Zekrom & Reshiram Doll Password (JP)

The picture is a bit small, but aren’t they cute! This two dolls have been announced for the Japanese Global Link and can be used inside your dream world house. You can get them as of today until August 31st, so to be sure to immediately redeem them in case you forget it. This one needs a password which has been revealed as:  なつやすみだいすき. And if you can’t read that, you have nothing to do with the promotion anyway.

Actually, it should be a criminal offense to turn such ferocious beast in such whimsical creatures, at the punishment of having to eat 10,000 sweets. In all seriousness though, what do you think of these two dolls? Do you want them to come over to international waters? Or are they too fluffy? Tell us about it in the comments.