These Aren’t Gen VI Pokémon from X & Y

Fakemon XY

So you’ve probably seen these guys floating around the internet and, in case it wasn’t totally obvious already, they’re fakemon. Although I’ll give major props to the art style, screenshots, and overall page layout, the Japanese, as always, is terrible. It’s all very “machine translated” and when treading some of it you get stuff like “What are Pokemon?”. But the big tip-off is most definitely the top right where it says “New Pokemon?”

Sorry guys, these fakemon have been officially busted. Just as an FYI the bird’s name is Pitoyui and the worm’s name is Amutsu.


P.S. But I wish they were real though. I would love me some Pitoyui (the bird) on my team. ;-; What do you guys think?

P.P.S. We’ll be covering Pokémon Smash just in case so make sure to check back! CoroCoro leaks are expected next week (after the 10th) so mark that on your calendars 😉

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