Serebii is saying yes, currently hosting a rumor posted by an anonymous 2ch user (and you know we love anonymous 2ch rumors) that a preview for the next movie follows the upcoming film “Kyurem and the Sacred Swordsman Keldeo”. The movie would air in Summer 2013 if it follows the usual Pokéfilm tradition in Japan.

Either way, Genesect is super effing cool and I can’t wait to see it “released”.

<3 pokejungle

ps- In the comments make a title for the new film! Mine: “Genesect and the Secret of Techno Blast” /lame

  • I don’t know about a title, but I think it would be cool if they showed what Genesect looked like in ancient times, then showed what Team Plasma did to it. 🙂

  • Serebii

    Not anonymous, it’s a guy who posted on his Twitter, to which I linked and he posted proof that he went to the screening :p

    • pikaleaf

      Wild Serebii appeared! 😀

  • Leo

    That would be pretty cool!!!!

  • Bryana

    Thats cool finally was also hoping they would reveal some 6th gen pokemon from the movie

  • pikaleaf

    I guess a 6th gen pokemon will be starring opposite genesect!!

  • ”Super effing cool” lol 😀 i call it, there will be a generation 6 pokemon in the movie

    • Similarity

      It’s FAR too early for that! 😛

    • similarity, it is not to early, it has been 3 yours of generation 6 in japan. The have already revealed meloetta and keldeo. You are faaar wrong . sorry.

      • Similarity

        No, I think it’s too early still for Generation VI. Zoroark and Zorua, the first of Generation V to be revealed, didn’t appear until their own movie, which came almost an entire year after Arceus, the last of Generation IV to be revealed, had its movie. Logically, the first of Generation VI should premiere in about a year or so.

        • JudgeDreddigon

          You have to remember this Gen. is going by faster than any other, so you really compare it to any other. Imo, I would be surprised if we didn’t see a 6th. gen. pokemon in Genesect’s movie.

          • Similarity

            I still say it’s too early for Generation VI to be making so much as a cameo. There are doubtlessly more main series games in Generation V to come out before thoughts of Generation VI can be seriously considered. The legendary reveals are going by very quickly, I agree, but assuming a Generation VI cameo came in the Genesect movie in 2013, it would still mark the fastest reveal of a next-gen Pokemon in the history of the franchise. Things aren’t moving along THAT quickly.

          • Emboar41

            Well if your going by the first appearance of the next generation pokemon its always been 3 years. An example is the first appearence of the third generation legendaries in Pokemon Heroes latios and latias that came out in 2002 then three years later Lucario, Weavile, Bonsly, and Mime Jr appeared in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (2005). We aren’t rushing the fifth generation at all if anything the fifth generation is going by slower than the other generations, Zoroark and Zorua appeared in 2010 its hard to believe. If the Genesect movie is released Summer 2013 it will be a little bit over three years.

          • COLE TRAIN

            Are you people forgetting the reveals of Munchlax and Bonsly? They were revealed between over a year to 2 years before DP were released in Japan. Other Pokemon like Lucario, Donphan, Togepi, Marill and Kecleon have debuted ages before their first game so it’s not strange at all.

            Think about it like this. The 4 year pattern for each new generation has been going a while now so we should expect Generation VI in late 2014 (for Japan) so an early debut of a new Pokemon wouldn’t exactly be surprising. Zorua and Zoroark were strange as they were announced later than previous Pokemon who were the first of their generation to be announced.

  • Palezoic warrior of unova: genesect

    • It cant be a cameo. The next movie should be hoeen remakes after genesect (unless it is combined)

      • COLE TRAIN

        Hoenn remakes seem redundant for at least a few years. Masuda said they were only thinking about it earlier this year. If they were working on it, I doubt he would have said anything. Most of the Hoenn Legendaries are available in BW2.

        The anime always ties into the games releases. Black and White’s pokemon league is only a few months away and what are they going to base next year’s movie off?

  • Reece

    Well seeing as how it is like the last Pokemon to be officially revealed, I would assume that it will be the last 5th gen movie (unless they have a filler movie with the genie trio- although that’s highly unlikely) and it will most probably involve a 6th gen Poke-or a cameo- to create spec and rumours about the next gen

  • dangit, typo

  • JudgeDreddigon

    Genesect: The Paleozoic Machine.

  • Uyi

    I want to see the preview so bad.

    • Pz Hero

      Mewtwos new hope

      synopsis- MewTwo has finally made the strongest pokemon in all of exsistinst Geosect. Can Ash and Company save the world from MewTwo and his creation Genosect.

  • FusionWarrior

    Genesect Vs Mewtwo: Clone Wars

  • jely442

    They are sure moving fast with Fifth Gen… but maybe it’s for good reasons? I still haven’t seen a Mystery Dungeon, or a Battle Revolution type game yet. \: Maybe they’re waiting to release those, before the 6th gen comes out? Or maybe they thought the 3DS game was expected to take longer to make, but they’re going faster than they though? >.<

  • Meeeh

    Pokemon: Genesect And The Mystery Of Skrillex

  • miJ

    Genesect’s signature move shall henceforth be known as “Skrillex Blaster”. And also Genesect rips Skrillex apart with it in the next movie where they reveal Skrillex as a 6th-gen Pokemon! Too bad his ability wouldn’t be soundproof…

  • caleb

    I find it a little bit weird that we have had no more rumors about this. I feel like it might of been fake.

  • WHO IS SKRILLEX? Genesect’s signature move is techno blaster!


    Proposed title: THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE by Maksim