New Dream Pokémon Surface

For Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 owners, some new Dream World Pokémon have been added! This might give you a cause to invest more time at your home-away-from home growing berries and whatnot so that you can earn points. There have been several new (and useful) Pokémon added to different areas: Spooky Manor (10,000 … Read more

“Pokémon AR Searcher” to be named Pokémon Dream Radar

The Official Nintendo Magazine [UK] has announced that the game called “Pokémon AR Searcher” in Japan will be released under the English name “Pokémon Dream Radar”, at least in the United Kingdom.  It will most likely be the global English title however. Its release date was also confirmed to be Autumn 2012 around the same … Read more