Pokdex 3D App

It’s been annouced that there will be a 3D Pokedex App available in the 3DS eShop at it’s launch for free! The app is just a regular old Pokedex with the entries of all the Unova Region Pokemon except with a spiffy little 3D model of the Pokemon that you’ll be able to rotate in a full 360! (ooooooh! 😮 ) You’ll apparently start with 16 entires and will be able to obtain the rest by trading with friends (via StreetPass?) and by scanning QR codes.

I personally don’t have a 3DS since I realized that it sucked with a capital ‘S’ and returned it after a few days of playing with it, so this news doesn’t effect me all that much. Yet. Regardless I think it’s a cool little diddy to have, although my iPhone’s Pokedex app serves me just fine. :p I’d much rather have the 3D models in an actual game. But enough of me, you guys have any opinions?

Peace, ozymandis

    1. What’s even better is that I got it for free so I got hella KA-CHING outta it. :p

  1. This is nice. I guess Nintendo wants us to “catch them all” and I guess this is the reason why they wanted all the pokedex apps from the App Store removed.

    P.S. Why didn’t you like the 3DS?

  2. Whats so bad about 3ds? i was thinking of getting one
    should i wait for the newer model that will inevitably come out you mean?

    1. There’s nothing wrong in particular about the 3DS, but there is a severe lack in quality games. I’d at least wait until a good game comes out, such as Ocarina of Time 3D or Kid Icarus: Uprising….Or if you don’t mind playing with the built in features and maybe one or two decent games, you can get one early like I did!

      Ooh, this is nice. Nintendo heralding the release of the Eshop with a free Pokedex app. Hopefully this and whatever else is on there makes up for the lack of the Eshop for the two months I’ve had my 3DS!

    2. I think that the newer models of the 3DS won’t be worth it as the 3DS is like the Wii, the both rely on updates instead of buying new models.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with the 3ds. It has great effects and is really fun! x) there’s a system update coming in June that will add more features and awesome games coming out in July. I pre ordered ocarina of time!

  4. Am I the only one that after seeing this, thinks: “a new Wii game is around the corner”?
    I mean they’ve got 3d models for all pokes. Seems like alot of work for a stupid 3DS app.

      1. Or why not “a new 3DS game is around the corner”?
        Thats even more likely, seeing as theres supposed to be one announced june 7th

  5. 3D models would be nice, but that would be death to the art of spriting. 🙁
    Psh, Street Pass… they act like anyone around me has a 3DS, let alone is a fan of pokemon enough to get that app…

    1. Hey, you never know! There could be Pokemon fans hiding right under your nose.

      Yeah, I’m slightly disappointed that Pokemon will likely ditch sprites after Gen 5, possibly even sooner than that. Then again, that gives us spriters more room for interpretation with the new species.

  6. Personally, I’m loving my 3DS, and it’s the platform Pokemon games will be on from here forward (barring any potential “Gray” version). I am excited for this Pokedex on Monday!

  7. Even though this is kinda cool. I am interested in the first picture. Is this showing how the eShop will look? I personally don’t think Nintendo changed their downloadable services all that much if it is.

  8. Scanning QR codes to get new Pokemon? Could this open the possibility of gens 1-4 being available in the future..? 🙂

    Anyways, it looks awesome! Can’t wait for Monday 🙂

  9. HOW DARE YOU! The 3DS is the greatest thing since eating cheetos with chopsticks! You cant buy anything worth a crap for $25o anyway.

  10. I’ve been having fun on my 3DS.. :9 I’m gonna like this app, it’ll be good for drawing them seeing as it’s 3d models. 🙂

  11. I’m hoping that you can move them around 😀 That’d be cool, then interact with someone else wirelessly and control pokemon together…but that’s just me. :p (Deep down, I’ve always wanted a 3D Pokemon Adventure Platform RPG where you played as the pokemon, but that’s just a dream that’ll never be…)

  12. You know you have your own opinion of the 3DS… You don’t have to say it SUCKED, you can say thats your opinion instead of polluting the minds of everyone else who wants to buy a 3DS. So I think you should Shut up and start helping instead of hurting. I enjoy the 3DS very much so and I reccomend it to everyone. Its an amazing system that i’m still having loads of fun with. So don’t let Pokejungle’s naive opinion prevent you from getting one. It’s an amazing system and will continue as one, even if people are complaining about it 24/7.

  13. I’m still not convinced about getting a 3DS. I know I will soon with kid Icarus, Zelda, and kingdom hearts and many other things coming out. But why can’t they just make a full 3D pokemon game where you can actually battle the pokemon like on the show? I’ve been waiting for that since I saw jigglypuff fight gengar on my pokemon blue version and thought that was how the game would be.

