Animated Pokémon Black 2 / White 2 Intro Movie (UPD2)


We saw a leaked screenshot yesterday and now today we have the entire movie leaked! The Japanese title is Black 2 / White 2 “introduction movie” so we’re unsure if this is simply a long commercial for the game or even what plays before the game starts. (UPD1) Officially released, 1080p video added. (UPD2) Updated with a subtitled version. Translated by our in-house translator Kriffix and hosted by our friend Zephyrsonic. Here’s some new information from it:

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  • Though N looks older it is probably just the style. He’s saying lines from BW1 so it’s likely pre-timeskip.
  • You may receive your starter Pokémon outside your home from Bianca
  • Achroma states he doesn’t believe in the ideals of Team Plasma
  • Elesa has a new outfit and is still a Gym Leader
  • New Team Plasma outfits
  • Shadow Triad is back
  • Possibility of a town being frozen over


<3 pokejungle

  1. To bad pokemon are sniping down these videos. I saw it and it looked pretty good.

  2. Even I’d get back into it the anime if they made a series like that…shame it’s nothing more than a promotion.

  3. I hate the anime but this clip….just wow I am REALLY interested in seeing this, and not just because Ash isn’t there.

    Also, hot dang Elesa. And the Triad looks awesome.

    The fact that the first gym does not have the Restaraunt bros could help prove that they are the Shadow Triad. Also, Bisharp looks even more badass.

  4. A frozen town? But were could that be? Unless Unova is truly frozen, but I won’t get my hopes up.

    1. Also, Elesa *is* still a Gym Leader. You can see the Bolt Badge on the screen behind her.

  5. Bianca is wearing Cheren’s glasses. :3


  6. OMG OMG OMG|!!! That’s was so cool!!! Oh my, why isn’t the anime series like that… it would be awesome! Can’t wait to play those games 😀

  7. ER MER GHERD!!! This is what Pokemon should be for anyone older than 10. OMG Please please have another more mature series coming up! This was awesome!

  8. Holy crap, why can’t the real anime be like this?! That was amazing!! Honestly lets submit a petition to make this a real series. Its more mature and I guarantee a lot more people would watch it. PLEASE GAMEFREAK PLEASE!!

    1. contrary to popular belief, the company making the games (gamefreak) has nothing to do with the current anime. and that shows.

      I wish there was an anime staying true to the games with actually interesting content and doing the battles justice 🙁

      While something along the lines of this short would be a huge step in the right direction… I still see overexaggerated ice beams creating michael-bay like explosions and clouds of smoke that cover the whole area..

  9. Damn that was very epic. That battle between the male protagonist and the rival vs. Neo Team Plasma(that’s what I’m calling them for now) was the best animated pokemon battle ever, and it only lasted for 5 seconds! :O


  11. Dang, if this would be an official anime series it might have the potential to be more popular than the regular anime with Ash. Ratings would rise like an extremely hot thermometer!

  12. Also,
    (please excuse my fangirling U_U)
    Oh– and also,
    And also– (continues series of exciting exclamations)

  13. I’m…I’m…ASDFGHJKL<3
    I was not ready for this at all…and omg I'm just fangirling so hard right now. This is what I've been waiting for from the Pokemon animators. This is just outstanding!

    ALL OF MY WANT. I don't even have the right words. I'm like speechless! Fangasmns…Fangasms everywhere.

    I think…this makes up for no N or plasma in the anime yet. N come back, HHNNNGGGG ;o;

    I love the new male protagonist so much now, just come at me bro <3

    brb gotta pick up my jaw from the floor.

  14. They should make a new Pokemon series specifically for teenagers that is like this…they would make so much money from it. I like the main character and rival even more now.

    1. If they made it quality and more like a dozen proper episodes with real strategy and game canon, instead of hundreds of episodes of endless repeating contrived crap, count me in!

  15. So where can we as fans start a proper petition for another series more like this? I wouldn’t expect them to kill off Ash and company, obviously, but an alternate series could be quite interesting AND profitable (which is what matters to them), especially if it looks anything like that video!

    1. yes. 🙂
      they need to make an anime like that. it would be so much better than the current one.

  16. This almost makes me not hate the game. I’ll have to watch playthrus when it comes out.

  17. okay now that the excitement is over, time to analyze this….
    1. This proves further that unova is frozen, the mountains in the distance in the beginning, and the town are frozen.
    2. It looks like they (cheren, rival, and main character) are at a dock and it may be castilia city.
    3. Looking at the way they’re dressed, bianca and elesa look like they are dressed for the cold which is only in their areas of unova. the reason why cheren doesn’t may be because he works at the trainer school.

      1. what? the map was the first thing that showed unova was frozen. and the frozen town in this clip FURTHER showed that unova really is frozen.

