Dae asks: Favorite Legendary Trio

A new Dae asks! We haven’t done one in, lets say… one whole month. So, we’re going to do one right now. And let us still ride the Black/White 2 hype train, because it isn’t going to stop soon…

Everyone knows at least one. For older fans or hipsters, it’s the bird one. Newer fans can’t get enough of those overpowered monsters on the front of their copy, and use them to battle its counterpart with the help from a friend. But really, what is your favorite trio? And don’t say the Tao Trio, just because they are in the spotlight for the coming year.

You all know where to comment, right here below. It would be a bit strange to have comments above a post, wouldn’t it? Expect me back with a new question soon. At the rate we’re  going now, that would be around June.


  1. I’ve gotta say I like the regis the most. They’re such a unique concept and they always remind me of when Ruby and Sapphire came out and I would play with my brother for hours because all my friends had stopped liking Pokémon. Good times.

    1. I don’t like the design of the Regi’s but they have the best concept of finding and capturing a legendary. That feel when finding that hidden cave and opening the other three. As the internet wasn’t really popular those days, I was one of the few in my neighbourhood who knew how to unlock them. ^^

  2. The regis were the worst pokemon ever made. They are mediocre and lame. Nothing beats Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina! Awesome typing, moves, and most importantly concepts.

    P.S. I’m looking for a boyfriend;)

    1. i agree about the regis. the d/p dragon trio (not sure if this is opinion or not…) were the first set to really have a philosophical and scientific nature and made them interesting to me too.
      so… how YOU doin’, serenity? lol

      i know we were asked NOT to say it, but i personally really like the tao trio so far. it’s an even wider-reaching concept for humanity and you really can do a lot with a story like that… but as with the d/p trio, they probably won’t. lol

      1. I didn’t tell you that you can’t like the Tao Trio. I only said you don’t have to pick the tao trio just because of Black/White 2 was announced.

    2. lol. I’ve played pokémon for years and I also prefer the Creation trio…

  3. Tough question. I’d have to say the Legendary Beasts are my favorite trio, if only because I get so nostalgic whenever I see or use them. I also really like the Weather Trio, though.

  4. The Musketeer trio. I get that they’re not truly a trio with a secret fourth member.. But…
    Whatcha gonna do?

          1. I do not count a pony as one of the three Deers xP That’s why I chose the Muskedeers aswell 😉

  5. I really like the weather trio ^^ The tao trio is nice too because I feel there is more too them. (obvi..)

  6. Well I always loved the legendary Johto beasts.. they look awesome but when the the Muskedeers came to life I really switched immediately to them. They inspired me to make a game concept about musketeers and I really like their background story! Love Terrakion the most 😉 Because of the Fighting type, which I abuse ;P

    1. Why do you call them deers? Only one of them is a real deer, the others are an antilope, an ox and a pony. Not really deers imho.

      1. You’re right.. Actually one is more a Markhor (Goat Like) and one is clearly Deer like and yeah one that’s more Ox like 😉 but I just like the sound of Muskedeers ^^ The pony just feels kinda outplaced for me ;P So it’s just these three for me 😉

  7. I have to agree with the fact that the Regi trio are my most favourite in game. The idea of using Braile to unlock Pokemon then having to do an action to get to them is genius… I always forgot what to do in each cave though =S

    Favourite design and back story is probably the Beast trio… are they Cats, Dogs or weird creatures. Also… they kinda came back from the dead with Ho-oh reviving them (I think)…. pretty cool if you ask me

  8. Legendary Birds, and it’s not because i wear nostalgia googles. Legendary Birds have great designs and great names.

  9. I loved in G/S just randomly encountering entei suicune and raikou, that was like 10 years ago?

  10. Hm…I’d have to go with the Johto Trio. I always loved their design and concept. Suicune is my favorite of the three, and I played a lot of Crystal, first introduction of being able to play as a girl really made me play it a lot lol. xD So there’s a lot of memories to go with them.
    Second for me would have to be the Legendary Bird Trio.

  11. My favorite is definetly the Creation/Dimention/Space trio (whatever the name is): Dialga/Palkia/Giratina. They’re dragons and the ideia of having “gods” of outer space (or dimension) that control the fabric of reality or the opposite of it (Giratina) is just too awesome.

  12. OF CURSEEE CUZZ WHATCHYA THINK???!!!!!! WEATHER TRIOOOOO!!!!!! But i also love the Regi Trio. I LOOOOVE HOEEEEEENNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (And the Regi trio needs a role in the storyline in R/S/E remakes).

    1. Did you know they are the spirit personifications of the first 3 trios?
      Azelf – Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres – Offensive – reside at place of their choosing – Will
      Mesprit – Raikou/Entei/Suicune – Balance – roaming after encounter – Emotion
      Uxie – Regirock/Regice/Registeel – Defense – hidden in caves with puzzles – Knowledge

      Since gen 4 was not a regular generation, but an “ultimate” approach, with hax, tons of evolutions, strongest and most legendaries, and well… instead of a normal trio, they put the old ones into one pokemon each and made them all the overused legendary type: Psychic.

