Sorry for the bit-later-than-planned Dae asks, I’ve been away all day. Have to work and have to do some other stuff in the next four days, but I’ll try to follow it up with some nice article.

The Games have ended already, but this had led me to think about sports in Pokémon. And if you say sports competitions, which one is bigger and more fun to play than the Pokéathlon? None. So, which mini-game did you like to play to most? And are there some you totally dislike? And what are some of your high scores? Tell us all about it in the comments below!


  • craig

    my fav events in pokeathlon are the reley and hurdles

  • Favorite is defiantly the relay run. I completely despise Pennant capture and Goal roll :I

  • Reece

    I hated the Snow Throw…It was one of the most frustrating games because of the fact that I kept on throwing the snowballs and they always missed… -_-