The Last Dae Asks

Yes, this is truly the last Dae asks. That’s because I’m not going to be any longer on this site. Yup, I’m leaving, and you won’t find me here starting next month.

I didn’t make this decision because there’s something wrong with the site or between the staff and me, in the contrary, I don’t like to go as much as they don’t want me to go. However, this site essentially binds me to the internet, as I have to check every day, multiple times a day for news or have to regulate other content. And I won’t be as active on the internet as I used to. I’m starting university next month, and having picked a difficult course (engineering), I want to devote myself 100% to my studies. I won’t have access to the internet aside from the academic sites for the middle of the week, and I want to give my girlfriend the attention she deserves in the weekends. I hate to go, but this is what’s best for me. Starting next month, I won’t be involved in team decisions at all but will still comment sometimes on the articles. When September 24th comes around and university starts, don’t expect me to see me here regularly. I might, might occasionally comment sometimes, but don’t hope too much for that.

So, this Dae asks isn’t for once about Pokémon, but about me. What did you like in me? What could I do better? Do you hate me for some reason? Be honest, as your suggestion and hate comments are useful for the rest of the team, to see what works and what doesn’t. I’ve put my mark on this site and I’m sure it was deep enough that it’ll still be around when I’m not. Expect Dae asks to return, as it sure will be picked up by another team member, so this won’t be the last time you can answer these questions.

The last part serves as a thank you for the team and the visitors. For the staff: it was a pleasure to working with all of you, and we never really argued. You are all creative and funny people and you’ll be sure to be missed. For the visitors: your corrections and suggestions were surely appreciated, as was your helpfulness towards other, less-informed commenters. Even though some commenters said some harsh words, they turned out to be normal people after all, with valid opinions that show some things from the other side. I will never forget any of you, and I hope you won’t forget me either.


  1. sad to hear u wont be doing anymore articles
    they were very well written
    good luck at university

  2. good luck man,go wherever god leads you,and you wont be let down. if there is something i think that makes you cool,it would be your loyalty to the have been on this site longer then i have been visiting,which was around when b/w coming in japan. good luck. make new friends,and keep the old. one is silver,and the others gold. heard that somewhere,maybe it will help. and remember to keep your game tight.

  3. Well, it’s sad to see that you’ll stop making posts, but at least we’ll still be able to talk to you once in a while when you comment on articles. I just wish you luck and hope you do the best in your studies and succeed in life. Just never give up and keep on going, don’t let anyone bring you down. Don’t be a quitter and good luck. 🙂

  4. I liked your posts they were interesting and in these periods of time when there isnt much news, your posts keep it lively. I am glad your taking off because education comes first. I hope you make good of yourself! 😀

  5. You were always my favorite. Good luck for your future. I see lots of potential in the new recruits and some new articles are really interesting. Hope to see you back some time. Bye.

  6. Wait, so who’s this Dae guy, never heard of him? I’d imagine him to be a quite sarcy and witty guy but that’s just my opinion.
    Seriously though, this is like the time Ash dies in the movie (or turns to stone) and you don’t want to cry but one tear just breaks that barrier… You’re going to be missed very much, and will not be forgotten, good luck on your new course!
    *This is the point where it says ‘To Be Continued’ at the bottom of screen*

    1. No, this is the point where it says that you finished the game. Now is the time to put in another disc and start your way through that one.

      1. You don’t have to leave completely. There are countless engineer students on earth who still continue to live their lives but it’s your choice anyway.

        1. It has more to do with me going to dorm in the middle of the week and back home in the weekends. I want to study a major part when I’m at the dorm, in addition to doing some activities with the guys around there. In the weekends, I’m probably being full days with my girlfriend, so I won’t have acces to a computer then.
          So it has more to do with just the fact of university rather than the course. And for a reason I don’t want to disclose, I really can’t afford it to fail, it’s the one chance I got at university.

      2. To be completely honest, I’ve never actually finished a Pokemon game (don’t think I’ve ever upgraded my Trainer Card fully) but even when you finish a game, there’s bound to be something you missed or an Easter egg…
        Anyway, Good Luck Dae with the future

  7. It’s very sad to see you go 🙁 I’ve been following this site since the lead up to the B/W launch in Japan. I have enjoyed the many articles and Dae Asks you have done. The past few weeks I have got to know you better, and you have helped me out with my articles which I very much appreciate. Hopefully your course will go well and you’ll get the career you want. 🙂 Take care man.

  8. I’m still confused as to who you are. I’ve seen Dae asks tons of times though. Where you active on the forums?

    1. I wasn’t very active on the forums but I was alongside Ozymandis the second-in-charge on the site.
      My job was posting news, writing some articles myself (along with Dae asks), taking decisions regarding the site and the other team members, regulating the comments, commenting myself, and much more.
      Even if you didn’t saw me for some time, I was still very active behind-the-scenes and that was eating the major part of my time.

    1. I don’t have to choose in the first year, but I’m for sure taking Electrical/Electronical Engineering as my major. I’m still in doubt whether I should take Computer Science or Mechinal Engeneering as a minor.

  9. I think everyone will miss your Dae Asks. Good luck with school! You should be the first engineer to invent a pokeball! Just kidding 🙂

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