Animated Pokémon Black 2 / White 2 Intro Movie (UPD2)


We saw a leaked screenshot yesterday and now today we have the entire movie leaked! The Japanese title is Black 2 / White 2 “introduction movie” so we’re unsure if this is simply a long commercial for the game or even what plays before the game starts. (UPD1) Officially released, 1080p video added. (UPD2) Updated with a subtitled version. Translated by our in-house translator Kriffix and hosted by our friend Zephyrsonic. Here’s some new information from it:

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  • Though N looks older it is probably just the style. He’s saying lines from BW1 so it’s likely pre-timeskip.
  • You may receive your starter Pokémon outside your home from Bianca
  • Achroma states he doesn’t believe in the ideals of Team Plasma
  • Elesa has a new outfit and is still a Gym Leader
  • New Team Plasma outfits
  • Shadow Triad is back
  • Possibility of a town being frozen over


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