NEW Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo’s Awakening Trailer

The Official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel has updated with a new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon movie, shown earlier today on Oha Suta. Whilst not revealing any huge details one key bit of information, shown was the advertising ‘tagline’, which says that we don’t know the true Mewtwo yet. Interesting, right?

You can watch the trailer below! And get discussing with what you think the TRUE Mewtwo could be!

  1. The TRUE Mewtwo?
    Hmm…Maybe…X and Y will introduce a new Mewtwo form…Lol. Idano. Anybody else?

    1. There’s that. Or there’s simply that Mewtwo is going to show his true self. He protects Ash and everyone in the trailer, so it could just be that Mewtwo will show he cares and is deeper than previously thought.

        *image of moving*

        (I’m just joking, of course xD)

      2. Or if it’s the same Mewtwo from the past movie that flew away with Mew and all the other Pokemon and Mew is also in the movie? Plot twist, Mewtwo is a girl

      1. Usually there are 3 or 4 movies for each generation and the last one is a kinda teaser for a few aspects of the next generation. Remember how the first Gen 5 Pokemon we saw was Zoroark from the last Gen 4 movie. They might do that again but with Mewtwo.

        1. Except Mewtwo is a Gen 1 Pokemon and has nothing to do with Gen 6. There’s gunna probably be another movie after the games are released featuring Gen 5 Ash with a Gen 6 Main Pokemon. Gen 6 was announced before all the Gen 5 Movies were finished as all the past ones usually showcased all their main legends before then preview Pokemon’s movie appeared.

          1. The final movie of gen 4 introduced Lucario, funnily enough Mew (a Gen 1 Pokemon) featured in it too.

          2. The Lucario movie was the first Gen 4 movie, not the final. It came out before the Manaphi Movie and Rise of Darkrai. The Final Gen 4 Movie was Arceus and the Jewel of life which was made for the HG/SS series. It was after the last Gen 3 Movie which showcased Deoxys and Rayquaza.

          3. Actually, the Lucario movie came out more than one year before Diamond and Pearl. Even the Manaphy movie came out before those two. So, yeah, I would count them rather as Gen III movies. It’s very common for new Pokémon to star in films before the games are out. So, I guess we will see a surprise in movie 16 =)

          4. They weren’t Gen 3 Movies though. Lucario was the release Pokemon for Generation 4 and his Movie was marketing the generation coming in next as there weren’t any other tie ins and all of Gen 3’s Big Legends had already had movies. Lucario was the first for the 4th Gen movies jut as Zorua was the first for the Gen 5 Movies. Doesn’t matter when the movies come out, if they are after the last legend and focusing on a new Pokemon for a new generation it belongs to the new generation.

          5. Well, I respect your opinion, but the movies are linked to the anime. The anime is divided into four “series” in japan, which are linked to the generations. Original is for gen 1 and 2, advanced for gen 3, diamond and pearl for gen 4 and best wishes for gen 5. And the movies belong to the respective series which airs in japan when they come out in japan. So, the Lucario AND the Manaphy movie belong to gen 3, techincally. And the Zoroark movie belongs to gen 4. Look on pokewiki/bulba, they say the same ^^

          6. And their official companies seem to say otherwise seeing as the Zorua movie is being sold as part as the Generation 5 movie bundles. The Generation 4 Movie bundles stopped after Arceus and included both the Lucario and Manaphi movies. They may come out before their respective generations, but the theme and showcase is of new Pokemon and getting the fans ready for a new generation.

            As for Bulbapedia, while they are a great resource, not all of the information on there is 100% accurate. There are a lot of fan based opinions posted as facts simply because of a majority vote in favor. Many things such as species origin, Legendary groups (seeing as from Gen 3 and onward there is no actual canon proof from the directors other than slight allusions to many link ups), and bulbapedia, like every other resource site has to deal with improper edits with no basis other than pure speculation. They’ve cracked down on the last one a lot harder, but a lot of the information they post is still purely opinionated from the writer’s perspective.

            While the movies do tie into the anime, None of the movies were Canon to the actual anime’s timeline. A few even break continuation with various pokemon on the character’s teams when they come out as opposed to where they currently are. I think TPC has done a much better job of making them closer, but none of the events from the movies are canon to the anime’s ,main timeline before the Master of Mirage episode where they are all just included.

