Most Forgotten Pokémon

What pokemon do you feel gets forgotten a lot?  I put my top 5 above in sprite form.  Probably the most apt to be forgotten come from the first 3 generations because DPPt and BW are still fresh on our minds.  I want to hear in the comments what pokemon you think get forgotten a lot!

You can check out the sprites page if you want to look over all the pokemon 🙂  Maybe you’ll have a ‘Oh! I forgot about that one!’ moment 😉

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  1. Crawdaunt yes.
    Exeggutor? Nope. Dat Harvest + Lum berry, bro.
    Dunsparce? Nope. Dat paraflinch, bro.
    Kecleon? Eh, I think he’s got a fair following.
    Grumpid yes.

    Qwilfish and Lumineon for my contribution. Didn’t even know the latter existed until I was (or rather, wasn’t) getting my National Dex in Diamond.

  2. I wouldn’t say Porygon’s evo’s, but pory himself perhaps….

    eviolite ftw

    but, lessee

    I believe hitmonchan and hitmonlee, are forgotten

    during my runthrough of Pearl, how you needed to SEE everything on the dex in order to get national?

    I couldnt find finneon or lumineon whatsoever

    i literally went online to find what the hell they were

  3. Well, I can’t remember…
    Seriously though, the most forgotten Pokemon would have to be really bland, for example, Luvdisc, Unown and Delibird are not forgotten since they are used as jokes about terrible Pokemon. Before Gen V I would have said the Poliwag line, but not anymore. Let’s see: Carnivine, Camerupt, Magcargo, Torkoal… Maybe some of those? Pinsir?

    1. It’s Qwilfish. See? Even fans forget how to spell its name! I sometimes forget about stuff like Sunflora, Maractus, Carnivine…wow, I forget about many Grass types. Oh, Corsola too.

      1. well i like quilfish because quilfish is quilfish and i like to spell it quilfish so sorry that everyone can’t spell quilfish even i can’t so chillout quilfish jk

  4. I always forget about Drowzee/Hypno and then I see them and remember. And uh… Seel/Dewgong. That’s all I can remember now ha.

  5. LOL I made a forum post of this like a month ago on mountmoon. I always seem to forget about the psychic pig pokemon! Now I want one.

    He’s kind of cute

  6. Dunsparce is one of my favourite Pokemon ever. Not only is it, visually, awesome, but it’s move sets and abilities are win/win.

    As for what I think the most forgot Pokemon is- Finneon. I LOOOOVE that butterfly fish, but no one ever remembers it exists =/

  7. dunsparce is absolutely the most forgotten. other forgotten ones could be corsola, clamperl, and venomoth.

      1. Everyone knows about bidoof

        Wanna know why?

        Because everyone either hates that beaver s*** or laughed their asses off at how stupid it looks

      2. Not at all. They’re very often used as puns and Bidoof is the first pokemon you see in D/P/Pt, if I’m not mistaken.

  8. I once listed all johto pokemon from memory. Once I couldn’t remember anymore, I asked my friend’s help. Nobody ever remembered tyogre

  9. After browsing through the Sprites, I settled on: Mothim, Sunflora, Ursaring, Hypno, Swellow, and Lumineon. Those are just fully-evolved Pokemon, too. The middle evolutions probably get forgotten the most, though.

  10. Huntail, Gorebyss, Deoxys, Jirachi, Octillery

    I’ve never seen a Huntail or Gorebyss in-game until Black so that’s why I forget about them. I also never see a Deoxys or Jirachi either. I never cared for Octillery though.

  11. Limineon, Mothim, Magcargo, Banette and Vigoroth

    Now tell me with a straight face and crossing your heart that you haven’t heard from any of these Pokemon in a long ass time.

    1. Why I picked those Pokemon??

      Because no one gives 2 s***s about them lol.

      When was the last time you ever came across or tried to catch any of those 5 Pokemon lol

  12. Pshh, I had to look these up because I forgot about them:
    Seedot, Mawile, Swalot, Huntail, Gorebyss…
    Hmm, yeah, Hoenn has quite a few I forgot about.

  13. I can come up with like 15 right now:

    Weepinbell (I had to relook at this pokemon 10 times on bulbapedia to rack it back into my memory)
    Venonat (I seriously didn’t know who the f*** this was until going to bulbapedia and relooking at him)
    Cubone (U guys remember this little bastard?)
    Seadra (Lolwut?)
    Omanyte (Da f*** is this?)
    Skiploom (What the f*** is a Skiploom?)
    Granbull (Hahahahahah!!!)
    Qwilfish (I know for a fact no one remembers this dude)
    Swinub (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)
    Tyrogue (Don’t lie, you know you don’t remember this lil boy)
    Seedot (BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!)
    Whismur (LOLWTF IS THIS?!)
    Electrike (Gah, I forgot about this guy!!?!?! He was like one of my fav PKMN in Ruby

    Now then, I do remember all these Pokemon NOW but I had no idea who the hell they were until today.