        1. Why is that bad?
          It’d be an even bigger clusterfck of legendaries if they were big detailed charming dragon spirits from hell.

  13. The weather trio or if were talking about the lesser trios then the legendary beasts 🙂

    1. Just because you aren’t featured on the box-art doesn’t mean your inferior in any way.

          1. Screw bulbapedia.
            Its real simple.
            Heres the facts.
            Rayquaza is superior to Groudon/Kyogre in a dozen ways
            Regigigas is a stronger fourth master Regi.

            If the first is a trio, the second is a quartet.
            If the second is a trio with master, the first is a duo with master.

            Make your pick, just asking for consistent logic here.
            IMO its awfully obviously the second.

          2. Regice steel and rock are a trio what are u on ? noone is saying there not. The trio’s all have ‘masters’ rayquaza is considered a member of the weather trio and is also the master. Do some research on legendary pokemon then maby you will have a valid argument. Have a look around and u will see the weather trio is a trio.

          3. I don’t know what kind of research you mean, but I’ve done mine for a long time.

            I suggest you read my other posts again :S

  14. The Beast Trio is so far my favorite. Their story is so sad and tragic but at the same time wonderful with Ho-oh’s interaction.

    I didn’t really like Suicune’s non-roaming in Crystal, but I understand what they were trying to do with that.

    1. It would have been a nice twist if they said “fck Crystal” and gave one beast the special treat instead of Suicune exclusively, of course the deciding factor would be the starter you picked like FRLG D:

      1. Wow, brilliant! Though it would make Eusine’s name a little odd were he chasing after Entei or Raikou.
        I do love your method, though.

  15. Their the Birds… THE Birds. Nuff said. :3

    I really like the Johto Beast trio. They just had a very interesting design concept and the roaming aspect just added to the adventure in Johto. It really kept you on your toes.

    Weather Trios cool.
    The Regis were great just in the idea of being a true adventurer/pokemon trainer. The brail was awesome, the challenges that it had with it. It made your journey through Hoenn more entertaining.

    I absolutely hate the trios in DPP. the Spirits were pretty pointless in most ways. And Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina… Just no.

    BW did good with Reshiram and Zekrom. I still dont care for Kyurem that much. :/ Maybe BW2 will turn that around.
    The Musketeers are pretty neat. Especially Virizion imo (Just cause its grass, and Im a grass ho.) Although Keldeo make its 4, we wont count it just yet.

  16. Okay, as I don’t believe in punishment and prefer rewards:

    Everyone who doesn’t mention the Musketeer Quartet gets a cookie. They are a quartet, a quartet I tell you!!!

    1. I said they were a quartet so they dont count. xP So Does that mean i still get a cookie?

  17. I personally love the Muskedeers. I am a huge fan of fighting types, and they just have such cool designs!

  18. Azelf Uxie and mesperit I used to train these guys for hours they were pokemon royalty as far as I’m concerned so many memories

  19. Since I’m not allowed to say the muskateers (and yes…there are 4), my favorite are the Kanto birds. Who wouldn’t like birds that rain down fire ice and lightning?

  20. This is full of hypocrisy so Ill try clearing it up.

    There is trios (+who may have a guardian/master/apprentice)
    3 Birds
    3 Beasts
    3 Golems (+1)
    3 Spirits
    3 Dimensions (+1)
    3 Musketeers (+1)

    And then there is other groups which are not trios
    Tower duo
    Weather duo (+1)
    Eon duo
    Moon duo
    Kami duo (+1)
    Dragon duo (-1) (depending on what happens to Kyurem this might become a real trio)

    There is also single ones that have a stronger/weaker version

    The rest don’t have any obvious relations, yet.

    next time, ask what group of legendaries, instead of asking which trio without giving a definition lol

  21. my personal pick are the creation trioI thought all of them were right on pocket in terms of design, and as for the guy who post that screw bulbapedia about their article about the trios… i have word, fandom, the shear machine in which writers and editors in bulbapedia base their enties. so no point of ranting

    1. I have no idea what you wrote there.

      Regardless, my point wasn’t that bulbapedia fandom isn’t thought through, but rather that its simple enough to figure out without it.

      1. “I have no idea what you wrote there.”
        – uh same here from your original post. 🙂
        its seems that your not really familiar on how the staff of bulbapedia writes down their wiki entries.

  22. I don’t like the concept of there being two seperate sequels for one generation… I like the ability to get all the exclusive-to-one-game Pokemon in it, and not have to worry about the Wi-Fi-trading mumbo-jumbo.
    Anyway, I like the dragon trio in gen 4 the best because I like the concept of time-space-darkness. It introduced me to a general understanding of “basic properties of the universe!”

  23. You guys are taking the whole trio issue too serious. I was joking when I said the musketeers don’t count as a trio.
    I don’t care about the whole master/apprentice thing. The musketeer count as trio, as do the Weather ones, and the regis, and I-dont-know-who-else..

    1. Well seems like people went to bulbapedias trio page, couldn’t find the musketeers on there and then thought you were not joking.

  24. My absolute favorite trio would have to be the beast trio because they are EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with the regis they are a quartet because regigigas is the master so he is included.

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