Eeveelution Dream World Download

If you played the ‘Befriend A Pokemon!’ game on the official site last month you can now go to the Dream World and pick up your Eeveelution! The catch is that this download is only accessible until July 19th, so be sure to get it while you can!

I decided on a Glaceon myself. 🙂 And actually now that I think about it the game itself really annoyed me, it literally took me days to finally get my Eeveelution. I don’t know how younger kids even were able to play the game without giving up in frustration. :p
Anyways, what Eeveelution did you guys choose?

Peace, ozymandis

  1. Got Espeon.
    And yes, that game was, sorry for my choice of words, a piece of crap. It didn’t run smoothly and was badly programmed and thus extremely frustrating. Apparently it sometimes screwed up saving the won Eeveelution in the player’s account, so now some people can’t obtain their Pokémon even though they mastered the game.

    1. Yeah, I worked my butt off on that game to get an Espeon and I can’t get it and I’m pretty pissed about it. |:

      1. Argh, I actually deleted it from my feed xD Sorry!! I’ll see if it works next time you guys post though.

  2. I got so frustrated by that game, one of those times where I wish I could use a mouse instead of a laptop mouse pad. I just wanted to punch my screen, took me forever. But I was able to get me my Glaceon. (: Now I just gotta go download it before I forget.

  3. Ugh! I played the game and I guess it glitched when I did it so it didn’t save and I can’t get my Eeveelution!

    1. Monster, same thing happened to me, and apparently a lot of other people. Very disappointed!

  4. Espeon all the way! 😀

    I couldn’t pass up the chance to get my favorite Eeveelution with a DW-exclusive ability held by only three Pokemon. Magic Bounce is great fun, BTW. Named my baby “Jareth” and if you can’t get the reference… it’s probably because it’s on the obscure side and I really can’t complain.

    1. Dude, the Dream World still hasn’t been able to work for me since it was released in te states. :/

  5. I’m also one of the many who got screwed out of their eeveelution.

    Feels bad, man.

  6. I heard about the glitch before the promotion ended and ended up doing the game three times in two different browsers…

    Anyway, I chose Leafeon, though it might be a while before I actually catch it.

  7. I chose Glaceon, played the game twice and got it both times, but I guess it never saved :C . I’m cheated out of one of my dream team pokemon, god damn it.

  8. Guess who wants to take a bazooka and fire it strait into Dengeki’s face! Oh me! THEY DIDN’T REVEAL THE GAME!

    1. *raises hand* Definetly me, who was hoping for Mystery Dungeon 3 (no, Explorers of Sky is not PMD3, but an expansion of PMD2, like third versions are)…..

  9. I played the game and choose Vaporeon however the global link says I’m not qualified.

    Blooming sneaks… -_-

    1. Same here. I played that game probably 50 times to get Jolteon, and now I can’t even get him?! Stupid bitches.

  10. Either he is assuming or Dengeki magazine is seriously breaking a promise.

  11. Plus, now I have to wait a whole NOTHER MONTH! I will literally punch someone of the next Corocoro says it will be announced “Next month”.

  12. They need to stop delaying the announcement and JUST ANNOUNCE IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. That game was WAAAAY to frustrating! I very much wanted to reach through my computer and throttle whoever made it that hard, but I somehow managed to beat it twice to get me an Espeon. :>

  14. Am I the only one who beat that minigame in less than an hour? :/ I didn’t aim for a specific eeveelution, I just let fate bring me my eeveelution. ^_^

  15. I got a Jolteon the first time I played it. Then I decided to try again only to get Jolteon again which at that time I gave up and stopped playing the game

    1. This was an EXPANSION. NOT A NEW GAME! It is something they are working on to make it so that you can use 5th generation Pokemon on the Battrio Thing.

  16. I was very dissapointed with the Dengeki DS announcement, and I was hoping for Mystery Dungeon 3 (Explorers of Sky is not PMD3, just an expansion of PMD2) 🙁

    The reason Battrio was never (and probably never will) released outside of Japan is because according to the American video game industry, nobody plays at arcades anymore, and that is primarly because the American video game industry thinks that WiiWare and Xbox live make more money than arcades ever did curse you Microsoft, for creating the Xbox, yeah, pretty much a big dissapointment…..

