It’s been a long, long week for me. Although there was exciting news this week, I haven’t been able to read it until today.

With Master of Illusions dvd release a few weeks ago,  Victini airing on television, along with movie 15 news, we have had a quite a movie related period. So that let me thinking, which movie do you think is the best? Maybe you’re not a movie fan. That would be a shame, especially since you can pick up all the movies in one cheap bundle nowadays. It also adds nicely to your collection. Personally, I like all equally, although some are more equal good than others. Except Master of Illusions, it didn’t make sense at all. Maybe I just have to watch the whole thing, as I stopped in the middle.

Anyway, you know the deal guys. Just click on the article’s link above and then comment below!

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