3DS Details UPD3

Here are the details we got at the NYC 3DS press event:

  • Two colors available at launch: Obsidian Black and Aqua Blue
  • “AR Games” is included virtual reality minigames using camera
  • Web browser has been enhanced
  • Gameboy and Gameboy Color “Virtual Console” confirmed (Sorry, no GBA yet)
  • Coming to America March 27th for $249.99 (Who says our rumors aren’t accurate?)
  • Friend Codes are assigned per 3DS, no BS with each game having separate codes and separate friend lists :]
  • 3DS coming to the EU on March 25th for £229.99

<3 pokejungle

  1. GBA VC! 😀
    I wonder if there will be R/S/E remakes for the 3DS or if they’ll just get them on the VC…

    And I’m REALLY happy about one friend code per console instead of one per game!

  2. I had a thought….

    If they have the past pokemon games in the new 3DS Virtual Console….it would be a great idea if we could trade between versions if we have more than one saved on our 3DS. and also migrate from 1st to 2nd gen and from 3rd to 4th.

    I wonder if they’d include those capabilities…

  3. Ouch. That price is a bit much for me. Granted I iwll be buying it anyways. and had already put down 100$ earlyer this month in hopes it would cover much of the price. But I guess that I wil have to go and put down more of my hard earned (and sparcly made) monies.
    I have a feeling that it will be like the Wii when it first came out, extreamly hard to find if you didnt already preorder it. (i did, for twilight princess) But I guess thats enough moaning from me, expecaly if im geting it anyways. >.>

    1. Geez, tell me about it. Plus the prices of B&W (I’m getting both) it comes out to be a little over $300. I’m getting wallet pains just thinking about it.

      1. If your talking wallet pains, then i think mine is dead already. This is becase not only did I buy both black and white for myself, but another two for my nephew’s. Just the games themselves came out to $151.28! then add onto the cost of the 3DS. That. Hurts. –Badly. But i Hurts so good.
        I will enjoy my games when I get my very broke hands on them. But thank goodness for pre-ordering. It made it hurt just a little less becase much of it was paid in smaller amounts over time. >____> but now realy looking at what i spent……ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow.

        But we will enjoy our games, and its sweet, sweet pokymon-y goodness. Mmmmm. Broke and happy.

  4. I’ll be saving up until there’s some better colors, personally. The gold one they had pictures of was my favorite, so hoping they’ll release something similar later on, or for a game.

  5. I’m so glad those gamestop people were right about the $249. I would have hated to give you false information xD But thats what they told me and they were right
    woot : P

  6. I hope there will be a better version soon, like the; Lite and the DSi XL wouldn’t it be awesome 3DS XL?

    1. I guess it’s because they’re awesome. That appears to be the general consensus around here.

    2. why did america get everything before europe in the past? with a delay of two months? why do you whine about a two day delay?

      stop butthurting plz. The real people who are ALLOWED to complain are the damn australians (im european) they get the games relatively late, and very expensive as well

    3. Because EU (nintendo) releases are on friday, US ones on sunday. This is the closest it can get.

    4. This is NOT all of a sudden. Lots of games have come out before in Europe than in America. You just didn’t notice.

      Its for 2 simple reasons:

      a) The European market is a great “rehearsal” of what the sales might be, because its very similar to the American. That way, they can predict what their sales might be on release.

      b) The Euro works wonders for numbers. Talking about dollars sold for the game, the number will go up like crazy thanks to the Euro and how expensive it is.

      Hope that helped in making sense of these crazy economics 🙂

  7. By the way guys, I learned something new that the 3DS can do that’s not been mentioned.
    If you own a DSi or DSi Xl and have content already downloaded onto those, Nintendo is going to allow you to move everything onto your 3DS via ” A special service.”


    :p Just thought id mention it. At least now you can rest easy knowing no moneys been wasted if you’ve already bought DSi ware. I LOOOOVEEEEEEE that

  8. I think 250 is a fair prize
    The 3ds has Set the bar for handhelds higher than sony will be able to top, and the quality of electronics is much higher than before

    The launch game list looks epic
    Metal gear solid snake eater
    LoZ OoT
    Star Fox 64
    Mario Kart 3DS
    Kid Icarus: Uprising
    Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop something
    And the list goes on….
    Really thrilled for MGS snake eater…
    Also, the graphics card in the 3DS is superior to the one in the PS3…..

    1. Lol, trolling?
      Each of the games you mentioned come out after E3, Reggie confirmed. And the 3DS is impressive, but not quite as good as a PS3.

      1. actually, no, not trolling
        fine, 250 is still alot, but most of the titles mentionned above WILL be available on release date or shortly after, except Star Fox 64, LoZ and Kingdom Hearts…
        i missed Animal Crossing and Paper Mario on that list too…..

