Dengeki Scan Leaks! [UPD1]

Page 1
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  • TVs now have multiple channels to “watch”
  • Beginning events: Talk to your mother, your rival and his sister, go see Bianca with your Rival, look out across the scenery as Bianca comes, choose starting Pokémon, Battle your rival, go to PokéCenter with Bianca, get running shoes and town map from your mother


Page 2
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  • Your mother is friends with Alder, Unova’s previous champion
  • Alder’s home is in Sangi Town
  • New Route: Route 19
  • Route 19 is home to just Patrat and Purrloin
  • Shiny Patrat was caught by clown-looking guy, it is NOT a fixed event as seen on other sites!
  • Shinies have a star by their names on the Pokédex now too


Page 3
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  • New Route: Route 20
  • Route 20 is home to Sewaddle, Venipede, Audino, Pidove, Dunsparce, Patrat, Purrloin, and Sunkern
  • First battle with Team Plasma occurs on Route 20
  • New Area: Sangi Ranch
  • Sangi Ranch is home to Lillipup, Audino, Patrat, Dunsparce, Pidove, Mareep, Azurill, Psyduck, and Riolu (rare)
  • Gym Leader Cheren uses a Patrat and Lillipup
  • Will give you the TM Work Up
  • Bianca will give you the C-Gear after you defeat Cheren in battle
  • Medal System is started in Sangi Town by talking to a man in the PokéCenter
  • Medals rewarded for things such as watching TV and looking through a garbage can


Page 4
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  • Tachiwaki City is home to Pidove, Elekid*, Magby*, Magnemite, Audino, Growlithe, Koffing, and Patrat
  • Gym Leader Homika uses a Koffing and Whirlipede
  • Homika will give you HM01 Cut and the TM Venoshock
  • You can obtain TMs for Thief and Rock Smash from other NPCs
  • You’ll go from Tachiwaki City to Castelia City by boat

Page 5
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  • Full map of the Unova region!
  • You’ll now have an in-game tool to see what Pokémon can appear on the route inside the Town Map
Page 6
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  • Achroma was requested by an acquaintance to do research for team Plasma
  • The rival’s hatred of Team Plasma is due to having had his Purloin stolen from him. It was a present from his little sister.
  • As we reported yesterday in an interview that we translated, Team Plasma has split in to two different groups. Those loyal to N and those who continue to steal Pokémon.
Page 7
  • Confirmation on Join Avenue. The residents increase depending on Streepass, trading, battles and internet connection (Streetpass for a DS game is a first, it goes without saying that it  will only work on 3DS).
  • Black City and White Forest “seem to have changed a little”.

That’s it! Much thanks to our translator NL  🙂 You often see his work, but he rarely posts articles :B
Also thanks to one of our new guys, Silver, as well as our old boy Kriffix for the updates!

<3 pokejungle

P.S. A big thanks to AAPF for compiling the leaked scans for us whilst we translated.

  1. So Alder’s no longer the champion.

    That’s interesting. That’s very interesting.

    Miror B. for Unova Champion!

    1. Sorry for misleading you; It doesn’t say anywhere that Alder isn’t champion anymore, it just means Alder was champion in BW, we don’t know about BW2

  2. Lol cheren really got a sad team. But you never know, his pokemon could use a killer strategy.

    1. Knowing Normal type Gym Leaders (Whitney, Norman, Lenora), he may, but being the first Gym Leader in the game, it will be easy on you.

  3. Like in Heartgold and Soulsilver there is a shiny pokemon you meet in this game you a garanteed to meet a shiny Patrat.

  4. So your Mom is good friends with Alder, we all know what that means. 😉

    Also, Unova is NOT frozen over. Sorry guys who wanted it. :\

        1. I think that it’s frozen because both gyms that start on the right side are “under the ice” and apparently they aren’t gym leaders anymore. And it also says that after the second gym, you go to Castelia City by boat. Maybe the rest of the gyms continue just like Black and White after with the exception of the removal of Brycen and the addition of the new water gym leader (forgot his name) So it would go: Cheren, Homika, Burgh, Elesa, etc. then somewhere the water type gym leader would go in there.

          1. Shizui does stand by Drayden in the Best Wishes opening on the castle thing. And since Brycfen isn’t a gym leader anymore, there’s the chance that he’s the 7th leader.

            This is super exciting because we’ve never had a water gym leader this powerful since Wake 😀

    1. I see no proof that the ice isn’t frozen. Unless your talking about that ingame map, which also doesn’t have the two islands in the east. So it’s not that reliable. Were there no mention of plasma?

      1. *where, it’s late at night. oh and the map also doesn’t show the frozen city. So…. this is a different map I think.

        1. I find this map more reliable than the one shown in Corocoro.

          There’s the frozen city and that’s it. Imo, this shows that the ice covering the map that was in Corocoro was there to hide spoilers.

          1. No this map shows what we have all been thinking. The ice is covering areas that we will eventually be going too. If the ice is real it is tied to the main story, it could eventually melt. giving you access to the east side.

  5. Why is there is a shiny Patrat shown in the magazine (page 2) but no mention of what it says?

  6. Wait, whats up with the Shiny Patrat on the second page???, and that map doesn’t mean that Unova isn’t frozen, the animated trailer showed that parts of Unova are frozen over, I’m sure thawing the region will be part of the story, therefore that map is likely AFTER the main storyline, after Unova has thawed out.

