Porygon Takes Over the PGL!

To commemorate the re-design of the Global Link, the US and Australian PGL is having a variety of promotions featuring some members of the Porygon evolution line! First up, thanks to IGN, we have a downloadable Porygon with its Hidden Ability, Analytic! The password to get this special ‘mon is: IGNPORYGON. Next up, we have a Porygon2 doll that you can buy and decorate your Dream House with. And finally, the cherry on top, a Porygon-Z C-Gear Skin (pictured above), which can be yours if you use the password: PORYZCGEAR2012.

All of these Porygon related promotions run until September 27th of this year, so be sure to log in to the PGL and get ’em while you can!


P.S. Be sure to vote for your favorite legendaries in round 1, part 2 of the official Pokemon Power Bracket!