          7. I don’t know those boxes. Where can you buy them? Which companies sell them? On that it depends wether or not that can be used as an argument.

            I can’t speak for bulba, just for the german wiki, where information only is supplied with credible source. The “source” for the info on the films I stated above.

            I didn’t talk about the timeline or canonity of the movies, that’s another point.

            The point still stands that they introduce new Pokémon for every gen in the movies, so I guess we will see another Pokémon besides Sylveon in movie 16.

        1. Sylveon isn’t in the Genesect movie. It has its own Short Movie which is separate from the main movie.

    2. Oh gosh, no, please don’t even bring up the possibility of a new Forme! I think I might cry if they do that to poor old Mewtwo…

    3. I hope nobody is taking my statement seriously anymore. I didn’t really mean it, I don’t even wanna see a new form for Mewtwo.

  2. I am just hoping Sableye will evolve or get a pre-evolution. Is it me, or is the new movie a little bit similar to Silent Hill.

    1. There is a chance that Cilan, Iris, or Ash will be the owner of that Sableye so I do not think its a hint to a new Pokemon at all. All of them near Ash are Pokemon they owned, and there is a “leak” that Ash and Co. will face off against a Sableye in the anime before the movie starts. That is of course pure speculation so far as there hasn’t been any proof posted yet.

      1. Most of the time, not all the time, any character got an old Pokemon in a later gen, it turned into a new Pokemon on down the road. Ash got Aipom in Hoenn, it became Ambipom. May got Eevee, it became Glaceon, Ash got Gligar, it became Gliscor, a character just getting a random basic Sableye isn’t really building up to anything.

  3. Well I’m really excited to see this!

    I do wish it would be the Mewtwo from the first movies and have some continuity w/Ash… but not likely to happen sadly. :/

    1. Actually, in the trailer, Ash and Pikachu show some sort of recognition to Mewtwo, as opposed to Cilan, who of course wasn’t present when Ash encountered Mewtwo in the past. It’s important to note that in the Anime, Ash will notice when he see’s a Pokemon he’s seen before.

      1. Well, Ash saw Zoroark and Zorua with Dawn and Brock in the movie, but when he saw a Zorua in the anime, he was completely clueless of the pokemon and its ability.

        1. In that episode he acknowledged that it was a Zorua, but he still pulled out his Pokedex on it. He did the same with a Charmander in yesterdays episode.

    1. TV. Most theaters don’t bother with Pokemon anymore. I think the last time I remember seeing anything about that was the one about Victini and Reshiram/Zekrom, and it was only playing in one of the four theaters in my area, for one day, for two showtimes. And I’m pretty sure that only happened because the company was pushing it. So don’t count on it being theatrically released.

  4. “These Pokemon were not meant to exist in this world… just like me”
    Since He/It was the 5th product of genetic cloning of Mew his very existence is an unstable scale, I feel this is something more then just adding a cheesy alternative form, but more of the Truth of Identity Asking “Who Mewtwo is and how he/It chooses his/its own destiny to discovery his/its purpose in life. Genesect is as tampered ancient life-form with a purpose of destruction much to how Mewtwo the 5th came to be. The truth is if Mewtwo and Genesect are meant to exist in the world that created them.

  5. Is the rumour that dinku carted true? It was posted 2 days ago and talking about the movie and the mini-movie along with the new Corocoro.

  6. i think the trailer looks pretty good… i just wish they wouldnt have made things like the explosions so out of place looking. :

  7. If they give Mewtwo a Forme I will kick a puppy. There is not enough DO NOT WANT in the world to convey my sentiments on this matter.

  8. i just hope this movie will have a slight possibility of being released in theaters here in the U.S.
    it seems like an interesting enough movie to watch at a theater, hell I’d even pay the $14 to watch it.
    I’m really excited for this movie to be released and see what happens and maybe some of ashes Pokemon will evolve.
    This new movie should release one more new Pokemon in the MAIN MOVIE for Mewtwo. Hopefully that will bring more viewers to watch.

    Just a thought but what if the city that the movie is taking place in is going to be copied/adapted in X and Y?????

  9. off topic, but i would like to see in X and Y the concept of pokemon evolving during a battle with the “evolution through bonds between pokemon and trainer”. if i have my facts straight about the new evolution concept. This for me would be a nice change of pace in the new pokemon series and would make the game a lot more intersting and maybe challenging.

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