  14. i’d agree on banette. it’s so cool though! i wish it got the new evo like dusknoir. it could be seriously badass.

  15. Clamperl and its evos.
    Volbeat and the other one xD
    And… Oh I forgot the most forgotten one.

  16. I remember reading a few years ago about a group that was tested on how many pokemon they could remember, before RS I believe. Most forgotten was Qwilfish. xD Nowadays it has a special place in my memory because of this anecdote.

    While I’m at it, here’s a quiz with statistics on the very matter: You can only access them after the quiz, though, which I can’t be bothered doing. There’s quizzes for all gens too.
    Lastly continuing from where I left off in the previous post… official toolbar RSS sent me here fine and dandy, now. 🙂 Thanks, Ozy!

  17. MOst forgotten ones I do –
    Ekans(I have not seen him in my DS for years,and all)
    Finneon(Um,I never talked about it before)
    Feebas(Magikarp equivalent)
    Shelgon(Maybe huh)
    Murkrow(no reason)
    MAybe that5’s all,but I think I seem not to forgot any of em. Maybe Skarmory adds too.

  18. Aww, Finneon and Lumineon? I never thought of them as “forgotten” since they’re my favourite fish Pokemon. xD
    Although I like Gorebyss a lot, too. <3

    Umm.. For me, it would be..
    Sandshrew, despite how cute he is.
    And.. Umm.. Probably Shuckle.

  19. When I saw the title “Most Forgotten Pokemon” the pictures hadn’t loaded and I immediately picked dunsparce, and then that was one of the ones there, so I pick…… Murkrow

  20. …And yet I have a decidedly profound love for the first three.

    I’d have to say Stantler and maybe Mantine to add to that list.
    Nowadays everyone remembers Dunsparce, though, because it is so “forgotten”. Oh, the irony.

  21. Too many to list:

    Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Paras, Parasect, Venonat, Venomoth, Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Dunsparce, Sunkern, Stantler (and Waldorf), Mantine, Zigzagoon, Seedot, Slakoth, Nosepass, Barboach, Trapinch, Feebas, Shelgon, Combee, Burmy, Wormadam, Finneon

    And of all the Gen 5 Pokemon, people never seem to notice the existence of Ferroseed and Ferrothorn

    And I know one Pokemon people WANT to forget: Jynx

      1. It’s a joke, Stantler was named Stantler because the English translation team thought that Stantlers face looked like Statler from the Muppet Show, Waldorf is the guy who is always with Statler, and now you know!

  22. I think Octillery is pretty forgotten by people, but its my favourate pokemon 😀

    also people forget wartortle and ivysaur alot.

  23. And you guys call yourselves pokémon fans? Seriously, even if some pokémon are bland, or dumb, or really weak, I always remember every pokémon. I have them all in my my mind… But I would say that perhaps finneon and lumineon are some of the most forgotten pokémon by people in general…

  24. I guess Spinda? It was the last Pokemon I forgot, and it doesn’t come up a lot either.
    I can’t really say that I feel I lot of these Pokemon are forgotten…but then, I can’t really forget about most of these guys since I battle a lot. Gorebyss? Smeargle? Ferrothorn? Murkrow? No way these guys are forgotten.

    And Swalot’s cool. (・3・)

  25. Granbull yes! I’m glad someone mentioned it.
    Guillotine head, you know, Heracross’ cousin. Sniper. Viper. Pinser! Thank you Bulbapedia!
    Chimecho and co.
    Nincada. But Ninjask is good. Or Whismur.

    Most Johto Pokemon. Johto sucks >____> And 1st Stage evolution 🙂

  26. Mawile, Torkoal, Chimecho and Cradily… you’d only find them if you specifically looked for them, but there isn’t really anything worth looking for (other than completing the Pokedex) anyway…

    1. How about Exploud and Loudred? If we forget Whismur, where do they stand?

  27. OMFG! Did people really forget Venusaur? He hasn’t come up on the list at all! WTF!




  29. I don’t find those five to be pokemon I’ve forgotten. Especially not Kecleon. <3

    The pokemon I forget most often:

    Jumpluff (and the rest of it's line)

    It's a bit early to be forgetting Gen5, however I think pokemon like Pawniard will end up in the above list come Gen6. D:

    1. If I was in a life or death situation and had to list every pokemon I probably could do. These would just be the last few to come out….

  30. Many of the pokemon mentioned here are ones I actually like quite a lot….so that makes it hard to forget them. Can’t help shaking my head at so many of these comments.

  31. For me I think:
    And others I can’t remember.

    I was having a hard time trying to figure out the list for myself.

