“Pokémon Power Bracket”

The official US Pokémon site is hosting an event called “Pokémon Power Bracket” which is a face-off of all Legendary Pokémon! Although it’d be fun just to vote for your favorite, Pokémon.com has sweetened the deal by awarding the winning Pokémon a week-long takeover of the site, a special downloadable pack (hopefully a download of the Pokémon!), and a t-shirt featuring the winner sold though Hot Topic’s online store!

The obvious question is… who do you want to win?!

Oh, and for those with US conquest games, the latest WiFi episode is now available for download. It has you play has Ranmaru as you conquer seven kingdoms and compete against the female warlords in a contest of beauty. It’s available from now until December 31st, but you should still download it before you forget!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Articuno > Raikou

    1. I agree. I would want Reshiram to win, but it’s not there, so I’m fine with any legendary besides Arceus winning.

      1. actully arceus alredy lost to celebi

        it is now impossible for arceus to win

        i’m sorry

        but darkrai may win or mewtwo

        and if your backup was shaymin girantina beat shaymin(somehow)

  1. You notice that at the bottom of the page they have Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Groudon?!
    Pretty much confirms R/S remakes -_- (this is what serebii forums feel like now)

    1. I’m not sure where at the bottom of the page you’re talking about. Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza are all integrated into the bracket. I don’t think this is evidence of a new game 😛 Furthermore, this competition is being organized by the North American division of Nintendo, who never announce or hint at new Pokemon games before the Japanese division does.

    2. Yeah.

      Three of the four brackets are also red (ruby), blue (sapphire) and green (emerald).

      It’s so obvious guys!

    3. Oh my gosh… there’s water, flying and ground gyms in Poke B/W2 and there’s… surely that’s a sign (!)

    4. Wait, no, I take it back, you’re totally right! If you take the “o” in “Oak,” the “e” in “Elm,” the “h” in “Birch,” the “n” in Rowan, and the “n” in “Pokemon,” and then rearrange them a little bit, you get “Hoenn!” This was clearly planned from the beginning!

  2. Definitely voting for Mewtwo!!
    My favorite since way back in those Red & Blue days.

    That feel when you find out your favorite Pokemon is in a Smash Bros. game.
    That feel when he’s nowhere to be seen in it’s sequel…


  3. Well this has become harder for me to choose then I thought it would. But considering what happpens with the winner, I think I’m going to go with Ho-Oh on this one.

    Just..no Arceus. Ill lose some faith in humanity if it wins. lol jk or am I? 3_3

  4. Kyogre, naturally.

    All Legendary Pokemon? Methinks not.
    Where are Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Raikou, Entei Suicune, and all the Unova legends?

    1. Actually, the Birds and Beasts are in the preliminary round. Eventually three of the six will fill in those three “?” spots.

  5. To be perfectly honest i think I’m rooting for Latios and Latias. I’ve always liked their designs! XD

  6. Mew or Deoxys!! People, we need to get Pokemon that are hard to acquire, not a Mewtwo or Suicune.

    Mew/Celebi/Deoxys has to win!

    1. That is actully pretty funny… mew and deoxys are battling in round 2… mews winning

  7. I want my shiny v-create rayquaza! (Assuming this is like the japanes poll, that is.)

    1. Every time Phione has been confirmed legendary or confirmed non-legendary, they release another confirmation where they change their minds. The US site has declared it legendary before and then changed it.

  8. Where is this bracket? The link just takes me to a page that says “we’re making pokemon.com better for pokemon fans, come back later!”

    1. It appears that, at the moment, they’ve pulled the page. The screenshot for this article is the bracket. The legendary dogs/birds are being used as a preliminary bracket.

  9. I don’t see the point of this, the result will likely always be the same.

    Arceus is going to win. That is unless Keldeo or Meloetta or in it…in which case they might swing it.

  10. they have a super star from each region in each of the top corners of each quarter. deoxys from hoenn. mewtwo from kanto. lugia from johto. arceus from sinnoh. GO MEW!!!

  11. I wonder why arceus lost to celebi, arceus used a random move but celebi had to use a super effective move to win

  12. VOTE FOR MEW PLEEEEEEEEASEEEEE its the best ledgendary and the first mewtwo is also awesome

  13. dont vote for rayquaza its just a dragon O. o and not one of the many first I mean come on there are many dragons but just one pink flying cute thing of a mew vote mew 😀

  14. There’s no way mewtwo should lose to rayquaza (unless it’s a shiny/v-create)! Mewtwo IS the first busy extreme legendary created.. his stats say it all, yes it’s not hard to acquire him but still. But the fact that he is easy toacquire, I would totally hope mew congress out on top in the end seeing how he’s a hair below mewtwo, and technicallycame first. Couldn’t even have a mewtwo without an original mew. GO MEW!! (But mewtwo is still the strongest! B-) He’s an og).

  15. well mew has already won since it’s beating up rayquaza badly…. i’m just even more surprised that arceus lost to CELEBII.

  16. Mew has won. the site has been updated…. AND THE “DOWNLODE” (srry if i spelled that wrong) THEY PROMISED COMES OUT SEPTEMBER 6TH! I don’t want to get it at that time; I have freakin school that day…… ;(

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