Dae asks: Pokéballs

We’re back up to our regular schedule of Dae asks. We’re all having busy lifes, but still managed to create some juicy articles to be published in the next few weeks. It will be the first time you can really see the tributes in action.

This Dae asks is all about Pokéballs. Do you prefer form over function, or are you more interested in the economical aspect of choosing the right ball? Which Pokéball do you use the most and do you use different Pokéballs for different types of Pokémon, such as legendaries or shinies?

As always, you can find the discussion in the comments below. Tomorrow will hopefully bring our first article of the BW2 Focus On series. Keep checking back for some nice pieces of writing.


  1. Well, ever since a certain incident in Ruby (used all my Poké Balls on a Manectric, kept walking in the grass and found a Shiny Zigzagoon), I’ve always made it a habit to keep myself well-stocked on all kinds of Poké Balls, so when it comes to something relatively easy to capture, I’m likely to lean more towards which ball suits its color scheme, rather than what would be most effective. For instance, were I to catch a Sneasel, it would likely be in a Luxury Ball, due to the colors matching up. I also like catching Ice-types in general in Premier Balls, because they look so much like snowballs. I’m not above catching random stuff in Dive Balls for the lulz, either. And sometimes, I’ll use Repeat Balls on the bigger and heavier Pokémon, because the Repeat Ball can be viewed kind of like a regular Poké Ball bursting at the seams. On the rare occasion I catch a wild Audino instead of pummel it for the exp., I’ll try to nab it in a Heal Ball- just seems appropriate on multiple levels.

  2. I think I probably use quick balls the most
    I use timer balls for legendaries
    And great balls seem to work better than ultra balls for me :S

    1. Knew I forgot something- I favor Timer Balls for the more mechanical Pokémon, such as Klinklang or Magnezone. I’m also not adverse to the idea of a Dialga in a Timer Ball. Seems appropriate, does it not?

  3. I use Poké Balls for everything. Just because I think they’re nicest, for some reason. And it feels pretty good and more of a challenge using them.

    Gah, I need to finish my “juicy article”, difficult trying to source as much as I can from the games.

  4. I tend to use dusk balls. Just make things easier and I like the animation. But also often I don’t care beached I know when it comes down to it ill just breed and end up stuck with a reg pokeball.

    Favorite animation is premier ball. as well as favorite look.

    On a side note I’d love to see the next game introduce the rookie ball; same catch rate as ultimate ball (maybe a lil better) and it drops the pokemons level to level 1, or level 5. This be great for intake runs with a random legendary.

  5. I use Poke balls for any Pokemon that I use on my team… kind of my Poke-OCD.
    I rarely use Great balls and instead go straight from Poke to Ultra… just my preference.
    I also like to use Quick balls for a quick capture but always have about 10 of every other ball just in case (again 10 because I like things to be even)
    And as for a critical capture, I love it. I came across a shiny Audino while HP ex training and I threw an Ultra ball + Crit capture… let’s just say I was happy!

  6. I choose Poké Balls based on how they look. I hate Great Balls so I never use them. I try to consistently catch every Pokémon in a standard Poké Ball, but sometimes I have to resort to Ultra Balls. My favorite is the Timer Ball, I love its animation. Premier Ball is great too, but I don’t use it cause I never have enough of them in which to catch my whole team. And I HATE Dusk Balls.

  7. I tend to coordinate the appearance of the Poke Ball to the Pokemon, so it varies.
    Poke Balls are default for almost everything, Great Balls are next to never used, and Ultra Balls for later in the game.
    With that being said, I adore the Premier Ball and the Luxury Ball in particular, and reserve them for my shinies (if I can help it).
    Heavy Balls for Pokemon like Groudon/Snorlax
    Net Balls for almost every Water type.
    Etc, etc…
    The Master Ball is one that I only feel completely comfortable catching Mewtwo in.

  8. I choose the pokeballs depending on the pkm’s color scheme if I like them. Yesterday I found a shiny electabuzz but captured it with a normal pokeball. If I capture for example, a skitty, it will either be a luxury ball, heal ball, etc…

    I hate great and master balls u_u

  9. i usually stick to normal, great or ultra balls but will use other balls if im catching rare pokemon

  10. Hmm…I like using timer balls on shiny Pokemon for some odd reason. I got lucky running into a shiny eevee in the trophy garden a couple years ago and used a timer ball on it, so now when I send out my Glaceon I love the way it all looks. xD

    Also I have a thing where if say I’m catching a pokemon, and I’m using great balls and I have one greatball left, I’ll switch to another one. I like having at least one type of every pokeball. Not sure why though .-.

  11. I am an OCD freak when it comes to Pokemon. I catch every single Pokemon in the good ol’ ordinary Poke Ball.
    There are three exceptions to this rule of mine: The cover legendary Pokemon (Giratina in Platinum, Reshiram in Black, etc.) is caught in the Master Ball. Every other legendary in the game is caught in a Premier Ball (a daunting but rewarding task). And only because it is something I can’t control, event Pokemon are in… Cherish Balls… 🙁

  12. Timer balls are crap, they never worked for me even when i reached its “max” capture success rate when i passed 40 turns.

    When i noticed Quick Balls in D/P i was exstatic, i couldnt believe gamefreak would make it so easy to catch pokemon, so those i use the most, despite how expensive they are.

    Ultra balls are fine, however they hardly ever catch legendaries for me (great balls work better for me) and dusk balls are amazing when catching legends also.

  13. I’v caught Groudons with a Pokeball 5 times already which is why whenever I see a wild one, I get my PokeBallz ready.

    When it comes to shinies, I always stock up on Premier Balls because I think they fit each other.

  14. As some of the peple above,
    with the pokemons colour scheme being the deciding factor mostly.
    There seems to always be at least one pokeball with the same shade of some part.
    Lately I also tend to use Luxury Balls on ones that I really like… but also on anything that needs happiness to evolve, for obvious reasons.

    It can get expensive having 20 of each “special” Ball on you at all times, but I also tend to reset and retry for any stationary poke if I feel like I used too many without success.

  15. Definitely Dusk Balls. It’s the most efficient means of capture imo. During other games I would choose a ball based off of my perception of the Pokemon’s personality (Dusk Balls for shadow-ey types, Luxury Balls for regal types, Net Balls for water and bug types, etc).

  16. I only use Pokeballs. I like having all my pokémon in the same red and white sphere, nobody is better than anyone.

  17. Dusk Ball!!! Dusk Ball!!! Dusk Ball!!!

    From HG/SS my Favorite was the Heavy Ball. Definitely want to use one for Metagross (though I don’t think there is a legal way as of yet…)

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