Competitive Focus: Shandera

Whats up people!  This is NL, bringing you a “heads up” on developing 5th Gen competitive battling strategies!

Now, before we get started, a few things to address- I’m a Competitive Battling Player, and I’ve been playing in Japan for almost a year now.In Japan, a regular battle is a Lv.50 Flat battle with six pokemon, and you choose three, with no legendaries or semi-legendaries(like Zapdos.) Also I know there’s a lot of buzz going on about how this pokemon might ruin everything or something.  It’s OK.  This pokemon isn’t really as strong as its stats look.  While we’re at it, lets look at what we have:

  • HP: 60
  • Atk: 55
  • Def: 90
  • Sp Atk: 145
  • Sp Def: 90
  • Spd: 80

In terms of fire type, it has the second highest special attack among all, only losing to Reshiram by 5 points.  It can usually withstand Stone Edges and Earthquakes from different types of pokemon.  Sounds like the most strongest and most intimidating monster you’ve ever heard of? Think again.  It is good against super effectives, but when it comes down to the big boys like Garchomp, Salamence and all the elite, uber, and almost uber pokemon, it won’t stand up to the heat.  Also, as high as it’s Sp Atk may be, there are still pokemon out there that can take hits from it.  Another thing is that it’s really weak to focus sash.  It will usually withstand a hit, but if the opponent has a Focus Sash and the opponent is faster, there’s really nothing you can do (that is usually the case for any pokemon, but Shandera is one that is weaker than others).  This is where the Choice Scarf comes into play, but I’ll talk about that later.  Yes, its Dream Ability is strong, but it doesn’t really change much.  It is helpful though (plus Unova pokemon with Dream Abilities won’t be released for now, the only pokemon available are Hihidaruma, and Mushaana).

Doesn’t sound convincing?  Then you’ll just have to wait for the game to hit the other countries and see for yourself.  So, shall we get into those fancy movesets (they’re in the spoiler tag, pretty long)?

[spoiler]Basic Shandera:

  • Item: Choice Scarf
  • EVs: Sp Atk – 252 / Speed – 252 / HP – 6
  • Helpful IVs: Sp Atk / Speed
  • Nature: Timid or Modest
  • Ability: Flame Body or Flash Fire
  • Fire Blast
  • Energy Ball
  • Shadow Ball
  • Hidden Power [Ice] or Hidden Power [Ground]

Yeah, very unoriginal.  With Choice Scarf, you can be faster than even Agirudaa (that ninja looking bug type) if you have a timid nature.  Unfortunately, if it’s a modest nature, Aerodactyl is faster than you, but if you don’t choose modest, you won’t have as much power (I would go with timid because more power doesn’t really change that much). You’ll have to pick your poison there. Fire blast and Shadow Ball or the main weapons, energy ball will most of the time take out those water types, and Hidden Power Ice will take out those trouble making Dragon/Flying and Dragon/Ground. No, you can’t take out Sazandora (Dark/Dragon) with a Hidden Power Ice. Be aware though, Garchomp has Focus Sash most of the time in this gen (well, in Japan anyway) so choose wisely when trying to hit a Hidden Power Ice on Garchomps. Hidden Power [Ground] would be able to take out Heatran, which is another threat for Shandera.

Defensive Wall Shandera:

  • Item: Balloon, Shuca Berry, Charti Berry, or Leftovers
  • EVs: HP – 252 / Def or Sp Def- 252 / Sp Atk – 6
  • IVs: HP, Defense, Special Defense
  • Nature: Bold
  • Ability: Flame Body
  • Will O’ Wisp, or Acid Armor
  • Evil Eye (base power doubles when opponent has status condition)
  • Calm Mind, Minimize,(raises evasiveness by two now,also banned in regular tournaments) or Shadow Ball(depending on the set)
  • Energy Ball, Fire Blast, or Hidden Power [Ice] or Hidden Power [Ground]

The idea here is, you guessed it, use Willow Wisp and follow it up with Evil Eye while also being a defensive wall because of the affect burn has.  It’s that simple.  Only catch is it’s very easy to guess what your next move is going to be after using Willow Wisp. You can get rid of Evil Eye and put in Calm Mind or Acid Bomb, and put in Shadow Ball, so you can get a balanced move to use.

