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In class right now, but I just wanted to let you all know the 3DS will NOT enable any extra features. Been officially confirmed.

Also the two Pokemon movie titles will be separate films. Not gonna cover any other news on that until they reveal what extra legendary will be starring in it ;D

<3 pokejungle

    1. soooo happy 🙂

      cant wait for the new movies,their going to be so awesome

      in other news,evd trained a whimsicott,lv 45,and just saw a fat man get hit by a rolling tire while he was pumping gas.hahaha 🙂

      also,i found out masterbaiting on a plane is illigal. aww man 🙁

      thanks alot bin laden 🙁

  1. Movie stuff. No 3DS exclusive features. Yawn. I want more B/W English names of attacks, abilities, places, pretty much everything we don’t already have!

      1. Uuhh, if your talking about the MissinNo. Glitch; that was terminated back in the transition from Red, Green, and Blue to Yellow. It might have lingered in Yellow though; which would mean it was terminated in the GSC era.
        So of course it’s not in Black and White! XD 😀 😀 haha

      2. *points at Victini* #000, anyone?

        Think about it: It’s ridiculously cute and it has the most powerful attack in the game. It’s obviously MissingNo. back for revenge against GameFreak. ._.

  2. I have an interesting tidbit 😀 Is it just me or does “Throh” have a T on its face, and “Sawk” have sort of an S on its face. Might just be coincidence. Also, I’m confused as to how the films are going to work, but essentially they’re going to double the profits from films because every Japanese kid is going to want to see both films, haha. Are they going to actually parallel each other or is one going to follow on from the other or what? If it’s a parallel kind of thing, it’s going to make things really weird:
    Cilan: “So how about that Zekrom, eh?”
    Ash: “Um, wasn’t it a Reshiram?”
    Cilan: “Wait which storyline are you in?”
    Iris: “Well this is awkward.”

  3. Oh! Oh! I know this one!

    Zekrom appears after seeing a person with a strong ideal. Judging from the anime and all, that would be Ash, so Ash is the black hero. Reshiram appears after seeing someone who is looking for the truth. Judging from the overall theme of BW, this would be N, so N is the white hero.

    Now, how does the “mysterious”, “extra” legendary come into this? Because not only these movies take place for real, but an overly “annoying”, hyper-active squirrel is trying to be a hero, thus stealing away screentime from others, someone has to rofl stomp the lot of them. This pissed off Pokemon is none other than…

    *drumrolls, dramatic silence*

    …Our favourite frozen chicken, Kyurem! You go, man! I’m sooo on your side! >:D

    1. The plot of the movie is completely parallel to the legend established in the games.

      Both dragons were originally one dragon owned by two brothers who once controlled a nation. The two brothers disagreed on how they wished to rule that nation. Conflicted, that one dragon has been split into two – Reshiram aligning with the older brother searching for a strong truth, and Zekrom appearing to the younger brother searching for a strong ideal. As both dragons were of equal strength, neither brother could triumph over the other. Neither brother would admit that the other was “right,” leading to more conflict.

      The dragons destroyed the nation, and from its ashes came the Unova region.

      1. Woah. Cool story. 🙂

        I don’t know why, but I’m reminded of the Uchiha/Senju story from Madara in Naruto.

          1. O rly. You know what? Shaga/Drayden is really Tobi/Madara. If you lose at his gym, Shaga/Draygen pulls down his beard and absorbs your soul. If you lose against Tobi/Madara, he sucks you into his mask! D:

      2. “The dragons destroyed the nation, and from its ashes came the Unova region.”

        Why am I sensing another horribly puntastic and cliche prophecy a la 2000? -____-;

  4. There is a UK Celebi download in Game soon, yay! But it’s in only 10 stores, boo. As usual there’s 2 in London, and loads of places are missing. It would take me about 2 hours to get to the event, personally. Some people are gonna have an even worse time getting there!

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