  14. Hmm… testing the waters on 3D sprites 5th gen….

    The chance of a Colo/XD sequel/remake just went up! 🙂 Hope for E3…

    That being said, I can very happily say I don’t own a 3DS. WORST LAUNCH TITLES EVAH. I never get a system until I can get 2 games a want with it. Usually it’s the money that holds me back, but this time… there aren’t any games I want. :< It looks like it'll be August before I get a 3DS. (Zelda + SMT:DS Overclocked FTW!)

  15. AGGHHH!!! YOU GUYS ARE–er, excuse me for writing in all caps, GOLDSTARZ, making me feel–

    Just cuz YOU GUYS have a 3DS doesn’t mean you gotta rub it in DS owners’ FACES!!!
    *sniff* jus cuz I’m poor…
    now that THAT’S over with, I why is the 3DS so…suckish? I mean, it sounds–and looks–REALLY cool! I tried it at gamestop (could only play SSF), and the 3D effects worked like they moma’s told them to!

    1. @miles099 The 3DS is “suckish” as you call it because there are only a few (at most, 3) games out for it so far, and most of the launch titles announced at E3 2010 (like the new Kid Icarus and Animal Crossing games) have not been even close to being released yet, mainly because Nintendo wants to focus on the very last wave of DS games (such as Pokemon Black and White, which started this final wave), and won’t focus on making more 3DS games until the very last DS game is released, but more 3DS titles will be revealed next week at E3 2011, so by this time next year, we will have a fairly small library of 3DS games to choose from, probably including a new Mystery Dungeon, and eventually, the third Gen 5 game, so just hold on there, it may be bad now with very few 3DS games, but it will improve over time…..

      The Nintendo 64 went into a simlilar situation when it was released, there were only two launch titles for the console (one being Super Mario 64), only one new game released a month within the first two year or so, and the games were harder and more expensive to produce. As a result, people jumped ship to the Playstation, who had a much larger library of games at the time, and they were easier to produce, and it put Nintendo in a slump for the next two generations of consoles, only to get back up from the slump with the release of the Wii.

      Speaking of the Playstation, the first two years of the PS3 were also this, the games were expensive ($90 just to buy one PS3 game, compared to $30-50 for one Wii/Xbox 360 game) and the console itself even moreso ($500 for one PS3 console, compared to $200 for one Wii/Xbox 360 console), and as a result, the reverse situation of the N64 situation happened, with gamers jumping ship to Wii/Xbox 360, or staying with the PS2, which was still selling 2 years after the PS3 was first released, it has gotten better now, with the games and console at more reasonable prices, but it is possible it might happen when Sony releases its next-gen console…..

  16. The 3d effect is in no way harmful. In fact, the creator of nintendo3dsblog.com went to an oculist to ask him about it. Parrallax tech has been around for a while in photographs already, and the reason your eyes may hurt a bit for the first hour is because the 3ds actually trains the eyes because they are used in a way they wouldnt normally be.

    As for the launch titles, every platfotm ever had no good games at launch. I can live with it, but i can also understand why people wouldnt want a 3ds just yet. The hardware is fantastic though. Sorry for long post

  17. This looks like a nice little kickoff for the eShop, I’m just not too happy with potential searching for other Pokemon. Of course, only Arceus knows how much this will help me with drawing practice.

  18. Now why would Nintendo spend all that money making 3D models for a free game…?
    Colo/XD Remake/Sequel, anyone?

  19. ACTUALLY….The Pokedex apps were being removed from the Android and Itunes app stores..so…you may all have to eventually get rid of them.

  20. it be great if there was like some coding to make it so when you are playing black and white you can go strait to this pokedex, versus the sprite one.

  21. So this is why TPCi removed the iPhone app from the market, because TPCi wanted to make their own Pokedex app and didn’t want any competition. The only problem with this app is that it only covers ONE generation (Gen 5) while the iPhone app covered all five generations, on the upside,we will get to see said genration in 3D (well, asides from a certain pair of dragons)…..

  22. I like how people complain that the 3DS sucks because there aren’t enough (good) games for it right now. The system is great, there’s nothing wrong with it at all. People are making it sound like the system itself is bad. >_>

    Anyways, this app looks pretty good!

  23. WANT. ♥

    I agree with @chanchimi — the system itself isn’t bad; I’ve played around with it a few times and it’s GREAT. The -games- that are out right now are what’s sub-par. :/

  24. 3DS? Probably the best portable out there, and a much better console than the DS. Also, how are you going to play/review the next Pokemon games without one?

    Good job being on a Pokemon site yo.

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