Dengeki Scan Leaks! [UPD1]

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  • TVs now have multiple channels to “watch”
  • Beginning events: Talk to your mother, your rival and his sister, go see Bianca with your Rival, look out across the scenery as Bianca comes, choose starting Pokémon, Battle your rival, go to PokéCenter with Bianca, get running shoes and town map from your mother


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  • Your mother is friends with Alder, Unova’s previous champion
  • Alder’s home is in Sangi Town
  • New Route: Route 19
  • Route 19 is home to just Patrat and Purrloin
  • Shiny Patrat was caught by clown-looking guy, it is NOT a fixed event as seen on other sites!
  • Shinies have a star by their names on the Pokédex now too


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  • New Route: Route 20
  • Route 20 is home to Sewaddle, Venipede, Audino, Pidove, Dunsparce, Patrat, Purrloin, and Sunkern
  • First battle with Team Plasma occurs on Route 20
  • New Area: Sangi Ranch
  • Sangi Ranch is home to Lillipup, Audino, Patrat, Dunsparce, Pidove, Mareep, Azurill, Psyduck, and Riolu (rare)
  • Gym Leader Cheren uses a Patrat and Lillipup
  • Will give you the TM Work Up
  • Bianca will give you the C-Gear after you defeat Cheren in battle
  • Medal System is started in Sangi Town by talking to a man in the PokéCenter
  • Medals rewarded for things such as watching TV and looking through a garbage can


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  • Tachiwaki City is home to Pidove, Elekid*, Magby*, Magnemite, Audino, Growlithe, Koffing, and Patrat
  • Gym Leader Homika uses a Koffing and Whirlipede
  • Homika will give you HM01 Cut and the TM Venoshock
  • You can obtain TMs for Thief and Rock Smash from other NPCs
  • You’ll go from Tachiwaki City to Castelia City by boat

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  • Full map of the Unova region!
  • You’ll now have an in-game tool to see what Pokémon can appear on the route inside the Town Map
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  • Achroma was requested by an acquaintance to do research for team Plasma
  • The rival’s hatred of Team Plasma is due to having had his Purloin stolen from him. It was a present from his little sister.
  • As we reported yesterday in an interview that we translated, Team Plasma has split in to two different groups. Those loyal to N and those who continue to steal Pokémon.
Page 7
  • Confirmation on Join Avenue. The residents increase depending on Streepass, trading, battles and internet connection (Streetpass for a DS game is a first, it goes without saying that it  will only work on 3DS).
  • Black City and White Forest “seem to have changed a little”.

That’s it! Much thanks to our translator NL  🙂 You often see his work, but he rarely posts articles :B
Also thanks to one of our new guys, Silver, as well as our old boy Kriffix for the updates!

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P.S. A big thanks to AAPF for compiling the leaked scans for us whilst we translated.