Pokéology: Dunsparce

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been out getting horribly sunburnt, but hopefully you guys have had a better time this summer than I have.

So here’s Dunsparce, the obvious candidate for a biological exploration. It was hard to pick a Johto Pokémon, as I enjoy way too many of them in a biological sense, but I decided this fellow is a good choice.

How about the basis though? Click on for some cryptozoological (Fun word!) wildness.



That should probably be kinda disconcerting; freaky-snake-thing with a tiny tail, large body, and fins. That’s what the Western Japanese call the Tsuchinoko, it’s kinda like a Japanese Bigfoot.

The Tsuchinoko is a Japanese ‘Cryptid’ that spends its time digging, biting people, and lying to people. Yeah, it can talk, and it apparently lies constantly when it does. It also has some ability to dig, which is a key factor in Dunsparce’s behavior. It has some ability to hop, although it doesn’t do thisvery well at all.

This basis is made obvious by many things, not only the distinct appearance, and the Japanese mythology behind the two, but also the fact that Dunsparce, in its Japanese name, is an anagram of Tsuchinoko. I know, I’ve said before how I see names as not being entirely accurate indicators of species, but Dunsparce matches the quota enough for me to say this is an accurate basis.  I first heard of the Tsuchinoko in other game series, in which I immediately knew it had to be Dunsparce.

Though, there’s another side of things that’s hard to touch on. Why does it have wings?! That takes some digging for me to figure out. The Tsuchinoko is never shown as having wings, so why?

Now this is what Europeans would call a Amphiptere, a winged, legless serpent.  They’re typically shown with an arrow-tipped tail, remind you of anyone in particular?  These guys are typically yellow in colour as well.

Amphiptere is from European Heraldry, and have been seen in it for centuries. They stand out quite a lot, as they have never been really shown with feathers. This is why I choose it over other winged serpents, which are typically covered from head to… tail? in feathers.

I personally believe that Dunsparce came out of the formation of a bunch of Serpent myths, but I haven’t yet figured out why it’s so sleepy.




So why is this guy so odd-looking?

The colours, at first, are pretty odd; but consider this: Dunsparce spends most of its time in dark caves, burrowing into the dirt. It doesn’t really have any need to hide from predators, and, much like birds, can be any colour it wants. I’d say that the contrasting colours would help Dunsparce to find mates and allies in the caves it calls home.

The eyes are completely shut, and this is another indicator of the dark lifestyle it lives. Many cave organisms have unused eyes, if any. Thusly, it makes sense for Dunsparce to not waste valuable time trying to look around itself, other than when it uses its eyes to find other Dunsparce, or to surprise predators when using Glare.

However, this fellow doesn’t need eyes; the small protrusions on its lower jaw seem to explain part of this. They seem to be feelers, to feel the vibrations of the ground, or to check for prey in front of its mouth.

As for catching prey and hiding, it clearly uses burrows for both. The feelers would wait for a prey item to pass over its den, and then leap out and surprise even the largest of prey in the dark of the caves. The large drill-like tail would help greatly with digging these burrows.




Apologies for the short article! So what do you think of Dunsparce?  Any questions or comments? I love having a chat with you guys. Speaking of which, what’s your favorite first generation Pokémon? I’ll be use to use my favorite suggestion for next week’s first generation article.


  1. Nice article yet again! I think that Dunsparce really needs a Normal/Dragon but that’s just me…
    First Gen Poke… hmm. I like Alakazam, Arcanine, and Dragonite but I think they’re all self explanatory when it comes to Pokeology

    1. Thanks!

      I personally don’t know what to think of Dunsparce’s typing. I agree with you; plus I think if they made it normal/dragon, it wouldn’t really change much competitively as it’s not used whatsoever!


  2. “Dunsparce, the obvious candidate for…” This would make dunsparce everywhere rejoice for FINALLY getting some sort of recognition!

    1. As for a gen 1 pokemon to do next, I’ve always been curious what the idea behind the slowpoke line was (I mean, really? Something bites it’s tail and that’s an evolution? And what exactly was it in the first place?). Or maybe even the cubone/marowak/kangaskhan conspiracy. If you want to stick with weird ones, maybe lickitung as well, but that might be normal-type overkill. lol

  3. Great article. I remember first seeing him and thinking wtf is that turd? I then completely ignored it’s existence since it seemed useless (I was young and immature). But now I weirdly like him, it’s interesting to see the depth each design has. It’s clear the artists have put a lot of thought into them rather than drawing something completely random.

    As for Gen 1, the ones I’m most interested in would be the Gyarados line, the Nido line and the Gengar line.

    1. Yeah, it’s crazy to think how much work goes into every single Pokemon.

      Even the silly ones. So many Pokemon go unnoticed for the most part, and I feel like I’ll try to focus on the unnoticed ones to show just how much depth they have!

      Thanks though!

    1. I know the feeling!

      Dang, that’d be a good one too. I’ll be sure to do him very soon.

  4. you should do Charizard, not because I think it’s cool or because it’s odd (it definitely isn’t odd) but to show some people that it is indeed based on an european dragon, not that “a lizard with wings” bull crap.

    1. I know the feeling as well! People tend to tell me that Lugia is just a fat bird. Nah, it’s a dragon.

      I have so many Pokemon to do to get a point across, and so little time!

  5. I’d like to hear the story behind the riolu/lucario and zorua/zoroark lines. (Great article as always btw!)

  6. I generally totally hate these kinda articles, regardless of whether or not it’s about Pokemon, but you somehow are able to make me read the entire thing and enjoy it.

    ozy approves! 🙂

  7. My favorite that is from the first generation is pretty tough to choose, so I will just name all 4 of my favorites. Squirtle, Arcanine, Alakazam, and Kangaskhan are my 4 favorites from the first generation.

    1. Oh geez! That’s another one I’ll have to put in my list of freaky Pokemon to write articles on.

  8. You never cease to amaze me my friend great articcle 🙂

    I think an interesting 1st Gen Poke to do would be ELECTABUZZ. Very unusual looking and you can’t really decide what it’s based onso hope you take it into account 🙂

    1. Thanks!! Good to know 😀

      I agree with Electabuzz, I’ll try to get to it as soon as I can!

  9. Wow, at last the next article will be from Gen 1. Im really rooting for the Eevee lines, also Snorlax and Chansey.

    This is really getting to be interesting more and more.

    1. Thanks man! 😀

      It’s hard to appeal to everyone with all the suggestions, so I’m hoping to write all of them down and make sure I get to them as quick as I can. 😀

  10. I think warning coloration is also likely to be a factor in the evolutionary reason for Dunsparce’s peculiar yellow hue. With moves like poison sting, it might give a potential predator a run for its money– so if caught aboveground, a Dunsparce could issue a quick and clear warning with nothing but its scale color to avoid confrontation!

    1. That’s true. I didn’t think about the moveset as much as I should’ve; I was looking through it but missed Poison Sting for some reason!

      You deserve the honorary biologist badge. 😀

      1. Good thing I can make the honorary biologist title, considering I’m a bio major! xD I’m really enjoying this series of articles, by the way; you’ve been doing some excellent studies in comparative zoology!

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