Dae’s Final Goodbye

As I said and explained in this post, I planned on leaving this site. I was to stay for a few weeks however before finally leaving. Now that day has come where I completely resign from the team. I wasn’t doing any articles or guiding anymore, but as of today I’m not in the team chat anymore. That means that I don’t decide or give advice anymore, and that I don’t know anything what the team does. I will still be here to comment sometimes, but I do that on my behalf and not on the staff’s.

I’m sure the site can do fine without me, and there is enough opportunity for it to grow. I wish the remaining staff a good luck with bringing out the juicy articles and rumours, that what we are known for.

And this final section is dedicated to a special thank-everyone. I’d like to thank Pokéjungle and Ozymandis for choosing me as a staff, having faith in me and giving me some major advice which helped to boost my English. Thank you Kriffix and NL for the fastest and thoroughest translations of Corocoro and other pamphlets of the whole internet. And of course all the longtime commenters, I really loved your feedback and helpfulness. So thanks (in no particular order) Jenny, Togefree, Reece, Belmad, Chicolombia, Smitje, Similarity, Chilias, Charon, Porygandrew, and all those others I seem to forget. There are so many nice guys of you that my memory overflows. Thanks everyone!