Dae asks: Favorite Legendary Trio

A new Dae asks! We haven’t done one in, lets say… one whole month. So, we’re going to do one right now. And let us still ride the Black/White 2 hype train, because it isn’t going to stop soon…

Everyone knows at least one. For older fans or hipsters, it’s the bird one. Newer fans can’t get enough of those overpowered monsters on the front of their copy, and use them to battle its counterpart with the help from a friend. But really, what is your favorite trio? And don’t say the Tao Trio, just because they are in the spotlight for the coming year.

You all know where to comment, right here below. It would be a bit strange to have comments above a post, wouldn’t it? Expect me back with a new question soon. At the rate we’re  going now, that would be around June.