X & Y Speculation 2.0 Part 2

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Before we begin: NONE of this information is to be considered legitimate or true, but please, have fun speculating and discussing.

Here’s Part 2 of the Speculation post we posted earlier this week. Apologies it’s a little later than expected, my week got busier than expected so I haven’t had time to crack down on this. Onwards!

This ‘information’ again comes from a Mr. XY and was posted on an English image board, claiming it to be real. I have put my opinions on each Pokémon in green again and have also updated each item with the latest ‘leak’ the user posted, which contained Pokémon names.


[spoilergroup][spoiler title=”Description of Baby Pokémon”]Baby Pokemon

*Buggler (Pinsir) (Bug). Stag beetle with “shield” shell.

*Chryscross (Heracross) (Bug). Roundish, roly-poly
Both these seem believable but a little unnecessary. If anything an evolution seems more needed, although the both Pokémon are fine in the stats department.

*Nekken (Girafarig) (Normal). Small giraffe part, larger black tail. Giraffe ducking down, the tail is in the “head” position.

*Bouson (Bouffalant) (Normal). Fluffy afro with legs/nose popping out. Has gold comb-shaped objects on sides of afro.

*Lapier (Lapras) (Water). Smaller, shell-less, horn-less lighter-blue Lapras.

*Banacopia (Tropius) (Grass).Banana-horned, yellow Saurolophus.

*Skarmish (Skarmory) (Normal/Flying). Brown, stealth-jet shaped bird with red wings like Skarmory. Not metallic.

*Lollilap (Lickitung_ (Normal?). Yet to see myself.

*Herbud (Carnivine) (Grass?). Yet to see myself.

*Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying?). Yet to see myself.
All of the above don’t particularly need to have baby Pokémon. They seem fine as One Stage Pokémon, Sigilyph seems completely pointless.

*Draguine (Druddigon) (Dragon). Yet to see myself.
A baby Druddigon seems the only one on this list that has some sort of reasoning. Although I’m not overly sure what that is. Seems as though it should have been included in Gen. V or not at all, though.[/spoiler]


[spoiler title=”Description of Pokémon Evolutions”]Evolutions

*Sylveon (Normal). Bond Evolution.
We already new this existed. But the “Bond Evolution” method is something readers have discussed before and it fits with the supposed new Bond system mentioned in the X & Y reveal trailer.

*Scimincer (Pinsir) (Bug). Four-armed, four-horned with detachable horns it wields like swords.
As mentioned earlier, a Pinsir evolution would be welcomed. Although stats would need to be carefully considered here. Appearance-wise the sword wielding idea could look very good.

*Yamazuna (Hariyama) (Fighting). Mountain-colored, with white hair and beard.
Hariyama already feels complete and looks like a final stage Pokémon. This just feels totally unnecessary.

*Lumiscient (Lumineon) (Water). Red highlights and infinity-symbol fins.
Lumineon seems to be one of those Pokémon everyone forgets about. So an evolution could but an end to that. Not that this sound overly special though.

*Ramzeez (Flaaffy Split) (Electric). Neon-blue ram with pink fluff. Tesla-coil horns.
The idea of a gender-based split sounds interesting. Although implementing from Flaaffy seems a bit odd. Two new Pokémon evolving from Mareep would seem more fitting.

*Snomanitan (Darumaka Split) (Fire/Ice). Snowman ape, with dull flame eyebrows and orange spots running down chest.
UPD: As read Otoki pointed out snowman in Japanese is actually Yukidaruma, so this name would actually fit. It still seems a little odd, however.

*Flyby’nyte (Farfetch’d) (Normal/Flying). Leek transforms into large, leek sword with stoic face. Farfetch’d stays the same.
Everyone wants to see a Farfetch’d evolution and this seems entirely fitting. Fighting/Flying could have made for a more interesting type combination though.

*Sawkem (Sawk) (Fighting). Sleeves rip, gets buff. Spiky, “Bart Simpson” head and extra eyebrow.

*Throhem (Throh) (Fighting). Chest rips, showing pecs. Grows spikes on chest and shoulders. Eyebrows thicken.
Both these make sense, although keeping them both visually similar with differences in colour and their face ‘things’ would be a better nod to their previous stages.

*Mirrong (Bronzor) Split (Steel/Psychic). Mirror. Mirror surrounded by metallic blue frame, with eyes and arms below the mirror part.

*Chorustar (Starmie) (Water/Psychic). Looks more…futuristic, platinum-colored. Has little “starships” circling around it. Seems to be a nod to “shoot the core” shoot-em-up bosses.
The staff have discussed this briefly and Starmie seems fine as is. It’s a good Pokémon competitively and feels complete.

