New Wifi Downloads + NEVER BEFORE SEEN


Most of you probably remember the more-epic-than-the-anime-has-ever-been BW2 animated short promo that was released a few months ago, right? I mean, how could you not? Well, Tsutaya, a Japanese video rental store, was giving away free rentals of the short BUT what’s special about these, is that there’s a brand new scene in it! It features the girl protagonist fighting against Cheren, check it out above!

Also, new Tournaments have become available for download in BW2 for the Pokémon World Tournament. The first tournament allows you to battle the regional Gym Leaders with new teams and is called Gathered! Gym Leaders! You may pick up to four Pokémon to participate in the Double Battle tournament. The second download features Champion Lance and Gym Leaders, both with new Pokémon in their teams again. The Single Battle tournament, called Challenge The Champion, Lance!, lets you pick three Pokémon to participate. Both downloads are available now!

And for those with US Pokemon Conquest games, you are now able to download the third WiFi event! This event unlocks a special episode that features the Warlord Keiji and will be available until December 31st of this year.

What new Pokémon do you think Lance and the Gym Leaders should have in these tournaments? Do you have a favorite warlord from Pokemon Conquest? Answer in the comments down below!

UPD: Updated with FULL video!


  1. Maybe an Altaria, Dragonair, and Gyarados?

    Idk lol, but I’m glad they’re getting new teams since some teams imo were very bad :3 (Cheren….)

    Hope they give Cheren an Exploud, Ursaring, and Noctowl

    And give Burgh a Scyther, Kricketune, and Ariados since he loves silk oh so much.

  2. Why the heck did she use her Serperior in the first gym battle o_O

    And how did she train it that quickly so it would evolve…TWICE


      1. Cheren has a Stoutland in the first promo video, and that was seen on the Plasma Frigate, so after the first Gym. We can assume this video takes place after that.

        There’s also the fact this might not actually be the first Gym Battle.

        EDIT: I assumed wrong. Either way, I’m guessing that’s not the first battle.

  3. Yes! I absolutley love the trailer and the new scene is b.a!

    I really wish they would consider making this anime. I grew up with you Ash…but this is just a lot more better for older fans imo :u

  4. Ohhhh~♪ How I love Jalorda/Serperior!
    My favorite Grass-type starter~♥

    Still wish it’s name wasn’t so damn similar to Rhyperior’s name.
    Basilord would’ve been a much better name.
    Basilisk and lord, plus basil, the herb, goes along with it’s Grass-typing.
    Silly Game Freak of America… or whoever names Pokemon in English. :I

  5. But what was that move Serperior used at the beginning? Was it hyper beam? I know it used frenzy plant later on, but then when Stountland countered, was that also hyper beam? Or something different?
    I’m confused..

    1. Serperior uses Hyper Beam first, yeah.

      And Cheren also counters back with Hyper Beam.

    2. The move was Hakai Kousen – Hyper Beam.
      In Japanese, it translates to Destruction/Devestation Beam.
      We can clearly see it’s Japanese name in use in this video. It looked like some type of death beam! o.0
      It doesn’t even look like that in the current anime. :O

      With Pokemon battles this devastatingly awesome, we NEED this as an official anime! Never realized how necessary the move Protect would be in the Pokemon world. . .
      Damn Hyper Beam, you scary!

      1. Ok, but still! Why does everyone teach their pokemon hyper beam in the anime?! The episode with Juniper and Bianca where they double battled Ash and Cilan with their trade-evolved bugs was just ridiculous.
        And I guess they changed the animation then for whatever reason..

  6. Just realized that the music sounds like it was out of a Dynasty Warriors game. Shame they couldn’t do the Pokémon Warriors idea, this would be perfect. However, I still can’t wait for Conquest 😀

  7. Amazing! I’m BUFF! Really shocked! Love how Mei is portrayted! Jaroda vs Stoutland great battle!

  8. meh.
    I mean the animation is lots better, and the exclusion of silly people is amazing alright.
    The pokemon also do not call out their names, which is like the most retarded thing the anime invented, for whatever idiotic reason.

    But as soon as the action starts, its waaaay over the top, battle choreo with UBER LAZOR ATTACK OF DOOM EXPLODING.
    What the Magikarp

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