Floating Shandera:

  • Item: Balloon
  • EVs: Sp Atk – 100 / Speed – 252 / HP – 158
  • IVs: Speed, Special Attack, HP, and Defense
  • Nature: Timid
  • Ability: Flame Body (or Flash Fire)
  • Fire Blast
  • Shadow Ball
  • Energy Ball
  • Hidden Power Ice

Before I start explaining this moveset, keep in mind that all the damage calculations are done perfectly.  This means Hidden Power Ice is going to have 70 power, all the IVs are going to be maxed (31), those kind of things.

So, looks like a regular set, just without a Choice Scarf and not that much Sp.Attack?  Nope.  I’ll first explain why the EV’s are why they are: 100 Sp Atk is just enough for a Shandera with a timid nature to take out a regular Garchomp (Jolly, EVs in Atk and Spd) with Hidden Power Ice.  With this Shandera you will withstand even an Adamant Garchomp’s Outrage so you’ll take him out most of the time, with the only exception of when Garchomp has a Focus Sash.  Garchomp can’t use earthquake because of the Balloon, but when Shandera is attacked it will break.

Nitro Charged Shandera:

  • Item: Focus Sash, Balloon, or Shuca/Charti Berry
  • EVs: Spd – 252 / Sp Atk – 252 / HP – 6
  • IVs: Sp Atk
  • Nature: Timid or Modest
  • Ability: Flame Body
  • Fire Blast
  • Shadow Ball*
  • Energy Ball*
  • Hidden Power [Ice]*  or Hidden Power [Ground]*
  • *One of these moves should be substituted for Nitro Charge

The entire point of this is to use Nitro Charge, raise speed, and be as fast as you are when you have a Choice Scarf.  I would recommend a timid nature so you can be faster than Agirudaa when you’ve raised your speed, but modest is OK too if you want to be slower than Aerodactyl in exchange for power.  I would recommend Energy Ball or Shadow Ball.[/spoiler]

Well, that about does it! you’ve got five movesets for a brand-new pokemon, from a Japanese Competitive Battling Player! Hope you guys enjoyed it, comments are welcome and appreciated!

ps- PJN accepts submissions for articles… just use the “Contact PJN” page to talk to pokejungle about it!

  1. First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

      1. LOL in the previous article, i asked if you guys could make a competitive focus on shandera and i guess nobody saw it but there is one on shandera now. LOL

        1. Oh, I just wanted to do one on Shandera because it’s one that a lot of people have been talking about so I thought I’d do one 🙂
          Looks like you got your wish!

  2. I’ll read this in a bit, but I just got to say NL, you need to start placing spaces after your full stops. It just makes it alot easier to read, and I don’t mean it in a critical way, just constructively 🙂

    1. Do you mean after periods? If so, that’s been edited, I thought it was a little hard to read too.

      1. You know I’ve never actually heard them being called periods in normal everyday speech, I guess it must be an Americanism though.

  3. Did you mention that Japan plays using different rules that the other countries? Like, how single battles are usually at Lvl50 and 3v3? I think that Balloon set might be affected a bit depending on the levels used.

    Also, Overheat could replace Fire Blast on the Scarf set, if you’re switching in and out a lot.

    And the defensive set needs work – you don’ need Evil Eye and Shadow Ball on the same set, and actually you can probably ditch Evil Eye all together since it’s going to be less powerful . Use Acid Armor or Calm Mind instead. (or Minimize, when allowed, since it now raises Evasion 2 stages).
    You can still use Flash Fire too, just to be completely immune to fire moves.

    1. woops, totally forgot.
      yeah,but it’s kinda wasteful, your pokemon start dying and your the only one left,and the last pokemon being a choice scarf isn’t good.
      Lol, I didn’t even notice I put Shadow Ball in there, stupid me. 🙁 I’ll change it
      Yeah, it’s just that Flame Body is a better option in general. I’m not saying don’t use Flash Fire though

      1. If you’re worried about being the last Pokemon, then I think you can actually run Overheat and Fire Blast on the same set, strange as it seems.
        I still think Shadow Ball should be considered over Evil Eye.
        Shanderaa gets Acid ARMOR, not Acid Bomb. If it had Acid Bomb I would totally use it.

        Incidentally, HP Ice is missing from the Floating Set.

        1. I see that sometimes, but I’m not a fan of those types.使いやすさより範囲、みたいな
          wooooops again, sorry.thanks for correcting me so many times.

          Ahaha, looks like PJ forgot to add it xD
          I’ll add it now

  4. Good article! However…!

    Flash Fire is the better option over Flame Body in pretty much all cases. There aren’t a lot of attacks that will make contact with Shandera (since being a Ghost makes it immune to Fighting type attacks, where most good contact moves are) plus, only having a chance of burning your opponent isn’t as good as an immunity to an entire type plus a boost of 50% to your Fire attacks. Shandera needs that immunity, because even if it can take weak moves, but not a lot of them. And Shandera can’t take Earthquakes or Stone Edges, except from VERY weak pokémon.

