Dae asks: Favorite hidden Pokémon

I thought about doing a Daely Snack, but I experienced a lack of inspiration. There seriously has to come new info soon, as I don’t like doing pure speculation.

For today, I’ve chosen something very clear, so no arguing this time. Who’s your favorite ‘hidden’ Pokémon? You know, the ones like Mew, Deoxys and Genesect. I won’t call them event Pokémon, as that can cause confusion, but they essentially are only given out at events.

So, go commenting below. News is temporarily slow, but I expect the hype train going full steam ahead in the next few weeks. Keep checking the site for more news and more Dae asks!

  1. My favorite hidden Pokemon would probably have to be Arceus. Now don’t get me wrong i hated his design and his like “Uber Status” what got me about him was the GOD part. I mean what for years we’ve been thinking Pokemon had no god, and if we thought they did it would either be Mew, or Ho-oh. But no this legend clearly stated GOD. He was such a mystery i swear. he made me think and wonder. Arceus even had me wondering about how to pronounce his name. Arceus is legend and God. He is awesome and was the best hidden Pokemon to me. I don’t know. I guess he was just so like WOW

  2. Victini and Jirachi. I remember begging my mom to preorder Pokemon Colleseum so I could get Jirachi. She didn’t though… Any way, I just like the design of the two, and Victini has the most powerful move that isn’t an automatic KO.

  3. Hmmmm….mines would have to be Mew, Jirachi or Celebi….. game wise i would say Jirachi as it has awesome typing and resistance with an amazing movepool, in terms of pure legend it would be Mew, it is the original “hidden pokemon” and will always remind me of the first movie and the awesomeness that it was however in terms of moie value i do like Celebi, as a star of the movie i would say it drew me in the most out of the three i have mentioned…but i like them all equally, just more for different things respectively.

  4. mine would be DNA pokemon deoxys, powerful pre our universe pokemon arceus, its cute counter part mew, freddy kruger like darkrai & GENOSECT

  5. The best hidden Pokemon is Kecleon (as it is the only hidden pokemon ;P)
    Nah just kidding, my actual favourite is Victini as I love how cute it is. It has like on of the most powetful attacks ever (and the strongest of all fire type attacks) and it is the ‘Victory Pokemon’… what’s better then winning?

  6. I’m torn between Land Forme Shaymin and Darkrai…
    Shaymin is easily one of my favorite Grass types, and I LOVE Seed Flare. Can you imagine cuddling with Shaymin and smelling its bouquet-esque aroma?
    Darkrai, like Mewtwo, has always held a little place in my heart as a powerful and misunderstood Pokemon that is unfairly labeled as malicious. I feel as if, given the extremely unlikely chance that I’d encounter Darkrai, that we would bond well.

  7. Watch out I predict a wall of text D:

    There is
    -true legendaries, which are in groups:
    trios* and duos+ with equally contrasting members and either an important backstory or relations to even more legendaries,
    along with any additional superior/weaker extra^ members of these.
    (*birds,beasts,golems,musketeers,lake guardians,dimensions)
    (^tower duo,fourth golem,musketeer apprentice, arceus, rayquaza, wuji)
    -event fairies
    cute, all stats 100, theres 6 by now, nuf said
    -and the extra legends
    with unique interesting origins or stories unrelated to the rest. These also come in twos every now and then
    eon duo, lunar duo, kami duo, third kami,)
    -then theres 2 special cases, both being a “child” of an event fairy:
    –unnatural and stronger: mewtwo
    –natural and weaker: phione (whos status as legendary is up to debate, but imo it makes as much sense as for mewtwo if high stats are not all that counts.)

    Can I pick Heatran? D:
    Its not an event poke but I bet that was a last minute decision when they thought about how many events they need for gen 4, figuring 3 are enough.
    I mean it fits perfectly into the same category as all those 600stat postgame/event extra pokes that are uninvolved with the rest. Ala Deoxys,Cresselia,Darkrai,Meloetta,Genesect..

    Heatran ftw.
    I always liked its weird design, in particular the teeth, and the bottom of its feet along with a rare really dark orange molten-like tone; and its basic structure was the inspiration for my legendary creepy underground trio. The type combo is awesome and still unique, it has quite offensive stats and a nice movepool too.

    I knew itd get long lol…

    1. No, but you do get a ban for that.

      Just joking. But seriously, are you guys going to do this everytime? xD It seems I’ll need to come up with more stricter definitions of everything, then 😛

  8. i’ll go with genesect. the full story of it isn’t known as of yet, but resurrecting an incredibly powerful prehistoric bug pokemon and adding an energy weapon to it sure awesome and opens a whole other window for what types of pokemon may come in the future. plus it’s pretty good in battle. lol

  9. I like Deoxys the most I guess =D They way he changes formes to enhance himself is just the best thing I’ve seen in a legendary so far ^^

  10. In retrospect, I don’t find any of them overly exciting because I never use legendaries in battles. But, at the time of announcement, I’ll have to say that I found Mew the most exciting. It was the first time that I ever heard that there was more than 150 pokemon and I really wanted number 151 lol.

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