Dae’s Final Goodbye

As I said and explained in this post, I planned on leaving this site. I was to stay for a few weeks however before finally leaving. Now that day has come where I completely resign from the team. I wasn’t doing any articles or guiding anymore, but as of today I’m not in the team chat anymore. That means that I don’t decide or give advice anymore, and that I don’t know anything what the team does. I will still be here to comment sometimes, but I do that on my behalf and not on the staff’s.

I’m sure the site can do fine without me, and there is enough opportunity for it to grow. I wish the remaining staff a good luck with bringing out the juicy articles and rumours, that what we are known for.

And this final section is dedicated to a special thank-everyone. I’d like to thank Pokéjungle and Ozymandis for choosing me as a staff, having faith in me and giving me some major advice which helped to boost my English. Thank you Kriffix and NL for the fastest and thoroughest translations of Corocoro and other pamphlets of the whole internet. And of course all the longtime commenters, I really loved your feedback and helpfulness. So thanks (in no particular order) Jenny, Togefree, Reece, Belmad, Chicolombia, Smitje, Similarity, Chilias, Charon, Porygandrew, and all those others I seem to forget. There are so many nice guys of you that my memory overflows. Thanks everyone!

  1. You’ll be missed. We’ll miss. However, my hope is not doped. When the time comes, we’ll all come together. There will be no time or no space. There will be no crying or no pain. There will be only bliss. Imagination will be our reality. We won’t need money to laugh, we won’t need death to find remembrance. My beloving friend, you’ll be missed but the time is near. Just wait because we’ll be waiting too.


    1. You make it sound like he’s going to die haha. Nevertheless it’s a very touching comment 🙂 lets hope the next life does have all the good stuff without the bad.

      1. I believe that all people will spend their time forever with the ones they love, no matter what. This thought always gives me power. We can call this place heaven and it may happen after death, but it doesn’t have to, it may even happen when we’re alive. Doesn’t time stop when you are with people who love you? Don’t you forget where you are when you’re with them, or don’t you forget bad things that tangle your life? Do you need money to laugh and smile with them? This is blesssing. Yes, some people are blessed enough to live heaven on earth. However, not all people are lucky to be with their beloved ones, sometimes they have to say goodbye, sometimes they don’t even have time to say goodbye. Thus, the idea of “that place” enchants the life. The idea of “that place” gives a new meaning to goodbyes.

        1. That’s some deep thinking there. But I agree with what you say. Believing that there is something after death is what keeps me sane, and hopeful that I’ll see lost loved ones again one day.

  2. It was always fun answering your questions, and giving us something to really think about. You’ll defiantly be missed. I know I’ll miss your witty comments… But hey, I’m still gonna spam you with random swap notes haha! Well.. bye for now, Dae! ;u;

    1. Oh, god I really love your swapnotes <3. Although I don’t send them myself anymore, you can keep sending me yours. They are too adorable 🙂

  3. Although you have no idea who I am (this i like the second time I ever posted on PJ, although it is my primary source for pokèmon info) I wish you luck for your future; engineering is challenging and interesting a great choice 🙂

    1. It certainly is interesting, and gauging my schedule that I received a few days ago, the challenging aspect applies too. 😛

  4. Dae!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( You will be missed alot. Sure, Pokejungle will survive, but it will be missing a key person in the mix. Your articles were great and i loved the commentating interactions you had with us, to improve your performance and make us Pokejunglers feel important and worthile. Best of luck, however I am sure you will succeed in whatever you are striving for. Thank you for everything you did to contribute to the site, and i hope to see you again soon!
    – <3 Chicolombia

    1. I’ll still try to be here in the comments, just not as frequent as I normally am. That said, when I get the chance of commenting, I’ll try to reply to all (those who I deem) important comments.

    1. I am? Guess you haven’t met the secret invisible supreme overlord that essentially rules Pokejungle.net.

  5. Wow, English is not your first language? You are very good at it, even better than me and I’ve been speaking it 29 years! best of luck in Uni, you will be amazing 😀

    1. While my writing is very good, I have a hard time speaking. I don’t have a problem with understanding speakers and I can formulate responses easily, but I do have a bad accent. So, my english isn’t completely good. 😉

  6. I’m seriously going to miss Dae Asks, and having you around in general. It’s sad to see you go, but you’re a really cool dude and I wish you the best of luck with everything you go on to do!

    1. Dae asks isn’t going away. It’s just getting a rebranding and the questions will be asked by the whole staff this time. 😉

  7. Dae… how I’ll miss your witty and sarcastic remarks… but everybody’s gotta move on into the big wide world…
    Take care mate!

  8. Dang it Dae, I wish we had gotten to know eachother a bit better. You seemed like an awesome guy. If you ever wanna do something (battle, swapnote, 3ds, etc.) just send me a message/email. Good luck in life bro!

    1. Sadly, I haven’t played Pokémon for ten minutes straight in over a year. And while I like my 3DS, I can barely get around playing it. I don’t have the time nor energy to game in general anymore.
      I do plan on picking up on Animal Crossing (the most important reason I bought my 3DS), so if you’re going to buy it too I’d love to visit your village when it is released. 😉

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