BW2 Famitsu Review

Hey guys. Remember to check the post below for Dengeki leaked scans.
The reviews for Pokémon Black version 2 and Pokémon White version 2 from Famitsu are now in.


1.) 10/10- The reviewer praises the new features including the stuff after completing the main story and the Fes Mission. He says that the new feature in the Pokédex which acts as a checklist in that it allows you to check what Pokémon are available by area is super useful.

2.) 9/10-  This reviewer praises the fresh new features, such as the World Tournament and PokéWood. However, he wishes that the Pokémon that you first receive were new, and also that there were more new Pokémon in general.

3.) 9/10- This reviewer also praises the Fes Mission as well as how fun it is filling in the dex with the old Pokémon that have now become available. She enjoyed seeing the growth of the characters from BW1.

4.) 8/10- This reviewer mentions that the game can be played as a stand alone, regardless of it technically being a sequel. In terms of the Pokémon system, there’s been no major changes. However, both playing by yourself and whilst connecting with others has received some sound improvement that show what the Pokémon Games are really about.

This brings the total score to 36/40. A very respectable score indeed!



  1. Technically we’ll just get old pkmn, available to fight vs old gym leader’s and e4 in special arena [?] few new gym leader’s few new character’s and after all we’ll play’n just in a sequel to B&W… my score 1/10

    1. I personally am looking forward to it a lot. I love continuation. I remember as a child being excited by the developments from Red/Blue/Yellow to Gold/Silver. I have such wonderful memories because of it.
      In many ways, though Gamefreak keep trying to pass this off as something they’ve never done before to spark interest, they’re actually returning to something that they once did and hand’t returned to. Something which, to me, was pure awesome.
      Also as Masuda said in the interview we posted yesterday, the world reflects how we appreciate certain Pokémon. Since we’re traveling from a different direction things will be seen in a whole new light. Take Magnemite for example, not the most popular Pokémon right? Not the greatest design on earth right? But now due to there being a poison gym, Magnemite will become a special hidden powerhouse to beating the new poison gym leader since its the only steel type available prior to her (Dengeki pointed this out). People will see Magnemite in a new light and it will leave lasting memories.
      The environment, and the way we view things are such major factors in enjoying something or not. I believe that you too could enjoy BW2, it’s all about your attitude towards it and if you’re WILLING to enjoy it or not. 🙂

    2. Isn’t it always the case for third games? Instead we’re getting much more new stuff than we used to.

    1. People. The more the better. Up to 100.
      Which is why I wonder how they could have played it to it’s full potential.
      What’s more is that they aren’t allowed to contact each other about reviews either, so theoretically they shouldn’t have been allowed to connect together to even play as 4.
      And yet they go through such length to push the Fes Mission. Very suspicious indeed!

      1. Is it something like Black city/White forest, where you have to have someone who has DS and game with you? I can’t even find 1 person, how will 100 work?

  2. Isn’t the Fes Mission wi-fi compatible? Or is that just the Join Avenue?

    If it’s just join avenue, that’d be a total bust, seeing how the only way I can connect to just 20 people is if I went to one of those big tournaments 😐

  3. I can’t wait until Fall *-* I’ve always played the Japanese game but this time I’ll wait so I can understand everything, not just some words/phrases… u_u

  4. Hmmm. so only 4 off perfect which is what B/W got… not bad though
    I hope that it is compatible with the 3DS streetpass because otherwise, I have no hope in doing the fes thingy and the join place (I still dont understand it fully yet =S) unless I get the other game, which is what I did with White to level up my Tree to the max and upgrade my trainer card.

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