Dae asks: Favorite Field Move

We’re back to slow news periods, which essentially boils down to more Dae asks. I seriously need to write up some other articles, but I’m so busy with school… At least BW2 news will hit soon, or that’s what I’m hoping.

Today’s question is about field moves. They are an important part in gameplay, with being able to reach blocked off parts or just make it easier to reach some places. Imagine you’d have to walk everywhere instead of using fly. But they’ve also been used in strange ways, like headbutting trees and creating secret bases. Which one do you like the most? Which move has the best overworld animation? And are there moves you never want to see return?

I keep being surprised by the number of new people who comment on these posts, so this a welcome to all of you new commentors. The Jungle Games are also starting soon, and we already have chosen our 12 tributes. I must say that I’m impressed by both the amount and the quality of some applications. It’s going to be a fun competition.


  1. First comment? What is this glory?
    What does it mean?

    Well have to point out the obvious, there’s nothing better than FLY!!!
    Close second – Surf.

  2. So easy, SURF!!!
    In terms of usability it is the only HM that is required to be used in EVERY game and as a major bonus no slave required as Surf is (balancing power and reliability) probably the best Water type move in the game.

  3. Dive is easily my favorite. Surf and Fly are the most useful, but Dive quite literally gives way to a completely new map to explore, and I have a huge fondness for the Pokemon that are found in seaweed. It’s not wonderfully useful, though, apart from reaching Sootopolis and exploring the ruins by Undella Town.

    1. I love dive too, i said surf simply because it is the most useful in terms of usability and as an actual move but i agree…in terms of what it does, dive is the most exciting HM- RSE are still my favorite games very largely due to how much i love the underwater parts of the game 🙂

  4. It’s split between Fly and Surf, not only because they’re the originals but because they’re the most useful.

    The all time worst field move is Defog, that mess was a waste of programming.

  5. I personally like dive and rock climb. Dive was really cool in R/S/E as it gave the game more exploration, and the underwater music was lovely. I was so happy that brought it back in the 5th gen., but then I was disappointed in the lack of of it in the game. Hopefully BW2 will fix that though. I think I like rock climb just because how it looks in the anime. 😛

    But yeah surf and fly are probably the most useful.

  6. I like surf the best, since it´s also a good move to use in battle, wich the others aren´t.

  7. I like Surf and Fly. Fly is a good move, but of course surf is better. But also i like secret power…. its interesting you know.

  8. My favorite is rock climb.I remember having it on my torterra and killing everything. I’ll tell you my least favorite is cut. It’s so useless in battle, but used so much in the field.

  9. Secret Power never got old. Bases were so awesome and it was cool to be filling my pokedex when all of a sudden a wild tree vine appears! Climb it to find… A friend waiting to battle!

    …That, and Defog is absolutely useless. I didn’t need to use it once in my main playthroughs of those games. You could get through those areas with minimal problems, only stopping for water, trainers, walls, and smashable rocks (all passable by, at most, pressing a). Like in Rock Tunnel. Never used Flash there.

  10. I really don’t get how a small Pidgey can fly from one town on one side of the map to another town miles away but we can use the same Pidgey to help fly us over a small tree.

  11. I love fly. It would be even better if you could actually control your pokemon and decided to which direction to go ( more or less like the one in one of the Pokemon Ranger games).

  12. Seems like almost everyone only cares about surf and fly.

    Where’s the love for defog?

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