    I’d also recommend Overheat over Fire Blast on the Choice Scarf sets. Yes, it reduces your SpA, but in pretty much all cases where you have a choiced pokémon out, you have to switch as soon as your opponent’s pokémon is defeated. So you’re better of with Overheat’s higher power and accuracy, because being able to kill the other pokémon in one attack is very useful for Shandera.

    1. Garchomp used Outrage!
      I’d still say Flash Fire depends on your team,though. The only attack Shandera can do to the most fire types is Shadow Ball anyway(disregarding all the HP fire and the like),and it just doesn’t seem,significant, to me.I’d say Flash Fire and Flame Body are 50/50. I might be the odd one out.

      As for Overheat,I don’t like the idea of using Overheat on a Scarf because then you switch out, which equals you giving them one free turn, which is not good. You could do what number said and use Flame Blast AND Overheat,but I don’t really like that.Well, if many people ask for it, I’ll add it.

      1. Fire types aren’t the only ones to carry Fire attacks, and I’m not just talking about HP Fire, just look at the list of pokémon that can learn Flamethrower through TM. And immunity to Fire, Fighting and Normal is great! It completely screws pokémon like Infernape, Blaziken and Arcanine (which could all deal heavy damage to Shandera with a Flare Blitz, even if he resists it)

        As for switching out, as I’ve said, you need to switch out after defeating the opponent’s pokémon with a choiced pokémon, whether you are using Fire Blast or Overheat, because a smart opponent will usually send out a pokémon that resists the last attack you used, especially against obviously scarfed pokémon like Shandera.

        And as a side note, after getting hit with a Fire move, Flash Fire Shandera’s Overheat at -2 SpA is the equivalent of a 105 BP move ( 158 with STAB), which is still very strong!

        1. That’s what I mean’t by ” and the like”
          Infernape knows Stone Edge a lot now,and Arcanine can now Earth shake(the one that lowers speed, and I know you can’t take it out with that attack, but shadow ball can’t either.)

          yeah,and if thats something like a Gyarados, you’re screwed.

  5. Hidden Power Ice is useless on all of these sets as you become walled by Heatran, Shandera’s main counter. Most dragons should be dealt with fine with Shadow Ball while Hidden Power Fighting deals with the only other dragon counter to that set, Sazandora. That way Shandera is able to maximize his sweeping capabilities.

      1. With Stealth Rock damage, it can most likely OHKO or 2HKO with a calm mind boost.
        Trust me, HP fight is far superior as it allows him to take out his main walls. No player in their right mind would try to make their dragon set up and sweep against a sweeper. The object of most dragons, excluding Chomp, is to switch into a wall or into something that forces a switch, get in a dragon dance, possibly get in a second, then begin the outrage sweep. Switching into Shandera would get them killed before the second dance.

        1. In B/W, there are only battles where you choose 3 pokemon from 6, like in PBR.Only in non flat battles you can choose six, thus making Stealth Rock a little more useless than in a 6on6.
          btw, even if you use stealth rock you still can’t take out Garchomp, and Garchomp can’t even use Dragon Dance.

          1. I said “Excluding Chomp.” A garchomp switch in to a shandera, usually tells you to switch the hell out. Shandera can’t take out a Garchomp. Garchomp is faster and is quite often Choice Scarfed, meaning, you’re going to get raped by an earthquake. And, say it’s not scarfed and it has focus sash like you stated in your article, what’s the point of hidden power ice? As you said, “Stealth rock isn’t common in 3vs 3” thus his focus sash isn’t taken out by it and you end up getting earthquake. Congratulations, you’re still dead.

            Also, I don’t play 3vs3 play as it requires no thought, and I usually win.

          2. I didn’t see that. My bad.

            Hehe, you got me there.Well that’s why you have teammates.Theres a saying I’d like to say, but it’s in another language…I’ll figure it out.

            We’ll see about that 🙂

    1. HP Fighting on the Scarf set leaves you hilariously weak to ghost types, so I think Ice might be safer in that case.

      1. Lol, but then you’re weak to Dark types, you know… another of the things that threatens Shandera. Ghost types can get taken out with Shadow Ball. HP fighting deals with Heatran, rock types, and dark types. Making you’re only real worry a ground type, which can easily be avoided by switching into Shandera’s best teammate, Nattorei.

