PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure

Alright, this actually got skipped over in the Black/White news rush, but I figured some of you may not be aware about it yet.  There is now an American site set up for “Pikachu’s Adventure”, which you can access here.  The English name is almost a direct translation, but in Japanese technically the subtitle was “Pikachu’s Great Adventure”.  Frankly its a long enough title to type out even as it is.

Europe is already set to get this game on July 9th, but us Americans have to wait until the vague “Holiday 2010” time frame.

If you haven’t seen a trailer, it’s worth hopping over the the site to check out.  I was pleasantly surprised that the graphics seemed rather high quality.  It’s a child’s game of course, but it does look cute :3  Famitsu reviewers gave it 9 / 9 /8 / 8, all out of ten (4 separate reviewers).  Anyone interested in this?  *kricketot chirp*

<3 pokejungle