Dae asks: Favorite Secondary Challenge

I’m back! Went to London for a week. Lots of fun but very tiring. But I’ve slept for more than 12 hours, so this is the perfect time for a new Dae asks!

This weeks question ties into the newly revealed Pokéwood. I don’t know how you call these things but I’m talking about the (Super) Contests, Musicals and Pokéathlon. What’s your general opinion on them and which do you like the most? And do you compete in them often or is it a neglected feature of the game?

Pokémon Smash will air some Pokéwood footage and we’ll be covering it. Keep checking back later today, or tomorrow, depending on where you live. I’m going to attack my homework in the meantime.


  1. Generally they all bore me, but I think Pokéathlon was the best. It’s the one I’ve played most and enjoyed the most. Harsh on the touchscreen though!

    I think Pokéwood is going to be the best out of the four, so long as it has variation. If it’s just the same thing that happens each time, with the exclusion of what Pokémon and or moves you use, then it’s going to get pretty boring pretty fast.

      1. Well, we did have some bad luck.

        It didn’t help they were preparing for the Games and that it was almost the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It was hella busy there.

        1. Yeah, I think everywhere went crazy yesterday. Went into the city centre and it was packed. Combination of people just going mad, the entire university walking about and just general madness.

          London must have been insane though. It’s bad enough on a normal day. Sort of puts me off going.

  2. I used to love the super contests, I always tried to get the 5 ribbons of each category. I didn’t like the Pokéathlon though, it’s kind of boring…

  3. pokethlon was the only one that was actully fun, but otherwise i couldn´t care less.

  4. I’ve always found Contests, in both Generation 3 and 4, to be pretty boring. The Musicals were even worse, though. Those have very little variety, and they got monotonous very quickly. I liked the Pokeathlon in the Gen 2 remakes, but maybe that’s just because I was lucky (or stupid) enough to have been raising a Sunkern when I entered. I have high hopes for Pokewood; I hope it’ll be more fun than those dull Contests and Musicals.

  5. I really liked super contests, but certainly, they were a minor aspect of my game.

    The Pokeathlon, however… I spent most of my post-game in Heartgold playing it! It was just so much fun!

    Musicals were a huge disappointment to me though, I must say. I hope Pokewood will be better.

  6. I enjoyed the regular contests in RSE!
    Appealing was so fun!

    Super contests in DPP, however…I didn’t like them.
    I highly loathed ‘dressing up’ and ‘dancing’ as I found them quite gimmicky.


  7. I really enjoy contests. I have always competed in them and strive for all the ribbons and props! I also like Poketthalon. I have actually gotten all the way into the back room there and got my reward!(Not gonna spoil it for everyone.) 😉

  8. I think if the contests were like the anime it would have been my favorite of all, but as of right now I’d say none really stand out except for Pokewood!

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