For those living in Japan, the first special edition of the 3DS LL (XL in Europe & America) has been announced, and it happens to be a Pokémon one! This brightly coloured Pikachu 3DS will set you back for 18,900 Yen, which is the same price as other editions. You can only get these at Pokémon Centres, and supply is to be limited, so be sure to go pre-order this guy if you want one. It will be available September 15th, with pre-orders starting August 25th. For your convenience, enjoy the whole console below.



Hopefully this one comes to America and Europe. I am waiting for a Special Edition before I pick up an XL, and this one looks good enough to me. What do you guys think of it? Would you buy it? Discuss it in the comments!


  • Happy

    Hahahaha the way the cameras are placed don’t look like cameras .____.

    • Only if nipples grow on your neck, in which case you should contact a doctor. :p

      • You can transfer the ambassador ship to a different 3ds 🙂

  • Pika

    If this comes out here, I will be upset because I’ll want it very badly but I don’t want to trade in my regular 3DS because ambassador games, and it’d be kind of pointless having two 3DSs. Gosh. My life is so difficult.xD;

    • Pointless?!

      What about trading Pokémon between Amethyst en Topaz? (and all those other extra stuff you need another game for)

  • Aww I just want to hug that 3DS.

  • belmad

    Pikachu again? Oh god! Sometimes I just wish Clefairy would be the official mascot. Then I would just say “Clefairy again?”.

    • Sometimes I just wish Agumon would be the official mascot. Then I would just go crying in a corner in the dark and hate my Pokémon addiction.

      • belmad

        agumon is my virtue.

  • octozooka

    This looks so good~ <3
    The only reason I love it so much is probably because it looks to be white on the inside.

  • Reece

    I think it would’ve been better as a 3DS cover skin because I don’t I’ll by it because of my Ambassador thingy

  • miJ

    No snivy love? Where are all the GREEN ds models?? It’s tough having a favorite color not commonly found on hardware. lol (firstworldproblems)

  • I might buy it if it comes to Europe. I’ve never owned a special DS before and this one looks nice 😉

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