Pokdex 3D App

It’s been annouced that there will be a 3D Pokedex App available in the 3DS eShop at it’s launch for free! The app is just a regular old Pokedex with the entries of all the Unova Region Pokemon except with a spiffy little 3D model of the Pokemon that you’ll be able to rotate in a full 360! (ooooooh! 😮 ) You’ll apparently start with 16 entires and will be able to obtain the rest by trading with friends (via StreetPass?) and by scanning QR codes.

I personally don’t have a 3DS since I realized that it sucked with a capital ‘S’ and returned it after a few days of playing with it, so this news doesn’t effect me all that much. Yet. Regardless I think it’s a cool little diddy to have, although my iPhone’s Pokedex app serves me just fine. :p I’d much rather have the 3D models in an actual game. But enough of me, you guys have any opinions?

Peace, ozymandis