PJ Plays: Pokémon + Nobunaga, A Quick First Impression

I’ve had Nobunaga since yesterday afternoon, but between work and packing I haven’t had all that much time to play it. Just wanted to tell you guys that I think (so far) it’s pretty fun 🙂

Basically I’ve conquered the Fire nation, the Grass nation, and the Water nation. Besides the Eevee you’re assigned and the Jigglypuff your Bushou cohort uses, I’ve also come to use Masukippa and Sewaddle alot, along with Darumaka.  The game reminds me in some ways of Fire Emblem with the grid-based movement and attack system, but  I read on twitter that Archaic (head of Bulbapedia) thinks it’s more like Final Fantasy Tactics, a series I’ve never had the opportunity to play. Besides fighting the nations in harder, more drawn out battles, you also have spots within the nation to battle wild Pokémon / minor Bushou and recruit them into your “army”. These beginning regions have three areas, a spot to battle, a shop, and a Ponigiri stand or Mine (where you can make money).

It’s also worth noting that the game works on a weird “month” system.  So each month the characters are able to do one activity.  That includes participating in a battle, going to the shop, making ponigiri, mining, etc. Once you’ve used up all your character’s turns the month passes and you may use those characters again (you may also manually skip the month, you don’t have to use all the characters up before it changes).

As I’ve seen mentioned on Serebii, all Pokemon have just one attack.  This isn’t bad actually though, it’s more about choosing what Pokemon you need to use for what situation. Attacks like Vinewhip hit 3 Pokémon at once potentially, while some fire attacks will hit a Pokémon that you’re a square away from.

I am hoping this is translated just from my short play time because I’d love to have this Japanese-infused atmosphere in English so I can read everything in my native language.  I’ll admit, there are some mechanics I’m not quite sure about so on the plane ride to the US I’ll be sitting next to my bf and asking him questions so I can better understand the game.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Ozy will be covering the site for about 24 hrs, I’ll be on my 15 hr flight to the US! Only going to be there a week before I come back.

pps- Note to self: buy a laptop with a better webcam 😐