B&W EV Training – Pt.4: Pokérus and Medicines

Our wonderful moderator over at Mt. Moon, Kabutopzilla, has graciously written up a 5 part EV training guide for pokejungle!  Here is the fourth article in the series which focuses on the mysterious illness ‘pokérus’ and our favorite EV-raising medicines.

There is also another way to boost EV gain even further: the PokéRus. The PokéRus is an odd little virus that is rarer to find than shiny Pokémon. It effectively doubles your EV gain in any stat, like the Macho Brace, but there is no temporary Speed reduction and it does not take up the item slot. If you manage to contract the PokéRus, you had better spread it to a Pokémon you deem useless (or even a few of them, to be sure) and keep the carriers in your PC Box. There, the condition remains ripe and ready to spread. Outside the PC however, PokéRus disappears after approximately twelve hours, including time you haven’t been playing. By storing backup carriers in your PC, you allow new Pokémon you decide to train be able to contract it with ease.

Because the PokéRus does not take the individual Pokémon’s item slot, you can use the PokéRus in conjunction with a Power Item* or the Macho Brace to boost EV gain even further. *PokéRus’s EV-doubling feature is applied AFTER a Power Item’s EV adding. Example: Lillipup yields 1 Attack EV naturally. With a Power Bracer, that raises to 5 (due to the +4). Then DOUBLE that because of the PokéRus, and that brings you to a grand total of 10 Attack EVs per Lillipup defeated. That’s pretty impressive. You do the math for the other EV yields if you wish. Speaking of boosters, we can’t forget about the medicines: HP Up, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, and Carbos, now can we? The stuff is useful for shortening the time it takes to max out EVs by a huge margin, but they can’t provide any more EVs if the EV count in a stat is at 100. The stuff raises EVs by 10, but only until you hit 100 EVs in that stat. After that, it will spit “It won’t have any effect.”

There are also wings, which can be found on the Driftveil or Marvelous Bridges. They can be used infinitely until your EVs hit the max (whether in a singular stat or total), however, they only add 1 EV to whatever they are tailored for. They are a lot cheaper (they’re free), they can be used infinitely (theoretically), but the amount they give per wing is so low that it isn’t even worth the time.

Short part of the guide, but yes, we’re back on track with publishing them!

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