Pokémon Black 2 / White 2 Gym Order

Out of respect for those who’d like NOT to see this information it’s hidden within the spoiler:


  1. Cheren (Basic Badge)
  2. Homika (Toxic Badge)
  3. Burgh (Insect Badge)
  4. Elesa (Bolt Badge)
  5. Clay (Quake Badge)
  6. Skyla (Jet Badge)
  7. Drayden (Legend Badge)
  8. Shizui (Badge name unknown)


I was a bit surprised about the order for the last bit! Keep checking the site for more news 🙂

<3 pokejungle

  1. Same, I was shocked when I found out that the 8th gym leader… was the 8th not the 7th.
    Seems weird but only because we don’t know where it is located…¬_¬

    1. We know where it is now, there is a town located north of undella town on the coast which has a new connecting route to victory road and the pokemon league- you can see it on the new map 🙂

  2. “Shizui does stand by Drayden in the Best Wishes opening on the castle thing. And since Brycfen isn’t a gym leader anymore, there’s the chance that he’s the 7th leader.

    This is super exciting because we’ve never had a water gym leader this powerful since Wake

    Current score: 0 +1


    LOL, oh and I know exactly where he’s located. Look on the new map and towards right after Undella Town is a new town in the ocean, and it’s also the last town before the PKMN League so ‘m putting my money that’s where he is.

    1. ……Wallace/Juan were both 8th Gym Water Gym Leaders. Both were stronger than Crasher Wake.

  3. My Gym line up came true yay~ I had fun arguing Shizui’s place on PokeCommunity where a good deal of the people thought he was 3rd or 4th.

  4. It’s really embarrasing that I’m staff and I have no clue who this Shiziu is. :S

    It clearly shows the lack of free time I had.

  5. Ha, I’m actually quite glad they’re the final Leader. Mixes things up a bit, and, aside from Dento they look like they’re going to be the best Leader of Unova.

  6. Im interested to see what he’ll have under his sleeves…. If he had them. Under hissss… tannn lineee?
    Either way I hope dude is a boss! Sorta disappointed to see that same lineup from the first one. Was hoping Elesa would be higher up. :/

  7. The Global Link won’t let you tuck in any of the Kami Trio or Kyurem… Coincidence? Is this a notable occurance?

    1. If you can find anything else that can’t be tucked in then theoretically they would be getting new forms too! 😀

  8. But I don’t get it.

    A random tourist who doesn’t know how to tan arrives and in less than two years he replaces out an old, respected guy who is also knowledged about the region. Who lets him do that?

    1. There’s no mystery about Gym lineup: if you’re stronger, you come later. He’s stronger than the “old, respected guy”, so he comes later. Plus, he’s not a “random tourist”, we just didn’t meet him in BW because we had no access to his town.

  9. Im happy to see Shizui as the 8th gym leader.I was hoping Elesa to be stronger at least the 5th.Im not happy to see clay as a gym leader again.I wanted lenora to be a gym leader again.and cheren to be a stronger leader.like if you share my ideas.

  10. I’m kinda mad that the gyms are basically in the same order. I would’ve liked some variation. Plus, why can we never have a dark gym? It would have been better than a poison gym. Poison is so annoying to fight. They never give us anything we actually want. Sorry, ranting here

  11. Poison is supposed to be annoying to fight.

    I always thought there were more than 17 gyms in a region but pnly 8 were required (like when Gary had badges that we don’t know about still)

    I also thought that every gym would carry teams of varying strength. If your first gym was Drayden, you’d fight an Axew. And if te trio was last you’d have a triple battle with Simisear/pour/sage.

    Shizou is not outranking Drayden, its just the last gym the character visits.

  12. Really the gymleaders only have 3 pokemon again that’s not challenging or fun at all to easy. -_-

    1. That’s what I was saying I hope they change Shizui’s roster to 4 Pokemon because three is just sad.

    2. I over leveled and had a hard time with Elesa, Clay and Drayden in Black so having three is still a decent challenge. And don’t get me started on Lenora and her cheap ass Hypnosis tactics.

  13. A complete surprise! Everyone on SerebiiForums guessed that Shizui would be seventh while Iris / Drayden would remain the eighth.

    I understand the order for Burgh, Elesa, Clay and Skyla, due to the respective cities being in that order too. But ahh, it kills the freshness a little.

    BUT SHIZUI ONLY HAS 3 POKEMON…??!! Come on, he holds a net of Pokemon and what?! Too lazy to catch new Pokemon?!

    1. Well, to be fair Kanto had the exact same order with two new gym leaders in G/S/C/HG/SS, Janine and Blue. So it’s the exact same thing.

      I didn’t like Clay or Burgh much in BW but replacing him too would seem like too much for only a 2 year time skip. I think the new Gym lineup is realistic and I’m pleased with it.

      But if Shizui only has 3 Pokemon as the 8th gym leader he better be a challenge, because if B2W2 waters down the difficulty just like BW did it’ll kill the excitement for me.

  14. I’m a bit dissapointed with water being the new 8th gym i would prefer water or grass. But that got me thinking since we get a magma and a water cave why not make the last gym leader version exclusive, that we we get a water gym for black and a fire gym for white.

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