Dae asks: Favorite Champion

Yet again a new Dae asks. There was no really exciting news last week, so I decided to skip the planned Daely snack to do this one instead. I seriously need to do more Dae asks.

Anyway, we’ve got six champions. Ranging from the cool guys to the self-assured woman to the man you can hardly call a champion at all. Which is your favorite? And make some effort in explaining your choice, otherwise you all look like lazy Slakoths.

I’m laden with homework that I have to do now, but in the mean time, go commenting below. I’ll be back with more Dae asks in less than a week.


  1. He might not count but I actually like N as the Champion seeing as how he has a legendary in his team. Also, I like the diversity in his team (although your 1st gen rival/champion also has a diverse team) and the fact that if he was the champion… he would be all mysterious – _ –

      1. N is definitely a Champion- he even said so in game after beating Alder! Can’t really argue with that one…

        My favorite Champion is Lance, though…he just kicks ass and takes names.

  2. I like Cynthia. It was awesome to have a female champion and she had some of my favorite Pokemon in Platinum (Togekiss, Milotic, and Roserade) and she is super Powerfull in Black and White. It was nice to have a trainer that far in the game that you actually had to use tactic to beat.

  3. Hmm… for e it is between Lance and Wallace, Lance because he is uber awesome but Wallace because he is a Water type champion, me loves the fishies <3…. so yeah id probably say wallace, hes just so graceful and his pokemon are sooooo strong and versatile with their strengths and weaknesses..considering they're all water types one way or another…

  4. Cynthia makes my heart skip a beat. But then N is just my favourite Pokemon character EVER. It’s a tough choice between the 2 but I’d probs go Cynthia as she uses Lucario and Braviary in BW. 2 of my fave pokemon (Plus she’s sexy)

  5. Seriously guys, N does NOT count as a champion. He doesn’t even come close to getting elected by the E4.

    N will eventually get his own time to shine, in another article, but not in this one. The first one to say otherwise will get cursed and won’t receive any shiny in all of his games for the next five years. Period.

    1. Haven’t gotten a shiny in my games ever. But N is a sissy. Still, Challenge Accepted.

  6. My favorite Champion is probably Cynthia, if only because she shows up all over the place. She’s definitely the most accomplished of all the Champions. I do really like Alder, though. He’s a lot more personable than the other Champions, in my opinion.

  7. I really like Cynthia because her team is perfect in-game, not too easy and not ridiculously strong either. I am not a fan of Alder at all just something about him make’s me think he doesnt look as strong as the other champions and im not a fan of many of his pokemon either.

  8. Hm…I never really thought about this before. I think I would have to go with either Lance or Steven. Seeing as they both gave me a little bit of a tough time the first time I fought them..so it was more memorable.
    And I actually do like Alder… he was laid back and not just striving to be the best there is…which there is always more to it than just being powerful. But eh, that’s just me. :9

  9. On the topic of N….Let’s simplify this:

    Does Blue/Gary count as a Champion?
    He had just finished beating the Elite Four when Red (the player) challenged him. It’s not like the Elite Four had time to “elect” a new leader at that point.

    So as I see it, if Blue counts as a champion, so should N.

    1. Well, Gary waited for you in the Pokémon league’s champion room.

      N counts more as a rival/villain/whatever than as a champion. That the battle with him replaced the champion battle, does not make him a champion.

      1. That… is not actually an argument at all. It is more like “he does not count as the champion because I think so”.

        For all intents and purposes, N is a champion in all BUT name.

        1. Well, an argument is an explanation why you think something.
          But everyone’s missing the point. I said this shouldn’t derail in a who’s a champion or not thread, and now I’m arguing myself wether he is one or not.

          1. An argument needs actual evidence to support it, otherwise it is just baseless conjecture.

            I was simply addressing your comment on his status, simple as that.

  10. I really don’t like the idea of Green/Gary or Wallace being called true Champions. Being champion for 5 minutes or replacing the absent true champion just doesn’t cut it for me.

    My favorite Champion was Lance. When I faced him for the first time he was the most badass trainer that I had ever met. Using very powerful dragon-themed pokemon was just amazing.

    I also enjoyed Steven and Cynthia for their own reasons. Steven was the wandering rock collector that gives you a Beldum (I love him for that!) and Cynthia being an amazing female champion was great.

    I was happy to see a different direction for Alder. It made every regional champion unique in their own way.

  11. STEVEN DEFINITELY! Steel types are my favorite and I was so glad to have a strong trainer using steel types. It made me happy.

  12. Steven will always have my heart. Even more after I discovered his story in the manga plotline. He basically sacrifices himself controlling the three Regis to stop Groundon/Kyogre from destroying everything.

    For quite some time, Lance was my favourite, but now I know he’s just a jerk. (And in the manga, he has telepathic powers, which he uses to brainwash pokémon and make them obey)

    Cynthia is kinda OP. Did you guys knew that every single one of her pokémons has a perfect 31 IV in all stats? No wonder she is the champion, I smell a HACKER! XD
    [Cynthia and Steven would make a perfect match.]

    Alder wasn’t even significant for me, and if you consider Red/Green to be Champions, you must admit they’re pretty bad ass.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more champions in Black2/White2.

  13. Steven AND Wallace. They are both so awesome and


    Anyway, I hate all this crap about Wallace is gay and Wallace isnt a true champion and Steven kicks Wallace’s ass. In Ruby/Saphire, Steven was champ and had Lv 55-8 pokemon, and in Emerald Wallace had 55-58 pokemon. If you like Steven, then dont go all ‘Wallace is gay’ because they are both awesome. Period.

  14. My favorite is surely Steven. Mostly because he was the first champion I ever faced but also because he has most of my favorite pokemon of Gen 3 (metagross and aggron)

  15. Blue/Green. He’s an excellent rival. I mean, did Cheren, May/Brendan or Barry became a champion? No, they don’t! Blue/Green/Gary is the best rival and champion ever.
    I also like Cynthia a bit. I’m all lesbo towards her. She has great pokemon with great stats and strategies. But she’s not ridiculously difficult. And, she’s really hot.

  16. Steven hands down, why they needed to replace him with Wallace in Emerald is beyond me, Wallace was a TERRIBLE choice for a champion, especially given that all his Pokemon are the SAME TYPE (Water to be exact), and he could easily be beaten in under three minutes with one Grass or Electric type, at least Steven provided a challenge…

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