New Wifi Downloads + NEVER BEFORE SEEN


Most of you probably remember the more-epic-than-the-anime-has-ever-been BW2 animated short promo that was released a few months ago, right? I mean, how could you not? Well, Tsutaya, a Japanese video rental store, was giving away free rentals of the short BUT what’s special about these, is that there’s a brand new scene in it! It features the girl protagonist fighting against Cheren, check it out above!

Also, new Tournaments have become available for download in BW2 for the Pokémon World Tournament. The first tournament allows you to battle the regional Gym Leaders with new teams and is called Gathered! Gym Leaders! You may pick up to four Pokémon to participate in the Double Battle tournament. The second download features Champion Lance and Gym Leaders, both with new Pokémon in their teams again. The Single Battle tournament, called Challenge The Champion, Lance!, lets you pick three Pokémon to participate. Both downloads are available now!

And for those with US Pokemon Conquest games, you are now able to download the third WiFi event! This event unlocks a special episode that features the Warlord Keiji and will be available until December 31st of this year.

What new Pokémon do you think Lance and the Gym Leaders should have in these tournaments? Do you have a favorite warlord from Pokemon Conquest? Answer in the comments down below!

UPD: Updated with FULL video!