a high-tech utopia where brilliant minds are said to gather. Ash and Co. travel there in order to attend a conference that Professor Oak invited them to focusing on the bonds between human and Pokemon.

    *Sylveon gets a section focused on it, revealing Species and Type.

    Sylveon is the Kashinfuu Pokemon, “Spring Wind”. It is a pure-Flying Eevee Evolution, and is also 100% Female. Evolution method isn’t stated exactly, but it evolves through its “bonds” with another Pokemon reaching a fever pitch. It further teases this by promising information on a new evolution mechanic in the future.

    The Mini-Movie takes place within a park and a group of Eeveelution Sisters. Pikachu and friends help a young Eevee woo the Sylveon sister, while Oshawott and Meowth engage in a “love battle” in order to win over her as well. The Mini-Movie is said to take place directly before the main film in a city park, and Sylveon and the Eeveelutions will apparently cameo within the main film to aid in the big battle.

    *The magazine expands on the Starters and Legendaries, with Species and Types:

    Chespin is the Igaguri Pokemon, “Chestnut”.
    Fennekin is the Kitsunemimi Pokemon, “Fox Ears”.
    Froakie is the Kaeru Pokemon, “Frog”.
    Xerneas is the CHI (written out in romanji) Pokemon. Psychic/Ground.
    Yveltal is the PSI (written out in romanji) Pokemon. Fighting/Flying.

    Magazine has little speculative blurbs about them. Mentions how Chespin seems to be wearing a “hat”, and wonders if it can be removed. Fennekin’s blurb points out the fluff within its ears and questions if it’s able to hear with all that fluff. Froakie’s questions about the function of the clouds on its back, and wonders if it stores anything in it. Xerneas’ points out the rainbow glow coming from its horns and asks what kind of power they contain, and Yveltal’s mentions how its tail has a third hand on the end.

    Next issue will apparently reveal the secret of Xerneas and Yveltal, and the meaning of CHI and PSI.

    *There are three New Pokemon revealed advertising New Evolutions and Pre-Evolutions of older Pokemon alongside Sylveon, alongside their Sugimori Art and an in-game screen-shot:

    Arutarosu [アルタロス], which is said to be the pre-evolution of Tauros. Normal. Species is Kengyuu Pokemon, “cow-puller”, apparently from “kengyuusei”, the “Puller of Cow Star”. 19.7 kg. 0.9 m. Is a little brown bull, with only one tail, and ears instead of horns. Has a “cowbell” charm on its neck, a circular piece of metal with bull horns coming out the sides. The magazine indicates that it uses the cowbell to lead other Pokemon, and the in-game screen-shot shows musical notes coming from the bell in a battle.

    Koorain [コーライン], which is said to be the evolution of Torkoal. Fire. Species is Sekitan Pokemon, “Coal”, same as Torkoal. Very large Torkoal, with black “train tracks” lines running down its neck down its stomach, and around its legs. Has two “smoke stack” horns on the top of its head. Shell is larger, with two openings on both sides which are opened up like shafts, red fire seen inside. 291.8 kg. 2.8 m. Its in-game picture shows a red flame emitting from it in a fight against a Torkoal, Torkoal in the foreground, Koorain in the back, with the magazine pointing out the size difference between the two.

    Yamemasu [ヤメマス], which is an alternate-evolution to Wynaut and a counterpart to Wobbuffet. Psychic. Species is the Kibaya Pokemon, “quick-tempered”. Looks a lot like Wobbuffet, with a red zig-zag around its neck as its head is red, and it’s got meaner looking (><) eyes as they're narrowing downward. Even the eyes on its tail look mad. Its arms are layered like a paper fan, and its swatting them. It's slightly skinnier, with its legs a bit raised and less flabby. 28.5 kg. 1.3 m. Its in-game picture has it swatting its arms at a Wobbuffet in battle in some kind of attack, and the magazine points out how it's able to attack on its own unlike Wobbuffet.

    *Anime News about next saga.

    Feature on Sableye, who will be appearing in an upcoming episode. Sableye is apparently a "genius" intellect Pokemon who has been stealing books from the Nacrene Museum in order to read them, causing the Museum to shut down. While attempting to capture it, Sableye nabs Ash's PokeDex…

    There will be an upcoming arc focused on the Nature Sanctuary, in which Virgil returns in order to protect a Shiny Haxorus from Team Rocket. A "heroic" Nuzleaf also plays a role, apparently teaming up with Cilan who has become a "Kamen Sommelier!".