  18. I think that maybe it isn’t Elesa…sister maybe? Just to throw another monkey wrench in the game 😀

    1. Either that or she dyed her hair.
      Don’t know why she would dye it, though. Yellow goes better with the Electric theme. D:
      Would be pretty awesome if Elesa has a bad-ass sister.

  19. I REGRET NOTHING. Best procrastination video I have watched ever >///< I can't wait for it to be released!

  20. Judging by what I saw in the video, I’m hoping that Team Plasma is actually somewhat of a challenge in BW2, rather than a group of tackily dressed annoyances…

  21. Also, remember those 2 girls from BW who were in N’s castle? I wonder if we’ll get more information on them in BW2? Apparently, they can be seen in the video, so obviously they’re still around! GF wouldn’t have gone through the trouble to design them so differently if they weren’t somehow significant, or at least I think so.

    1. They can be seen in a game screenshot released recently. They are referred to as being former Plasma members.

  22. Okay so did anyone see how arcanine bit sevipor and threw him in the air! That was the best 5 seconds of a fighting scene in pokemon!

    1. I know! I was like “daaaaamn!!” So vicious.
      I l♥ved it. lol

      Pokemon |needs| more ACTION and less DRAMA!

  23. Umm who ever thinks samurotts ice beam made the city frozen is wrong just saying because you can tell its another part of the movie and the protagonist is running with a lucario in that part he doesn’t even have out a samurott out so i was kind of against part of unova being frozen at first but im almost positive now it will be.

  24. Now I’m hoping that there will be a frozen city or two or three. It would be nice to see how it would look like in the game. This video was great had to replay over and over, they should make the anime like this! Love Elesa with black hair by the way <3 Can't wait for BW2!!!

  25. I REALLY hope they use this trailer for the English release, too.
    Would love to hear some English voices for this awesomely awesome trailer.

  26. It may seem trivial but not one trainer releases or recalls a pokemon from a poke ball in that entire video. Serebii also has some screen shots up of former Plasma members in a room full of their partner pokemon, as overworld sprites.

    I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to see the return of Walking Pokemon. And the fact that we haven’t seen it in caps yet may just mean that they’re keeping it on the dl or better yet, it will be optional in-game.

    Just saying.

    1. I too have been thinking that Pokemon will be able to follow you once more but with the choice being up to you whether you want them to or not, let’s just hope they put that in the games (I would love to walk around with my shiny Chandelure!!!! o(^-^)o )

  27. Wow, why don’t they just make the anime more like this. Then I would watch it!

    And music is awesome too <3

  28. This is too awesome. HELL YEAH! They should bring such a change to anime as well.. like bringing the new protagonist to anime and give him a permanent role and replace Ash.. But it may not happen EVER 🙁

    Hope to see Cheren in the anime.. He is a gym leader now right 😀

    I would say my guess for M16 is a movie having Team Plasma, N, Genesect and its “Original” forme.. Hmm let’s see..

    Akuroma.. He was not happy with the ideals of OLD team plasma.. So he created a NEW one? Possible..? Well the two grunts out of three looked like the same old ones in TP’s picture.. Ah..

    Now I know.. B2W2 is gonna be greaatt!

  29. Elesa has dark hair…DARK HAIR…SHES GOT DARK HAIR NOW THAT IS AWESOME! At first I thought “hey, that kinda looks like her… but it can’t be…” Little did I know!

    This is a really badass intro animation movie thinger majiger. Why haven’t they ever done something like this before?! This was great.

    NOTE! Kinda looking like the Shadow Triad have a Pokemon too now? Maybe? HMM! Or it’s Ghetsis’ Bisharp maybe?

  30. Well we now know two of the four main trainers from black and white will be makeing apperences in back 2 and white 2 (Bianca and Cheren)

    but is anyone else wondering if the male and female main protagonists in black and white will make apperences as well??

    Ps. Samurott is a boss.

  31. Why cant the anime be like this??? It would be incredibly epic. I loved Elesa’s new look she looked gorgeous with black hair

  32. The thing is Pokemon are not saying their names repeatedly, instead they have cries just like in the game, which makes them look more badass.

  33. N only looks older because of the art style. The protagonists look older too because of it. He’s on Dragon Spiral Tower saying something along the lines of “I wonder what kind of path you and your Pokemon aim for?”, so its likely a scene from the prequels.

    1. thanks for sharing that! i posted a thread for it on serebii’s anime forum as well so we can rack up as many signatures as possible. (i set the goal for 5,000… and considering how big pokemon is, this shouldn’t be impossible.)

  34. what if Giovanni took over Team Plasma ?? lock the new outfits. dark just like team rocket. just IMO

  35. Did anyone notice how the pokemon were trying to attack the trainers ex* sevipor looked like it was aiming for the protagonist and lucario shot an aura sphere at the shadow triad!

  36. Any chance you can translate the dialog from this video?? I really wanna see what is said lol.

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