These Aren’t Gen VI Pokémon from X & Y

Fakemon XY

So you’ve probably seen these guys floating around the internet and, in case it wasn’t totally obvious already, they’re fakemon. Although I’ll give major props to the art style, screenshots, and overall page layout, the Japanese, as always, is terrible. It’s all very “machine translated” and when treading some of it you get stuff like “What are Pokemon?”. But the big tip-off is most definitely the top right where it says “New Pokemon?”

Sorry guys, these fakemon have been officially busted. Just as an FYI the bird’s name is Pitoyui and the worm’s name is Amutsu.


P.S. But I wish they were real though. I would love me some Pitoyui (the bird) on my team. ;-; What do you guys think?

P.P.S. We’ll be covering Pokémon Smash just in case so make sure to check back! CoroCoro leaks are expected next week (after the 10th) so mark that on your calendars 😉

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  1. I think the bird would have been a really awesome Pokemon, the design is pretty cool. Oh, and I really like the bug’s 030 face. It’s cute. Hopefully we’ll get some really cool/cute Pokemon this gen! : )

        1. I’m thinking Chespin 😉 Just because I’m such a Grass-type fan. What about you? 😀

          1. Haha of course how could I forget that XP.

            I am going with Froakie, I never chose a water starter as my first choice so now is the time lol. That and Froakie is my favorite X3

  2. I wish they were real ;A; I thought the Bug was related to scolipede at first but I remember he already has two other forms XD

    And the bird is great, I hope the region bird of the 6th Gen is awesome too 😀

  3. the 2 of the look awesome. The bug is so cute! And when they are faking us they could at least give us the evolutions.

    The bird looks bad a** and something new colorful .

  4. It’s interesting how the artist gave the bird a hood probably to make people think of chespin. I like the bird design but something about a pink bug throws me off.

  5. I think the biggest mistake is the word “omomi” used for weight. It means weight, yes, but in the sense of importance, not body weight. The correct one should be “omosa”. A proof the creator used a translator or a dictionary.

  6. Wow i really like the bird, too bad its fake 🙁 i really dont like the bug pokemon cuz it looks creepy in the “3D” shot. Also, i really dont like its color. I feel like its attacks would involve kissing and being perverted.

  7. The hood bird looks great, too bad these are fake the bug somehow reminds me of yveltal 😛 cant wait for the real scans to show up

  8. Bah! I want that bird to be real, I would so have him on my team.

    It does make me wish Game Freak would hold a pokemon design contest though. I honestly think an official pokemon gen made up of high quality “fakemon” (like these ones) would be brilliant.

  9. well, i recognize that they made a lot of effort by doing something like this… they even made 3D images of them! if it weren’t for the language mistakes, we could have believed it, xD

  10. these FAKEMONS are really getting creatives over the years. Honestly speaking that bird looks way better than wtv gamefreak threw down our throat over the past years (pidgey tailow and co)

  11. Bahhh!! I’m loving the bird pretty cool and the worm isn’t too everyone has said I wish they were real especially the bird.
    Most of the basic birds look dull or boring but if this one was real, if only, would spice them up. Really hope for cool designs this Gen with actually thought and care cause there is always a hint of eff it to some pokes. Few need a redesign. Hopefully for the best

  12. I wanted these two to be real. Dat bird looks awesome. Ah well, I hope Coro-Coro has something interesting, along with Pokemon Smash.

    1. Thanks. We’ll put you up near broadcast time! Make sure to get us a few new site viewers by mentioning us a few times 😀

  13. That bird’s a Hooded Pitohui, hence the name Pitoyui. A pitohui is a poisonous bird found in New Guinea, and the Hooded Pitohui is the most toxic. If anything, the bird’s a Poison/Flying.

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