        I’m not saying the 3DS has graphics close to the PS3…. it has a superior graphics card…. However the 3DS is limited in amount of pixels it can show on a small screen, and amount of detail is even recognizable by eye…. in addition to that, for the 3D effect 2 images have to be synthesized simultaneously….
        the graphics will therefore, of course, not be as good as the PS3, but they will be as close as possible for a handheld from our times….

        what you also have to consider is that the technology nintendo uses in this handheld has never before been used (except a single japanese photo camera)
        usually technology in consoles has already been around for many years before it makes the jump to a console… nintendo has really pushed the limit as to how far it can go at this time

        the PSP2 is going to have a processor that’s almost as good as the xbox 360…. but how is that going to help them, because that way battery life is reduced to 0.
        that’s what i like about nintendo…. because they INNOVATE…. as opposed to sony and microsoft who just take old stuff and upgrade it…

        innovation has its risk, and although 250 is a very high prize, it is justifiable for this point in time
        i guess nintendo will end up putting it down to about 180-200 by the time the new version of it comes out
        ”3DSi yaaaay”

        If you want it cheaper, blame Capitalism
        because as opposed to redneck belief, capitalism doesn’t give you freedom
        it gives huge companies the ability to abuse that freedom by producing nintendo handhelds for about 30 bucks a piece and selling them for 250

        1. I wasn’t bashing it. You know, I’m excited too.

          But the problem with capitalism is that everyone wants to earn money. You have the resources, the manufacturing, shipping, wholesalers+local retailers who all want to earn. If I recall correctly, a publisher earns hardly 5 dollars when you buy their game at 50.

  9. How much will it be if i trade in my old ds for it and regular ds games can be played on it right? i know i suck

  10. Wait, there will be GBA games for the Virtual Console? Wow, I wouldn’t have thought the games I played growing up would be considered old that quickly. xD

      1. Oh okay, it doesn’t really matter since I still have my GBA (and a DS that can play the games) and all my old games. 😛 I spent so much of my childhood playing Gen III games, I can’t believe I even had the attention span to play it that much when I only really used two or three pokemon. xD

        1. Geloof nooit een stomme krant. Belgie is toch niet zo verschillend van Nederland?

          (to all other readers: it’s dutch if you want to google translate)

  11. @crescent-31 dude, both Gamemania and Bart Smit offer the 3DS for €250,- and Mediamarkt will be even cheaper probably. I don’t know where you buy your stuff o.O

    I don’t care anyway, I have more than enough to spend.

    Off-topic: I’m pleasantly surprised to see fellow Dutch people here, and Belgium ofcourse.

      1. pokemon hype in holland is quite….. high. Im 18, and alot of my classmates on college also obsessively play pokemon XD its funny to see. especially the pokemon parties we organise to play for a couple of hours 8U

        <3 pokemon

        1. Pokemon hype here is mostly noobish. I think I only know one person above 16 who knows what EV/IV’s are. Many 8-12 years old with “OMGZ PALKIA RULEZZZZ”.

          And yes, HGSS release was ****.

    1. i read my stuff from the news paper XD fine il never trust them again geez

      and true… not buying that thing until a pokemon game gets actually released on that system

  12. Mmm… me and my friend are like the only kids at school who like Pokémon at an advanced level.
    Most people are like, yeah Pokémon is awesome, but they only like Gen 1 + 2. When I name a new one they are like, oh that’s a new one huh? They suck, I only like Mewtwo and Charizard.
    What makes me laugh is that my little nephew who just turned 12 knows almost as much as I do, bar IV’s and the likes.

    1. That’s the biggest problem with pokemon: only a select few know how to breed/train properly. When I battle against someone I just win because they can’t even calculate which attack does the most damage. For example, who tries a non-stabbed thunder on a Blissey while you have a physical attack? And older guys don’t know that pokemon is so complex, they just think it’s still a kids game.

  13. Yup, the complex nature of Pokémon stays hidden underneath the childish look. It’s actually a good example of “Never judge a book on it’s cover”.

    On the battle part, I suggest the Serebii.net WiFi chat. When someone from there makes a stupid move, it’s useally a missclick, or a overprediction. Or you could try shoddy, but it’s nowhere near as fun.

    1. I don’t really like shoddy. Although I respect those who use it, I really like putting effort in your team and see the results. And wifi against someone competent is indeed always predicting that he is going to predict that I predict something 😛

  14. Does anyone remember when the new dsi colors came out? Like how long after launch? I don’t want another all black device. I would much rather get the spiffy red one they showed at a event a while back.

  15. Sucks america gets it so much cheaper, $249.99 = £156.51, so America gets it £74 or so cheaper..

  16. Thats ridiculous- i live in europe and im really ahppy about us finally getting a pokemon game before the rest of the world outside japan and to get the 3ds is insanely cool too but the currencies arent matching up here, for us to pay £230 would be like america having to pay almost $400 yet its only $250??? wtf- were being charged almost an extra £75??????

    1. Think of it this way, the $249.99 was pushing it already. Why in the world would anyone go spend 400$ on a hand held system? People wouldnt. If it realy were that much I would give Nintendo the middle finger, and go buy another xbox 360, a nice big T.V–or much better, save to get into a nice apartment. There would be very few people who could actualy afford that. I dont think nintendo is too concerned with makeing you spend another 75 euros than lose millions of dollars in american sales.
      So its a win-win for them. They get to charge you more, and americans (many, many, many of them) will buy thair product.
      aether way, you’ll get over it.

    2. Remember that the EU price has taxes included, and European taxes have always been higher than American ones.
      And every techthingy in Europe costs more, it has to do with the average Western-European earning more than an average American.

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