*Houndoomed (Houndoom) (Dark/Fire). Has canine-skulls with red-eyes on shoulders, giving it a Cerberus-thing going on.
Although the description here makes it sound a fair amount different to Houndoom, this is definitely something interesting. Houndoom has always felt like it needed a little more oomph to it. The name here also sounds ridiculous. 

*Eyedol (Claydol) Evolution (Ground/Psychic). Very elaborate looking, body becomes more humanoid and “feminine” with wide hips and “breasts”. Seems to be fertility idol or something.

*Prowlion (Persian) (Normal?). Yet to see myself.

*Sabullion (Sableye) (Dark/Ghost?). Yet to see myself.

*Bomble (Combee) (Bug/Flying?). Yet to see myself. Perhaps a Male Combee Evolution?
A male evolution for Combee is something that seems like it should have existed from the start. So this would fit nicely.

*Audino (Normal?). Yet to see myself.

*Koalossus (Torkoal) (Fire?). Yet to see myself.

*Fugills (Qwilfish) (Water/Poison?). Yet to see myself.
Qwilfish is another of those Pokémon that most people forget about and definitely feels left out.[/spoiler]


[spoiler title=”Description of the X & Y Gym Leaders”]Here is the list of Gym Leaders and Elite Four, at least in the present. I have heard that there are additional Gyms in the past that are available during the post-game, but I am unsure of how many there are and what they’re like.


Snyder (Bug) – Web Badge – Galatan Gym: Rugged, brown-haired man wearing outdoor gear, such as hiking boots, and a vest filled with various tools and doo-dads covering it. An outdoors-man skilled in trapping and such who is a master Bug Catcher.

Blanche (Normal) – Star Badge – Coladale Gym : “Pixie-cut”, orange-haired young girl in a typical ballerina outfit. Is a ballet prodigy.

Justin (Dark) – Eclipse Badge – Croceanna Gym: Slicked-back, black hair guy in a police officer outfit wearing an eye-patch. Former convict turned good who tames dangerous Pokemon.
Our first Dark Gym?! Surely it’s too good to be true? 

Rochelle (Rock) – Solid Badge – Mistiltin Gym: Long, brown-haired woman wearing a racing outfit and holding a helmet. Is a motor rally racer and car enthusiast.

Felicity (Psychic) – Grace Badge – Durendock Gym: Black-haired “office woman” wearing very fashionable eyeglasses. Interior decorator that practices Feng Shui and is very orderly.

Flavius and Ferra (Steel) – Grid Badge – Caladbough Gym: An older, “fluffy hair” man wearing a flashy golden suit and a beautiful blond woman in a silver dress. Are co-hosts that run a game show at their Gym.
A double battle Gym Leader (unless it’s decision based like the Striaton Gym) would be a welcome return and possible boost in difficulty. 

Jules (Ghost) – Spirit Badge – Nagelrelm Gym :Young boy is a black suit, with pale skin and light-blond hair. Eyes closed. Is a blind violinist who uses his other senses to play.

Vincent (Fighting) – Force Badge – Tyrforge Gym: Pretty plain looking, middle-aged man wearing a black sweater and brown pants. Well known movie star and philanthropist.

There’s not really a huge amount to say about these supposed Gyms. They all seem fairly acceptable and give some nice changes to the usual format we have. One thing to mention is that the names of cities seem rather difficult to pronounce.[/spoiler]


[spoiler title=”Description of the X & Y Elite Four and Champion”]ELITE FOUR

Odelia (Grass) – Young, primmed woman with medium-length red hair wearing a fancy dark-green horse-riding suit holding a rapier.

Marty (Water) – Muscular dude dressed up in a full-body swimsuit, with a baseball cap and goggles. Has a towel wrapped around his neck.

Ignatius (Fire) – Purple-haired man handsome looking man wearing a red/black “priest” outfit, with “intense” eyes.

Eydis (Electric) – Very muscular, powerful looking woman with a yellow/pink mohawk wearing a black leotard and a white biker jacket.

Oliver (???) – Your character’s father, grown up. Uses a mixed team I believe.

Again, not a huge amount to say here. Types are interesting here, the mixed team for the Champion is definitely a welcome return.

And that’s all the info I bring today. Enjoy, speculate, criticize, believe, disbelieve, it’s your choice.[/spoiler][/spoilergroup]


Mr. XY also posted a list of name for the Pokémon of this generation. Amongst those are the name of the starters and their evolutions…


  • Chespin (Grass)
  • Whirlihog (Grass)
  • Gyrove (Grass/Flying)
  • Fennekin (Fire)
  • Fennknac (Fire)
  • Fennerva (Fire/Psychic)
  • Froakie (Water)
  • Ribbule (Water)
  • Bubbaboom (Water)[/spoiler]


What are your views on all of this? Is it just complete and utter ridiculousness? Or do some of you still believe it to be true? Comment and discuss below! We will hopefully have more of these posts coming for you every week, so be sure to keep an eye out.