        Also, just out of curiousity, why is there no mention of a Life Orb, Calm Mind set for Shandera, as its one of the ghost’s best sets.

        1. Rock and Ground→Energy Ball.

          1.)Never heard of it.
          2.)Wasting HP for a pokemon that can usually take one hit is pretty wasteful if you ask me.Choice Specs looks better for me.

          1. Fighting still takes out Rock, and I dumbly forgot for a moment that grass is super effective on ground.

            And the object of Life Orb Shandera is to force a switch so you CAN get a Calm Mind. Also, from experience with this set and other sets, this one works best for me online.

            Calm Mind Set
            EVs- 252 Speed 252 Special Attack 4 Hp
            -Calm Mind
            -Flamethrower/Fire Blast
            -Shadow Ball
            -Hidden Power Fighting

            Gives the set perfect coverage so that no type is resisted.

          2. why would you use a 70 power fighting when you have a 80 power grass? 0_o

            Calm Mind isn’t going to change the power of Stone Edge/Earthquake, one of the most attacks a Physical pokemon has.Cojyondo and Terakion would beat it up.I’d say it’s not a general moveset in Japan, so no one sees it coming.I’ll check though.

          3. Because it gets rid of my weaknesses and still leaves me able to take down my main wall, Heatran, as well as rock, ice, dark, steel, normal, Sazandora, etc. Shandera isn’t there for taking out dragons, he’s there to be a reliable sweeper, which he’s more reliable life orbed. Heatran is far better Scarfed as he can take out A LOT more and still wall Shandera like hell.

          4. Also, NL, you act as if there’s no such thing as switching out. That’s usually how you play. If the game presents an unfavorable matchup, you switch to make it in your favor.

          5. But if you’re switching out, you need less coverage since you’re teammates can cover for you.

          6. Also, HP Ice gives you no way of hitting Chillichino super effectively, which is very much needed, as Chillachino is very much underestimated. A Choice banded set with technician and max ivs and Evs in attack, can 2HKO a Shanderaa with Rock Blast (I know this from experience.)

            And Rock Blast always hits twice.

          7. Well this is where the differences may be.There aren’t many Heatran’s in Japan, so you tend to go for the choice that appears more often.In other countries, they take not the way that you would see often, but the way that would take more advantages.
            And I have a Iron Ball Trick Room Erupt Heatran thank you very much 🙂

            and the whole thing about switching,I do know how to switch,I also know how to read it and choose my choices over that. you have to keep in mind though, you’ll run out of pokemon eventually, and when they have something that your only pokemon left is weak against you, you’re done.Forgetting about the whole switching thing is a bad idea, but believing in it too much isn’t good either.

            you know, I want to battle you just for fun 🙂

          8. Number, exactly. Shandera needs to worry about Shandera. Someone else can run Ice punch, like Weavile, another of Shandera’s good partners, to outspeed and OHKO the dragons.

          9. Then it’s settled,lol.I’m going to start a new comment because this one is becoming too long though.Would you like to say your fc here or somewhere else? And I would like choosing 3 out of 6 because I’m not in shape for a 6on6 right now, I used to though

  6. Also, just saying, Minimize is banned in competitive play as enacted by Smogon’s Evasiveness Clause.

    1. Evasion’s not banned in Japanese competitive play.

      Also, Heatran is usually not used in Japanese battles due to being semi-legendary, so it’s not as big a problem.

      1. this is a English site so I’ll stick with Smogons rules, even though I hate Smogon.
        And I barely see Heatran for some reason, it’s pretty good though.

        1. I don’t think you have to use Smogon’s rules just because this is an English site. It’s not like it’s the only possible rules you could play with.

          Also, remember that the in game BW random match uses Japanese rules, which is why you should write with them in mind.

          1. well it’s the rules most people play with outside of Japan.even if it’s 63,I’ll still put that in.

          2. Japanese people who actually use double team and minimize seriously need to quit being noobs then and learn to play the game with strategy.

            And because most of us are American or speak English or aren’t Japanese, we won’t use japanese rules, which is why Smogon exists, so we HAVE rules. And 3vs3 while seeing a person’s team before the battle is just the same as Battle Revolution, easy as crap to pummel your opponent.