    That is all.

    1. ^ I will be the first to assume that this is fake ^ Pretty believable, but i assume it is fake because i highly doubt ANY new pokemon will be revealed. Before any pre-evo or evolutions are announced, it seems more likely to start off with the “rattatas” and “pidgeys” of the 6th gen. Interesting read, but we gotta wait a week.

      1. This was on /vp/ first.
        Also, some of the first Pokemon revealed for Gen IV, before Bidoof and Starly, were Munchlax, Weavile, Roserade, Electivire, Bonsly, Mime Jr., and Mantyke.

    2. I’d be great if that was what was to be revealed, especially a Torkoal evolution. However, Yveltal being Fighting/Flying seems to distort this claim for me; for whatever reason, I find myself buying into the Ghost/Flying speculators. Either way, I’d be happy should the rumors you’ve discussed hold true, besides maybe the preevolutions (I don’t like baby pokemon).

    3. This seems more beliveable than Mr XY’S MumboJumbo though I will give him credit on the Torkoal evolution. The thing that puzzles me is that shouldn’t Yveltal be the chi pokemon and Xerneas the psi pokemon?

    4. nice but i really want this to be fake because i dont like the fighting/flying idee for yveltal i really want him to be a dark ghost cool one:)

    5. If they are all female in the Movie, how can it say for a fact that Sylveon is 100% female when all of the other equally girly evolutions aren’t 100% Female?

      This is all really cool info and the Sableye thing goes hand in hand with my “one of the main characters will catch it before the movie” idea. But it doesn’t at all make it believable. Also the movie focusing on Mewtwo instead of Genesect seems highly odd since this is a Gen 5 Movie.

      So many questionable statements that just don’t sit right with the overall scheme.

      1. Actually he says mewtwo lost his memories and attacks Ash and them. In that trainer he protected Ash and his group rather than just attacking Genesect. So the trailer right now contradicts what they guy said.

        1. Perhaps this is a sceen later in the movie where Mewto regains his memory and that aura is linked to this so called new power.

          1. No, Cilan wouldn’t have looked as if that were a brand new Pokemon and that looks like its the beginning of the attacks. There is a part in the trailer that showed a cocoon that could be more from the middle as more stuff was destroyed. As for the Aura, that was just from their sheer power. Those are very common in anime, even Pokemon wouldn’t be exempt from using it. Besides since its a Gen 5 Movie we already know all of Mewtwo’s attacks.

        2. Well the Movie trailers are known for showing footage that doesn’t actually show scenes from the Movie. For example, at the end of the Arceus Movie, a trailer featuring Lugia and Ho-oh were seen fighting to promote the Zoroark movie. As it turns out, Lugia and Ho-oh never made a legitimate appearance in that movie. If this scene doesn’t show in the movie, then Mewtwo could be protecting Ash only to show off Mewtwo’s “new power”, which is the blue aura that surrounds it. If the scene is actually from the movie, then Mewtwo might be blocking Ash and Co. only to attack Genesect, in order to free it from it’s “prison”. Basically, Mewtwo saved them by accident.

    6. **Copy and Pasted**

      News Roundup from Today

      During today’s episode of Oha Suta, a new trailer for the upcoming movie Extremsepeed Genesect Mewtwo’s Awakening has been revealed. This trailer provides the first true footage of the movie and is the first to feature Sylveon in animated form. The trailer showcases the Genesect wrecking havoc on a city being told that everything there are all our enemies, with Ash standing up to them just in time for Mewtwo to jump in to protect. The text at the end enigmatically states that we don’t know the REAL Mewtwo yet. The movie is set in New Tork City, which Ash has traveled to in order to study the Pokémon Hills area of the city. some translations of the plot have been released. While most was known beforehand, we do have a bit more in regards to Mewtwo. In it, Mewtwo has an extistential crisis thinking “These Pokemon were not meant to exist in this world… just like me”. Sableye is also a mysterious Pokémon that lives in the Pokémon Hills where it befriends Ash & Co.

      Source: Serebii
      I’m calling Dinku’s rumors fake due to the fact that the city the movie takes place in is New Tork City, NOT Neodoll City.
      Speaking of rumors, wasn’t there one that said the city in the movie was gonna be similar to New York City?
      The same or different rumor also said something about a Sableye being part of Ash’s gang? Hmm…

  10. My personal prediction for this issue is based on how Corocoro worked with Black and White. I too think we’ll be getting a little bit of everything. I think they will reveal the types of Xerneas, Yveltal, and Sylveon. I think they will show artwork of the players, the region map and name, and at least one new Pokemon, which might cameo in the new movie. I also think we’ll get a little detail about a Mysterious Sableye hanging around Cilan that bulbapedia reported about in a poster for the movie.

