First Wi-Fi BW2 Event! Piplup – LIVE

A new Wi-Fi event for Japanese BW2 owners has gone up, giving out a Piplup with a move it cannot normally learn, Sing. This is a promotion to tie in with the coming movie short ‘Meloetta’s Sparkling Recital’. It ends August 9th, giving you only a short time to get it, so try to be quick!

Maybe this Piplup comes the rest of the world once we’ve got our hands on BW2. I don’t think anyone is super excited for this fellow, but if you are, you can always tell us about it in the comments.

/\ Dan

  1. It’s funny because I now want to do a run of the game with piplup, but don’t have a japanese game.

    When you play black and white 1 with the starters, you just sort of get bored of having the same starters in BW2…

    1. Normally they update the database when an event like this is released, giving you the opportunity to use it.

      At least, that’s what they should do.

  2. I downloaded one this morning and have got him up to Level 31 already. I always liked Piplup so I was kind of excited for this one(just not as excited as the next event Genesect), and I plan to keep him a Piplup forever – something Ive never done with a starter before. Piplups fun but I need to resume work on my pokedex because I must get all 300 in the unovadex to get that Shiny Haxorus ASAP!!

    1. do you need to see/capture victini and genesect to get the ticket to go to where the shiny haxorus is?

      1. Ive heard different answers as to whether you need the events to complete your pokedex or not to qualify for the shiny Haxorus. Im only about half way compelte on the pokedex so I still have a ways to go. The good rumor Ive heard is they will eventually put Keldeo and meleotta on wi-fi once the movie leaves theatres(it just opened so thats a ways off). Naturally Im hoping you dont need keldeo and meleotta but once I get the other 298 I guess I’ll find out. I traded an extra american event victini I had over and I’ll get genesect aug.11 when they put it on wi-fi so its up to those two movie pokemon-guess we’ll see. I wish I could migrate from an american game it would make filling the pokedex much quicker!

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