Pokemon 2011 Movie Title!

Hey hey pokejunglers, it’s NL, and we’ve got some news! (tad late, but I was asleep,and no one was updating….sorry)

The title for the first Best Wish movie have been released!

It will be known as Victini and the Black Hero! (translated,of course.)  This movie will be airing on theaters in Japan  next year around summer!  Any wishes or opinions?

ps. I think the V generate Victini will be obtainable through an event here.  Also even though it says “Black Hero” Reshiram is probably going to be in it as well.

    1. i cant wait v generate is 180 attack power so awesome!!! i hope the dark hero is zekrom and i guess you think that too because you said reshiram will probably appear as well…

  1. Black Hero/Black Person = Cool. Dark Hero/Black Person = Cool. Dark Hero/N = Cool. Dark Hero/Keldeo = NO!
    It’s too early for him to show up in the Anime. Then again, this series is “fast-paced”.

  2. this movie has victini and keldeo, as announced by bulbagarden, serebii and beach, which so happens BEAT YOU TO THE NEWS, WHEN U POSTED A BARGAIN

    1. Ok, first of all, Keldeo is not confirmed in the movie. Some people think it will be, but there’s nothing official yet. Second, I don’t think Keldeo would be in a movie with Victini anyway, because I really don’t see any connection whatsoever. I think Keldeo would be featured in a movie with the Musketeer Trio, and we’d learn more of it’s origins and such. Finally, why the heck does your name have “anti-ozymandis” in it?

    2. Wow, a bunch of sites are actually saying that Keldio is probably going to be in the movies?It’s clearly obvious that they have three pokemon after Kyuremu for the sole purpose of having three movies.(4 when you include Victini) Which then means four years of movies, which means that they will, as always, announce the new gen, as the directors said they always release new gens on a four year cycle.
      The movie directors can mix it up, but the odds are against it.Most of the anime pokemon staff right now are also participating in another Anime called Inazuma Eleven,and they just don’t have the time to think of a plot where Arceus destroys the world or something and all the pokemon do blablabla.

      So, to sum up this big piece of grammatical errors:95% sure about no Keldio.The Event pokemon will be Victini again, this time with V generate.There will probably be another event thing where you can get a shiny Resh and Zek(Theres no way without hacking to get a shiny Resh&Zek at this point).

      They may have fast information, but I know some stuff that they don’t, because I’m actually a Japanese person and I’ve lived in Japan. I know the gist of things in Japan(usually).
      I’m not trying to say all the other sites/people are stupid and don’t know crap, because I can be wrong.(you can rub this in my face if I’m wrong about the no Keldio part)I’m just saying that this is what I think.

  3. Serebii says there is a way to get a shiny reshi and zek. Go to serebii.net and go to the legendary page for b/w and there will be an explanation.

  4. I have an assumption that the “Dark Hero” is N. He’s referred to as this in the B&W games several times according to my sources. The little mini-trailer for movie 14 that they had at the end of the Zoroark movie showed both Zekrom and Reshiram, then Victini popped up soon after. I think it’s pretty obvious that both dragons will be in the movie, so I don’t see a reason to notify just Zekrom as the “Dark Hero”. They usually treat a duo as a duo, and not either or.

    But besides that, OMFG YES. I cannot waittttt. w<

    V-Generate Victini.. I really hope that it does become available legitimately through this movie if not the 3rd game. I've been dying to get my hands on one.

    Now there's only one thing left to say… V! ^O^

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