Dae asks: Favorite Field Move

We’re back to slow news periods, which essentially boils down to more Dae asks. I seriously need to write up some other articles, but I’m so busy with school… At least BW2 news will hit soon, or that’s what I’m hoping.

Today’s question is about field moves. They are an important part in gameplay, with being able to reach blocked off parts or just make it easier to reach some places. Imagine you’d have to walk everywhere instead of using fly. But they’ve also been used in strange ways, like headbutting trees and creating secret bases. Which one do you like the most? Which move has the best overworld animation? And are there moves you never want to see return?

I keep being surprised by the number of new people who comment on these posts, so this a welcome to all of you new commentors. The Jungle Games are also starting soon, and we already have chosen our 12 tributes. I must say that I’m impressed by both the amount and the quality of some applications. It’s going to be a fun competition.