    1. PMD3 are Blazing, Stormy, & Light. If we get a 5th gen game, it’ll be PMD4.

  17. I personally chose Espeon on my White account and I set a different account on Black to which I got Jolteon. I prefer Espeon over all of the other DW abilitied Eeveelutions because Magic Bounce really helps and not many pokemon can ever have it as an ability. I just chose whatever it gave me for Black, because I didn’t care which one after getting Espeon

  18. I couldn’t beat the game at all, but then I used my graphics tablet and beat it first try. Then my Eeveelution wouldn’t save, so I beat it again. It was amazing the difference the graphics tablet made!
    Now I have my Espeon. Not that we can breed the abilities, since all the event Pokemon are male.

  19. Got myself an Espeon. Hopefully I’ll pick this thing up before I forget about it and it becomes too late. Pokemon has taken a bit of a backseat lately.

    Gaaah, and that game was just so frustrating.

  20. I don’t know if these are ‘legit’, but these are some rumours that have been floating around some forums I visit
    -The new game is actually Battrio. CoroCoro will just explain more about it.
    -The Zekrom and Reshiram from the upcoming movie will be very important, because if you show one of them to a certain character in Opelucid City, he will offer to teach your Kyurem Freeze Bolt/Flare (the ice type moves which can paralyse or burn).
    -Another source has claimed that the game that will be announced in CoroCoro next month will be ‘Pokemon Battle Revolution 2″ for the Wii. It will be similar to the original PBR in which you can battle using your DS, but it will also have a story mode and the option to battle with ‘rental Pokemon’, a la Stadium (N64)
    -Keldeo will make a short cameo appearance in the next movie, but Ash and friends will think it was just a trick of the light

    1. Wouldn’t the movie Reshiram/Zekrom Kyurem moves thing been proven already? I think the game would be programmed with the event, and that people would already have found it, either by hacking the game or by somehow stumbling on it by accident.

      1. That’s what I would have thought. But anyway, all I was doing was just reposting rumours that I’ve read recently.

        Also, Paul, would there be a way to re-add replies to comments being on a ‘separate level’, instead of directly underneath the original, as in indented?

      2. @Missingno.Master True, ROM hacking would easily prove the existence of such an event, besides, we probably won’t hear anything about Kyurem until the third game is announced, and even so, it will likely be an alternate forme rather than the two unused moves…..

        1. However, anything is possible online, since the coding can be changed. So they could have some sort of event involving uploading the Pokemon to the Dream World.

    2. If these were true, I’d be sooo delighted (and i barely use the word delighted lol) We need a new console pokemon game that’s on the stadium/Colosseum level.

  21. I wasn’t all that frustrated with the game. It saved my Espeon just fine, and I just sent it to my game today. I’m gonna reset for a Timid nature, just as soon as I hatch me a shiny Solosis. So that Espeon better get comfy in the Entree Forest.

  22. that game was HORRIBLE! and it seems like im not the only one who used a laptop and had a frustrating time. But when i first played, i got to level 4 in about 10 minutes….but i didnt know that you couldnt just choose which one you wanted when you were done (i wanted an espeon). So after getting a jolteon and finding out that i would have to start over. It took me an entire week to finally get my espeon. And I’m glad i didnt run into that glitch everyone is talking about because I surely would’ve went into a fit of rage.

  23. why does everyone think the game is hard!? ive played brick (the name of this game) TONS of times! it took me 5 mins to get espeon on my first try!+

    1. The fact that it lagged all the time?
      And many of us have laptops, which aren’t ideal for breakout.

    2. Do you have a mouse? Then the game’s not difficult. But on laptops, for some reason the game runs very laggy, and the controls with a touch pad are ridiculously terrible.

  24. I have to admit, this website has gone down a LOT. I used to visit everyday and there would be some exciting news, or something fun to read. Now when I come on I barely see new news, or ALL news. 🙁

    1. Sorry, I got super busy with work and college 🙁 I realize I need to work on it more!

  25. Stunfisk: Only Cilan can troll the trollfish!

    i thought of that when the new pokemon episode aired last week in japan. it aired on my birthday too,so thats cool. i turned 14 btw

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