    2. Evasion IS a legitimate strategy. Just not a successful one, usually,
      Smogon does not necessarily need to exist to have non-Japanese rules.
      Seeing a person’s team beforehand does not necessarily make it easier, considering your opponent has the same advantage.
      And, I’m certain many English speakers will use the Japanese/Battle Revolution rules, since they’re the default in game.
      Also, have you considered maybe that some many English speakers actually LIKE the Battle Revolution rules?

        1. You’d be surprised by how many people don’t play with Smogon rules then. Most people I know play with BR rules or VGC rules.

          Smogon people love the smells of their own farts a little too much.

  7. For the Chrachiino part,all you have to do is use Fire Blast(or whatever) two times.You don’t have to get HP Fighting just for the heck of beating Chirachiino and Amibopom when youi can use Fire Blast to beat them(Yes I am aware of accuacy.)

    1. Alright, as I went to bed last night, I’m just getting the chance again to refute your arguments.

      You fail to see the logic in your own post as well as mine. Chillachino 2HKOs Shandera with Rock Blast when Rock Blast No MATTER WHAT, will always hit TWICE. You say you have to hit Chillachino twice with Fire Blast. You don’t have two turns. You have one.

      Let’s change up the scenario a bit, shall we? Say Chillachino has a Choice Scarf as well and instead of using Rock Blast or Aqua Tail on your ass, he uses U-turn. Sure, you have a 4x resistance to it and it’s probably only going to do about 5-8% max (maybe lower) but lets just say this happens-
      Chillachino used U-turn
      Chillachino switched places with its teammates.
      Player 2 threw out Heatran/Shandera.
      Your Shandera used Fire Blast
      Heatran’s Flash Fire raised the power of its fire moves
      Player 1 called back Shandera
      Heatran used Substitute.

      Congratulations you just allowed a Heatran (most likely Life Orbed as well) to get Flash fire and a substitute… you lose.

      Here’s a bit more to ponder.

      Hidden power ice on your sets not only leaves you hilariously weak to Heatran, but also to another decent wall to Shandera: Tyranitar. Sure, you have Energy Ball to super effect it with, but in a Sandstorm Tyranitar gets a 50% special defense boost so UnSTABed Energy Ball isn’t going to do jack crap to Tyranitar and you’ll either be destroyed by a Stone Edge or by a Pursuit if you attempt to switch.

      Although Fire Blast is super effective against it, Doryuzzu can switch in on an HP ice or a Shadow Ball, brush it off, then swords dance once you switch and proceed to sweep your team. HP Fighting at least gives him less of a leeway for a switch in, which is important, because Doryuzzu basically defines the gen 5 metagame with the fact that he becomes faster that [email protected]%&ing Speed Forme Deoxys in a Sandstorm and has the awesome attack stat, typing, and enough of a movepool to absolutely destroy you.

      I’m sorry, but Choice sets are not meant to be walled, especially not by good counters like Heatran and Tyranitar. And with the prevalence of Sandstorm teams and other weather teams, you’re going to need a good way to beat the main contenders for those teams and trust me, from my experiences so far, you’re going to need to beat THEM over Garchomp any day. Garchomp’s dangerous, but wait until you fight Choice Banded Sand Throw Doryuzzu in a Sandstorm or Substitute Heatran, etc. It’s not good to be walled, especially not by top tier OUs.

      1. Oh, here’s my FC- 0604 2251 4996, If anyone else besides NL wants to battle me, go ahead and ask. And when are we having this battle? Horribly enough, I actually can’t have it tonight as I have homework to do and 2 tests tomorrow to cram for, but tomorrow or this weekend is fine.

        1. About the whole 2-hit part, that was in means of a focus sash.Fighting would be two hits too.It’s my fault that I didn’t mention about focus sash, but couldn’t you have realized this..?

          And I’m kinda late on replying, I was busy lately.If you would still like to battle please reply.

  8. Can anyone reccomend a good team that includes daikenki and shandera? Pokemon from any generation can be included because i already have my story mode team built.

    1. Throw Nattorei on it just because it goes well with both of them and can set up Stealth Rock for you. Levitators, possibly Gliscor too, could work well. He’s immune to Daikenki’s electric weakness and Shandera’s ground weakness and benefits greatly when fighting a sandstorm team, if you wish to run a Sand Veil set of course. Scizor could help as well and, him along with Nattorei, both bait in fire types to get Shandera’s flash fire running. After that, just throw in a supporter or another wall or sweeper. Sazandora gives you another levitator to rely on and can hit back VERY hard, especially if it’s choiced.

