BW2 Famitsu Review

Hey guys. Remember to check the post below for Dengeki leaked scans.
The reviews for Pokémon Black version 2 and Pokémon White version 2 from Famitsu are now in.


1.) 10/10- The reviewer praises the new features including the stuff after completing the main story and the Fes Mission. He says that the new feature in the Pokédex which acts as a checklist in that it allows you to check what Pokémon are available by area is super useful.

2.) 9/10-  This reviewer praises the fresh new features, such as the World Tournament and PokéWood. However, he wishes that the Pokémon that you first receive were new, and also that there were more new Pokémon in general.

3.) 9/10- This reviewer also praises the Fes Mission as well as how fun it is filling in the dex with the old Pokémon that have now become available. She enjoyed seeing the growth of the characters from BW1.

4.) 8/10- This reviewer mentions that the game can be played as a stand alone, regardless of it technically being a sequel. In terms of the Pokémon system, there’s been no major changes. However, both playing by yourself and whilst connecting with others has received some sound improvement that show what the Pokémon Games are really about.

This brings the total score to 36/40. A very respectable score indeed!