English details for Zorua and Zoroark

The official site has been updated with new details about Zorua and Zoroark!  These are now their official names in English!

  • Zorua: Tricky Fox Pokemon | Ability: Illusion
  • Zoroark: Illusion Fox Pokemon | Ability: Illusion

You’ll notice that their ability was a direct translation of its Japanese name.  “Sharpen Claws” is now known as Hone Claws, while “Trickery” was renamed Foul Play.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Pretty boring changes, huh?  Nothing like the controversy Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott stirred up.  Plus we already knew Zoroark kept it’s name!  English Names page has been updated to include not only Pokemon names, but attack names and the English screenshots we have as well! 😀

    1. I really want to know the Oshawott evolution line names. My favorite starter of all time! !! You guys know Futachimaru ftw right?? well imma change my name to oshawott ftw…… then we can be brothers. Just kidding about the name change.

      1. Wats up ozy? and yeah i know they are just the same. Im just continuing the drama from the starter pokemon names that were revealed.

  1. Foul Play… sounds… wrong… but still good. I did like the name Trickery however.
    Hone Claws… eh Claw Sharpen sounded better but it’s not bad.

      1. … Pretty much Dark moves in general sound wrong ^^

        Now that I think about it though, Trickery’s name change probably results from confusion over Trickery and Trick.

  2. FYI, i dont know if this is just by computer but lately when i go on bulbapedia, it shuts down the webpage im on and an alert tells me that there is suspisious content in my computer. Then it finds “suspisious material” in my computer and the first time it happened, i pressed fix these problems and it got a virus on my computer. The alert that it brings me is no part of my security system so i felt suspisious about it. Just wanted to alert people about this. Bulbapedia is out to get us!!!!!!! no seriously this has happened to me before and it just happened again so if this happens dont press fix these problems. Instead go to your subscribed protection plan and scan for content there. I did that and it found nothing so it is probably a virus. It was a pain to remove the first time so….. Yea : )

      1. Yea i thought it was weird too. I was looking up my team that AI reccomended, THX ALOT btw, and it just did that again. Its happended like atleast 4 times to me so it cant be just a one time thing.

      2. ***** my computer just finished scanning and it found 10 suspisious material in my computer so i deleted it. I do daily scans because i hate getting viruses and i did not go on bulbapedia yesterday and had no problems. Today i went on and it found something sooo…… yea.




  4. hone claws….ewww sounds kinda bad in context….blah blah used “hone claws”!! just doesnt sound right to me..

  5. Yeah, these look really great. And I’m glad Pokemon names aren’t in all caps anymore. Looks a lot more natural.

    1. They did the same lowercase name thing with prerelease D/P screenshots, and names still turned out to be all caps. So I wouldn’t get me hopes up if I were you.

      1. They did!? O:

        I really hope it goes the same way, then. It’s been all caps since the very beginning. I see no reason to lowercase the species names. Kinda makes it look dynamic in battle anyway. x3

  6. I hope nintendo gets us our B&W events asap when the games come out in spring
    That is to say unless ppl love the idea of doing the Victini event 4 months after the release of the game (I have my AR on standby if it ends up that way lol)

  7. I love the whole lowercase names thing, though I remember back in ’07 when they were revealing pre-release D/P screenshots, and I think they had the lowercase names, too. So I’m taking this with a grain of salt, but…


  8. I have a question if someone could tell me what are we gonna be calling the new beast for this Gen, The legendary musketeers? The legendary horses? Also on the flying trio what are they gonna be called too?

      1. Ohhh sorry. It’s 2:30am and my brain is asleep apparently. Musketeer trio is correct, other will probably be ‘Genie’ trio. Some fansites may be promoting “Kami” but the average person isn’t going to understand the meaning and they look like Genies so I’m sure that’s what will stick 😡

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