  11. I hope for some news about the gym and maybe Sylveon, Xerneas and Yveltal’s type.
    It’s still too early for major information, but we can hope and dream.

  12. What a plot twist, Moving!

    Personally I’d like to get to see some of the game exclusive Pokemon. Just this is the first time I like both legendary’s so I have to resort to the exclusives to pick which game Id like and I want to preorder it asap. xD

  13. I feel like I’m gonna be the only one pointing this out instead of answering the question, why does the title say “APRIL” lol 🙂
    It’s march.. Unless the magazine is one of those that put out a article each month but use the next months name.

    1. Yup, you guessed it. That’s because the magazine only gets released in the latter half of March, and has to sell in the first half of April as well. It’s a common marketing trick to use next months name.

      1. Although, we have last issue listed as February Corocoro. So we should list this as March. Just changed it now. :/

    new pokemon (if were lucky, maybe another eevee evolution for this gen please)
    more about the protagonists and abit about the world

  15. They will obviously reveal the Math Pokémon. February 14th: Valentine’s Day, Sylveon gets revealed. March 14th: Pi Day. Porygon-2 split-evo?

        1. I’m pretty sure the Sylveon reveal was referenced as ‘Valentine’s Day Reveal’ somewhere on Nintendo’s website. That doesn’t mean Sylveon is based on Valentine, but it seemed a good Pokémon to be revealed that day, as it is all pinky and fluffy and cutesy.

      1. Watch out what you’re saying! If there was no Pi, you wouldn’t have all these fancy computers and other electronics.

          1. Without Pi, scientist can’t transform complex numbers into polar form easily, meaning that solving electric circuits (as your pc) becomes a whole lot harder.

          1. Scientists care though. That’s like saying nobody cares about President’s Day, just because you don’t live in the US.
            On March 14th, lots of trivial, but cool things nonetheless get announced.

          2. v.v I’m pretty sure you know what we meant by saying that… Don’t take everything (no, I don’t mean it literally) so literally and seriously.

      2. Do you have a friend, who plays pokemon, who is able to recite Pi to the 394th decimal place. I thought not. Respect!

  16. I want to see new Pokémon, or the types of the revealed =/ Maybe information about the movies Mewtwo… Everything else is not THAT interresting for me. Like, I don’t care how the protagonist looks or something. I just love the Pokémon species x)” But I don’t expect to get something in this row… I guess it will be a dissapointment, but will disprove our beloved rumors ;D

  17. I just hope the new show will actually follow the Game. I’m sick of seeing Ash go to these amazing Towns that aren’t even in the games! Beartic!

  18. I would like at least the name of the Generation 6 region, artwork for the game characters, and something about the anime. Either a “tease” at the Generation 6 anime, or what the next saga will be before it starts. Watch, it’ll probably be “Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Season 3”

  19. I’d like Sylveon’s type, the Legendaries’ types, a Region name and Map, and another Pokemon. A prevo or evo due to what happened with D/P, and also to disprove M.XY.

  20. When does Corro COrro usually come out? Also this gen they seem to be releasing things MUCH more slowly?

    1. They always go slow in the beginning. Keep in mind that the games have been announced earlier than usual and that they are being released in October instead of September in Japan.
      Starting from May, I’m sure we will get the big scoops.

  21. Sylveon’s type, a new mewtwo form, Tauros/Miltank/Bouffalant common cute calf pre-evo (this is what I want the most for gen VI ^^ ), a new gimmick pokemon and the starters’ evolutions. Maybe too much?? 😛

  22. Sylveon’s and the legendaries’ types, a new mewtwo form, Tauros/Miltank/Bouffalant common cute calf pre-evo (this is what I want the most for gen VI ^^ ), a new gimmick pokemon and the starters’ evolutions. Maybe too much?? 😛

  23. Sylveon’s and the legendaries’ types, the region map, the main characters, a new mewtwo form, Tauros/Miltank/Bouffalant common cute calf pre-evo (this is what I want the most for gen VI ^^ ), a new gimmick pokemon and the starters’ evolutions. Maybe too much?? 😛

  24. hopeing to get sylveon’s type and for the name of the region that would make me happy

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