New Pokémon Black 2 / White 2 & Dream Radar Trailer


Looks like Shizui has 3 Pokémon and we get to see some footage of battling and Pokémon 🙂

<3 pokejungle

  1. The professor isn’t really helping himself out here. I still think he is evil.

  2. I wanna know why there’s an intractable Minccino, where the underwater tunnel is located (most likely near Undella probably) and whether you can get all of the Kami trio in one game…
    Time will tell but until then… HURRY UP 23RD JUNE!

    1. Just wanna point out there was a tunnel in Driftveil blocked by a gate. Which happens to be the city thats gonna connect the new starting path with the known Unova region…

  3. Um checked out where Akuroma(probably spelled that wrong) is standing. Team Plasma’s logo is on the floor.

    So yeah, I’m he is a bad guy.(Someone really needs to translate what he is saying)

  4. Nobody else is going to ask? Alright, I guess I’ll do it.

    What’s with the medal collecting?! And what did B2 find in the sparkly grass?!

    1. Achievements, maybe? As far as B2 in the grass, he either found a berry or put a berry down. It’s a mission.

    2. We know literally know nothing about the medals. The footage they showed didn’t even give us a slightest hint as to why you would get one.

      As for the sparkling grass, Herbert2.0 picked up a Rawst Berry. I’m assuming it’s from when someone did a mission via the Entralink, and had to drop it there. :p

  5. I gotta say, for a “Pokemon World Tournament” I was kind of expecting Cynthia to have 6 Pokemon…..not 3.

    I’m really hoping that’s just like a round 1 type thing and that things aren’t easy like Black and White were.

  6. I’d really appreciate a translation of what Akuroma and the person that hands out the medal are saying.


    I just feel like posting it here lol.

    -Patrat Lv 12
    -Minccino Lv 15

    -Koffing Lv 19
    -Whirlipede Lv 21

    GYM 3: BURGH
    -Heracross* Lv 22
    -Vespiquen* Lv 22
    -Leavanny Lv 24

    GYM 4: ELESA
    -Flaafy Lv 26
    -Emolga Lv 27
    -Zebstrika Lv 29

    GYM 5: CLAY
    -Krokorok Lv 30
    -Dugtrio* Lv 32
    -Excadrill Lv 33

    -Golduck Lv 35
    -Ludicolo* Lv 35
    -Jellicent M Lv 38

    GYM 7: SKYLA
    -Swoobat Lv 38
    -Unfezant Lv 40
    -Altaria Lv 40
    -Swanna Lv 43

    GYM 8: IRIS
    -Dragonair Lv 47
    -Kingdra* Lv 45
    -Druddigon Lv 45
    -Haxorus Lv 49

    Pokemon with a * are ones that are not confirmed in the dex yet.

  8. So I was all for the new Kami forms being the female version, since there’s a freaking bra, but apparently they are male. ^^; There goes that theory.

    1. i believe the release date will either be october 21st or 28th because they always release major pokemon games on sundays and that week the new season of pokemon episodes start (if they don’t skip days).

      1. Really? Other than Black and White all Pokemon Games I remember buying were released on Tuesdays. I went to a Midnight release for Diamond and Pearl at a Gamestop and the Midnight released was on Monday.

        1. nope i checked serebii and the U.S release was april 22nd, a sunday for diamond and pearl. and platinum was march 22nd, also a sunday. and heartgold and soul silver was march 14th and that was a sunday too.

    1. No that’s either Elesa’s Gym or the World Tournament Building. Most likely the Latter. So far there is no Battle Frontier in this game.

  9. I really, really hope there’s a way to get the Kami Trio to change forms without having to use a 3DS. The idea that these forms would be inaccessible without the use of an entirely-separate console is still an irritating facet of these games that I’d rather skirt around. 3DS-owners are well and content, I suppose, but if you’re going to make a game for the DS, don’t then lock part of it away unless you also happen to have a 3DS lying around. That’s just obnoxious.

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