New BW English Names

The Nintendo Magazine across the pond has revealed some Pokemon names.  That’d be more exciting IF my site had not been the one to leak all these names about a week ago.  :]

  • Drill Run is the official name for ‘Drill Liner’
  • Struggle Bug is the official name for ‘Bug Resistance’
  • High Link is now EntraLink
  • English ‘Best Wishes’ debut has allegedly been dubbed ‘Pokemon: Black & White’

<3 pokejungle

    1. Yeah, it was an Italian source.

      I like how PJ gave no credibility to that list when it first came out, and now that it was confirmed, he’s all “Yeah, it’s thanks to me that we have the names!” 😛

  1. StrugglebugStrugglebugStrugglebugStrugglebugStrugglebugStrugglebugStrugglebug! say that outloud 7 times.
    its just so fun to say! It almost sounds like snuggle bug. Witch is not very intimidateing.. But I like the english name anyway.
    Struggle bug. Lol 😛

  2. OH MY GOSH! Pokemon of America, you have crossed me for the last time!!! First you change the voice actors, then attack fan sites, ruin the 5th generation PKM names and now this. Pokemon Black and white for the anime name? really? There was nothing wrong with best wishes. This is why I watch the anime in Japanese!!! lol

    Pokemon of America is bad bad people : (

    1. If the title of an anime is the ONLY reason why you’re watching Pokemon in Japanese, it’s sad. Very sad.

      “Unoriginal” as the name seems, remember that the previous anime series’ name is Pokemon: DIamond and Pearl (which was the name for the series in Japanese).

      Japan could have easily named the new Pokemon anime “Black and White.” Then this discussion and hateful ranting wouldn’t be taking place, now will it?

      There is always a reason for everything. PUSA changed the name of the anime back to “Black and White” because they believe that little kids will not get the “Best Wishes” reference (“Best Wishes” in Japanese is a term that is used to wish someone good luck during their travels). They also assume that changing the name of the anime to “Black and White” will somehow increase game sales and viewership of the dub in itself (more viewers means more ad revenue).

      Pokemon of America and Nintendo “attack” fan sites because, in lament terms, they are infringing on their rights. Fan sites who posted the sprites of the pokemon beforehand actually broke a copyright rule which said “This property belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company.” This included not only the sprites of these fifth gen pokemon but also their namesakes and the music score. Infringing on copyrights is not only illegal but morally wrong.

      Remember that Serebii and Pokebeach were actually contacted by Nintendo representative lawyers, notifying them to take everything down until the release of the games or they will be sued.

      Professional legal advisors with years of experience were actually telling the Pokemon companies and Nintendo to take action.

      It wasn’t just “Pokemon of America” that took action; Pokemon of Japan, Game Freak, and Nintendo of Japan were actually the ones primarily involved with this issue.

      Remember that these companies did NOT take any action with these fansites with: anime summaries/episode pictures, official Black and White advertisement videos, Pokemon TCG pictures and summaries, and sprites of Pokemon from previous games. It was only until the fansites were posting classified information from the Black and White titles, which were not obviously meant to be revealed for the public eye until the games’ official release, that these companies “attacked” them.

      “Changing the voice actors…” Dude, that issue is over 5 years old. Get with the times. I am actually more concerned that PUSA is not keeping a lot of the Japanese score in many of their episodes than the quality of their voice actors.

      “Ruin Gen V PKMN names.” Well, I can’t say that I “like” many of these names. The references are clear, but I did wish that more of the Japanese names were preserved (or at the very least, the English names changed to somewhat match them). Again, this is suggestive. Everyone has their own opinions as far as names go. Some people absolutely adore them, others hate each and every single one.

      By all means abstain from anything of the Pokemon franchise outside Japan if you hate the international localizations so much.

    1. The only reason why it was Best Wishes in Japan, is because they pronounce it Bestu Wisshu, so it’s like a pun on Isshu. Otherwise, it has no meaning whatsoever, unlike Black and White

  3. Those are legitamite, but if they’re from the raw list of US names, this must mean all the US names on that raw list are true.

    1. What I’m wondering is why PUSA hasn’t gone on a censorship spree to cover it up? :/

    1. “That’d be more exciting IF my site had not been the one to leak all these names about a week ago. :]”

      Other fansites had the sensibility to take the information down before they got in legal trouble. Also, PKJN did not believe any of these names at first. From this statement alone, PKJN is taking it as if ” [his] site leaked all these names” before everyone else.

      1. lol I was the first site to post them on the English side at least. I don’t know if there were Italian sites that had the list up, I didn’t get the list from an site. And yes I posted them as a rumor :]

  4. I haven’t commented for ages but I feel the need to say that the names for practically everything are terrible. Obvious and old, I know, but WOW are they terrible, if that list really is official. You could argue that I’ll get used to them, but really? With names like “Girdurr” I’ll have trouble believing you. I’ve never had a problem with previous names, so I wonder if something terrible happened to the localization team for them to come up with these. Or maybe they were just drunk? 🙂

  5. seriously! like throh? sawk? pawniard? unfezant? struggle bug? entralink? xtranceiver? laaaame. i just hope i can ignore all that while i play or i might just give up this game series.

  6. does anyone have a leftover sun stone on their b/w versions?i need it to evolve my new monmen(or whatever its called in english now)
    plus,some of the names are good

  7. I’m kinda disappointed in the comments on this site lately. Everyone is so disappointed in the English names, yet this generation has some of the closest translations, and the most clever original names.
    Tepig and Snivy both keep their puns, and Oshawott keeps part of it, ‘miju’ being a corruption of ‘mizu’, meaning water, and ‘osha’ being a corruption of ocean.
    Cubchoo, Watchog, Emboar, Zebstrika, Roggenrola, Sandile, Dwebble and many others all keep the same puns as the Japanese names.
    Then there are the extremely clever names that NoA came up with, such as Foongus and Amoonguss, Fraxure and Cryogonal. These names take some of the puns that would sound silly in English (would you be happy if they had kept Freezio as the name?) and also just add in some really nice ideas.
    I’ll admit, a few of them miss the mark. I predicted Eelektrik, albeit without the ‘k’s, but those Pokemon are actually lampreys. Samurott keeps the otter reference, despite being more of a sea lion (hence my prediction was Samurion).
    These gripes are very minor, but they are etymological.
    If you can’t figure out how to say the name, look around a bit on forums, people discussed it. Pokemon like Cofagrigus and Darmanitan really aren’t that hard to pronounce, once you look into the etymology.

    1. most of the ones you mentioned were fine with the exception of cubchoo, but what else would you call a baby bear with an icy snot rocket? …hey! i have a good idea for a new move! lol
      oh, and i still think sandile is too close to totodile. i still like it though. but krookodile is a different story.

    2. The 5th gen names really remind me of the 1st gen names.Pokemon B/W was aiming to be like the 1st gen, so I say they did a good job.

  8. just an fyi, i got this plugin for chrome that tells you how many things are logging and tracking you (it also blocks them), and while every other major pokémon fan site has 2 including their custom search boxes, this one has 5. that worries me. lol

    1. I don’t know why that would be :] I don’t use any fancy ad stuff besides AdSense. Could be Google Analytics stuff. I dunno :s

  9. I just wrote a fanfiction maximum ride novel- wait, wrong website. Best Wishes is the best pocket monster anime, hands down. ps- I like Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, Angel, Total, Star, Kate, Ratchet, and Maya- but screw Dylan- and again, wrong site. XD

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