  32. This is no particular order, just my top 5. (I looked at the first 493 the pokemon – because I still don’t know all the new ones)
    1. Tangela
    2. Relicanth
    3. Grumpig
    4. Politoed
    5. Chinchou

    1. ? Hoenn was the most popular region because it had the most popular generation game, that’s why people are screaming for a R/S/E remake….

      1. :O
        People are screaming for a R/S/E remake because they already remade red/green and gold/silver, so they’d be next in line. And plus it may be popular now, but it wasn’t then, it is the most unpopular generation of all of the Pokemon games, JFGI. ;D
        And also maybe people want a remake of it so bad because they hated the original and what an updated one with the new graphics/all the little quests/whatever new features.

  33. I guess pokemon which do not evolve. I love grumpig though! I think pokemon from hoenn cos in my opinion hoenn was boing, you were going from island to island, I hate the second gym leader and do not know why. It was kinda meh.

  34. Tropius.
    Glailee (how however you spell it)
    Vibrava (not Flygon. But who ever remembers this guy?!)

  35. Many of the ones listed, at the beginning of the post and throughout, are actually ones I remember. I am not sure there is a Pokemon I have forgotten/will forget about…

  36. Man, Dunsparce is like, one of my favorite Pokemon XD

    Hm, I always forget Tyrogue exists.

  37. I tend to forget version exclusives pretty easily. My game-buying pattern is usually to buy one version when they’re first released, then get the other one after the third game comes out. So I don’t really spend as much time on the other version as I do the first one I buy.

    Just the other day, I was playing SoulSilver and I ran into an Ekans. Totally forgot you could catch those in Johto…

  38. I totally disagree with all them forgetable ones… Mainly because i like them all so remember them more…. Here’s the ones i feel are legit forgetable….


    Obviously people will forget different pokemon as everyone like different pokemon… But these are ones i find most forgetable for me! Anyone else agree with any on my list!?

  39. I think any not owned by a main cast member are forgettable from the show, but for me I think the most forgettable are:

  40. my choice of 5 forgotten pokemon from each generation :b

    clefable; hoppip; tropius; skorupi; maractus

  41. Basically the mid-Pokedex obscurities of Generation II and the oddities (translation: the ones I love) from Generation III. i.e. Crawdaunt, Dunsparce, Qwilfish, Baltoy, Shuppet, etc.

  42. ha no oone said grandbull because you all forgot grandbull and snubble i almost forgot too no one uses them.

  43. its obvious everyone has his/her own opinion about this -_- maybe its not too smart to upload these kind of entries. you scream for trolls and uhappy people with this :/

    and somehow… i dont ever forget a pokemon. I like al of them, yes also stunfisk.

  44. Manetric and Electrike are the most forgotten in my opinion. Just cause it was two gens ago since they were in a national dex, and since they were common in the wild. They were never popular and are easily forgotten among others.

    Dunsparce has become the symbol of forgotten pokemon, and just cause that, it is now (ironically) not forgotten anymore! From the bottom to the… top of the bottom 😛

  45. what about Tauros?! no one said him 😀 I only just remembered he exists after like 2 years of forgetting him and im a hardcore fan 😛

  46. Honestly, as much as I hate to say this, I think gen 3 and 4 probably hold most of the forgettable Pokemon. Just to name the biggest one, Lumineon.

  47. I wish they would give some love to Poochyena and Mightyena. They were early pokemons in Gen 3. But it seems they’ve changed very little from Gen 3 while the other pokemons have changed somewhat a lot.

    I wish Mightyena was able to compete with the other pure dark pokemons, like absol and hoodoom.. (they both got mega evolution for some reasons btw..) If only they’d just bother giving it a decent moveset, or a reason to use it over absol and hodoom and etc.. (btw, I’m not even talking about competitive play yet, just in the “campaign”) Or maybe give it another evolution, or a mid evolution, and just retcon the fact that we never seen it before, like they constantly do.

    And its ability is kinda bad now, given lots of pokemons have abilities to counter it anyways, or can just buf themselves to nullify it..
    And now that Fairy is a type, it complicate things even more..

    I’m just saying this, because I’m guessing their goal is to make each pokemons useful in a way.. And I kinda like those pokemons for some reasons.. Hopefully, it could be worse. Look at liepard.. Anyways..

    As for the other forgotten pokemons, there are tons of them! Lots of pokemons I’ve seen and remembered from gen 1-2-3-4 are apparently less “tweaked” for the changes in X/Y than others..

    Raichu can’t even learn any fighting move anymore, or iron tail, or even thunderpunch..(Yeah, pikachu got voice acting and random other things, but I’d still rather evolve it. Partly because, that voice acting is annoying.. ) Rattata was just deleted from existence, which is sad, even if I wouldn’t use it..(at least according to serebii.. No more top tier rattata 😛 ) I also haven’t seen a shedinja in ages!(quite a unique and interesting pokemon, even though its use is very limited)

    I could go on, but I’m guessing someone else will do it anyways..

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