    1. The animated showed 1 city frozen over and I seriously doubt this map is after the main story. The map is showing off how you can find what pokemon are in what route, why didn’t they used the frozen Unova map for that?
      And according Serebii, the first wild pokemon you find will always be a shiny Patrat. It’s kinda like Gayrados, but not as cool.

      1. I see nowhere on this page that a shiny Patrat is guaranteed; that’s why I excluded it.

          1. It just said the guy playing encountered it; it’s really rare; he’s so lucky; that kind of stuff. It doesn’t say it’s guaranteed.

      1. what does it mean?

        to live in tokyo?

        what does るよ adds to sentence/verb? I’m trying to learn Japanese 🙂

        1. 住む to live + いる to be = 住んでる (short form) or 住んでいます (long form)

          よ is just friendly particles, doesn’t have direct meaning

    1. H-h-how dare you!
      *Eats apple pie and cries himself to sleep*
      Oh wait…I’m British.
      *Drinks tea and laughs*

  7. Dont mean to brag or anything but i will have 5/6ths of my team before the third gym : Oshawatt, Sewaddle, Riolu, Pidove & Growlithe, I just need one more Unova Pokemon that isnt a type I’ve already got (Ice maybe, or Dark, or maybe Psychic)

    1. Ewww oshawott :s snivy>oshawott. And yeah I wild have most of my team to snivy,keldo,rilou,pidove,elekid or pikachu,and some random fire type

      1. Why does everyone hate on Oshawatt… it’s cute and the only reason I’m using him is because I used all 3 starters in Poke White, Snivy in Black and will use Tepig in the other sequel… I’m a fair guy

  8. Full map of Unova region shows that it becomes hell a big region. I wonder what will happen to Route 10 though, it had the best music.

  9. Love the new wild pokemon list, that could help a lot for casually finding pokemon without using the internet. I assume it wouldn’t mention if a pokemon only appears at night or whatever though?

    Also shouldn’t the title read Dengeki?

  10. Wow my team will basically be almost done before the second gym. I kinda like and dislike that.

  11. In-Game tool sounds awesome, especially for completionists like me! I like knowing that “I’ve caught every pokemon on a particular route

  12. I thought this was from an official strategy guide at first, but coming from a magazine, it reminds me of the good old days of Nintendo Power (before it became a generic GameInformer clone), in which parts served as a strategy guide for a “game of the month” that walks you through certain, often hard parts of a game, to sometimes even the entire game, depending on how long it was.

  13. Finally some news 😀 The game is going to be released in 3 days and we didn’t have almost anything. Going to read it now *-*

    Btw, I first got into Serebii to go to the forums and I saw there were magazine scans, but I decided to come here instead. This place rocks 😀

  14. I compared the original unova map and the new one and it shows there is a total of 19 towns/cities in BW2 which means 2 extra cities/towns were added and I’m guessing they’re the new place in East Unova and the Frozen mountain city.

    Also, there is a new path to the PKMN league, instead of going from Opelucid towards Victory Road, you actually have to go through Undella Town to reach the League.

    1. Good observations. It seems that there is a new town in the mountains on the right side of Unova, and then a new town right before the Pokemon League. The Victory Road has also switched its position, too, so it could be different. There’s an actual stop in the desert now, assuming that its the place where the construction used to be.

      I find it really interesting that we apparently have to travel through three more town until we get to the Elite Four after beating Drayden.

      1. OH AND all of the towns seem to have not been visited because the dots are gray, instead of the blue, which means that this map is the first view you have of it after getting it. I see no ice, but that may not mean anything…

        1. Now I’m guessing that new town right before the Pokemon League is Shizui’s, and I guess it makes sense, he’s a water type gym leader, his town is in the ocean lol.

          1. I guess Shizui has been confirmed the last gym leader. It makes sense that his town would be right before the elite4.

  15. I wonder what the dotted line from outside of Driftveil and through Castelia is for. I would say the underwater path, but it seems more likely for it to be in Eastern Unova.

  16. You people are awesome *n* lol. Anyways, the “frozen unova”scam was used to cover the new areas on the west side. So that means it isn’t frozen. that certainty creates manifestation towards the pic of the in-game map. All of the areas are grey meaning they have not been discovered so that overrides the prediction that the “ice over unova” hasn’t melted for the after-game. Its non existint. Now the city seen in the anime short it may just be 1 city and it seems that city is existint in fact near/in that mountain area. And I think its awesome ( the new pokedex feature ) it tells you all the pokemon in every route and/or place. That contain pokemon. I know where to go and what pokemon I want more efficiently.

    1. I’m afraid it does not “override this prediction” lol.
      Since as most people who think it will be frozen over have been suggesting this whole time, at some point in the game there will be the freezing over of an area. Not from the beginning. Some mid-game event will trigger it. The wording of previous scans as well as the animated trailer featuring an entirely frozen over area still give this argument a lot of stick.

      1. Seems legit but wouldn’t that be too drastic for agame?. If that were to happen wouldn’t at least think that the in-game map would change? O.o

        1. We’ve confirmed today once at for all that it is partially frozen later in the game.

  17. For those those of you saying that the map shows us that Unova is not frozen over, a normal map only shows landscape, cities/towns, roads/routes and other landmarks. Maps do not show the status of cities (like a destroyed building or a town being frozen over).

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