      That way- Daikenki and Sazandora are resistant to fire, so it’s not a total disaster if Shandera faints. You have two Levitators, and when the opponent uses Earthquake you can choose whichever one best fits the situation. Gliscor make an excellent Doryuzzu check and can wall people to death with Roost. Daikenki, Shandera, and Scizor are all resistant to Gliscor and Sazandora’s ice weakness. Etc, the list goes on and on.

        1. Oh, just for honorable mention.

          If you’re fighting a rain dance team, Nattorei and Scizor become beasts as Fire does 50% less damage in rain, making the only thing that can really take down Nattorei, Fighting. Shandera loses fire blast power, but that’s what Shadow Ball and your other moves are for.

          If fighting a Sunny Day team- Shandera and anyone with Hidden power fire benefit.

          No one really benefits from a Hail team besides Daikenki if you’re running a Specially Attacking set and have ice beam, but Shandera and Scizor can take down those pesky ice types fairly easily.

          1. The things i would do if i was gay!! Nothing against pokejungle because i love him too….. What!? lol Be proud that pokejungle is your dad

  9. very very great the new…

    I hoping that there are many more competitive pokemon, in future entries….

  10. Great article! I whould really like to see more competive stuff on this site! I hope you will cover more pokemons in the future!

  11. wth is this shit about, as if i relli wanna read about some pokemon fact shit, i wanna hear some ****** news not about a stupid candle pokemon so if u hav no gud things to post, dont post at all (this is y i always preferred serebii)

    1. LOL, it embarrasing how bad you write. I kant undrstnd wat u r ritin bkuz. i like serebii 2 bt i prefer dis site bkuz i just do. You cant have news all the time. I ENJOY reading stuff about candles because candles are better than your spelling. Yeah, i know its slang but its rediculous (spelled wrong) how much you use.
      POKEJUNGlE ftw.

        1. Yeah, You!! XD I also love how you sound (or at least try…. LOL) to sound “intimidating” over the internet. How cool does that make you?? And your gonna reply something like i do have a life blah blah and ” i have a better life than you”, then say something like you have a girlfriend and you are super popular. Right. That basically summarizes my life. Just saying. Exept the girlfriend part because i just got rejected by a close friend. X ( And stop cussing too because kids visit this site too you know and the last thing they need to to listen or read things that you post.
          I LOL’d too because you forgot the final ) : )

          1. I do have a life, I have a girlfriend and i’m super popular……. LOL. Ok maybe I said a *little* much, that is only my personal opinion (probs spelt that wrong) and i’m even using puncuation (probs spelt that wrng too) so i’m sorry if I went overboard and to pokejungle (people seem to like what your doing so kepp it up 😉 )

  12. People dont care if you post your opinions. That is what the comments section is for!! LOL But yeah just like dont leave hateful comments to the staff or commentors because not all fansites do the same. Serebii post news, Pokebeach post mainly pokemon TTC info, And pokejungle gives us everything X ) If you dont like some fansites, just dont go to them anymore. What makes matters worse is my friend was spanish! (lol ElColombiano) But whatever, And if you are wondering, its spelled

  13. I 100% agree with you. I do like pokejungle it’s only this certain type of article I don’t like ( I really liked the types of gen v pokemon) so i’m sorry for posting hateful comments…..Ps: Thanks for the spellings 😉

  14. LOL no problem. Posting comments is about telling your opinion. I personally love all the articles exept the pokemon ranger and explorers of sky becase i dont have the games. I also hate spoilers because im so tempted to look at them lol. IT KILLS ME!!!!!

    1. Lol, I don’t like the pokemon ranger + explorer of sky either… bt when it comes to the spoiler i try to say to myself “Don’t click it, don’t click it” But I always end up doing so :/ .

      1. Exactly!!!!! i dont want to know but then i click on it then i read a little then i just give up and read the whole thing. LOL

  15. Hey Ai, I’m not sure if you’re checking this at all since it’s an old conversation but I’m trying to build a team with Zoroark, Burungeru and Kojondo:

    Kojondo (lead) Regeneration – Jolly
    Fake out
    High jump kick

    Burungeru (Sp Wall) Water Absorb – Calm
    Energy Ball
    Will O’ Whisp

    Zoroark (Sp Sweeper, Azelf strategy – Nasty Plot + Focus Sash) Timid
    Nasty Plot
    Night Burst

    I wanted to keep it just Gen 5. Thoughts? 😀

    1. Im not sure I explained it clearly lol I meant to say I need help with the other 3 for the team, but I’d appreciate thoughts on these guys.

      Of course this is not limited to Ai, I’d love to know what other people thought too!

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