Hey pokejunglers! We’re trying something a bit new here at pokejungle and are making a detailed and extensive game guide to the Dream Radar. Between pokejungle, Ozy, Kryzz and myself will have a few Japanese 3DSs to go through the game and write down any Pokémon, Items, and general details we come across. If you’d like to see us doing more things like this, then please give your support and take a look at the Dream Radar page we have set up for coverage.

Now onto today’s BW2 news coverage:


[spoiler][list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • There are different modes within the World Tournament: Driftveil Tournament – Battle all Pokémon at Level 25, Rental Tournament – Pokémon are randomly chosen for you, similar to the concept of Battle Factory, Mix Tournament – All Pokemon are at Level 50, Unova Leaders – Battle the Unova Gym Leaders at Level 50
  • Panjirou’s team is as follows: Latios @White Herb (Lv.80), Garchomp @Life Orb (Lv.80) and Volcarona @Focus Sash (Lv.80). All of his Pokémon are raised to Lv.85 when battled in Challenge Mode. A shiny Gible is awarded when you defeat him.
  • The World Tournament has a progressive unlock system. Once you have defeated the Unova Leaders, past regions leaders will be available to battle. Once you have unlocked and defeated them, the five regional Leaders join into the World Leaders Tournament, after defeating the World Leaders the Champion Tournament is unlocked.
  • The item used to fuse Kyurem to Reshiram/Zekrom is called the Gene Wedge.

[/list][/spoiler] Legendary Pokémon:

[spoiler][list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Uxie is in a currently unknown location similar to Acuity Cavern in DPPt, Mesprit (Lv.65) can be found at the top of Celestial Tower.
  • Regigigas confirmed again, awaiting level and location.


News Moves/Tutor info:

[spoiler][list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Draco Meteor can be learnt in Opelucid City.
  • Articuno and Moltres can learn Hurricane via level up.


Obtainable Previous Gen Pokémon

[spoiler][list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • There’s a small park in Castelia City in which wild Eevee can be found. Cottonee, Pidove, Petilil, Buneary and Rattata are apparently also in the park.


~Kriffix, moving~

  • Miner

    Where do you get the leaks

  • Ralf

    You mean to say that players can actually learn draco meteor themselfs :O

    • Kriffix

      That’s a bit of a stretch XD
      I’ve changed it incase there are any more clever guys 😛

  • caleb

    I just saw a certain someone’s grandson and he looks….. surprising to say the least.

  • Keruso

    seriously? you get given a shiny? those of us who hunt them dont care for given shinies……………..we like to hunt them

  • HikaruAyame

    Two things on the Dream Radar page – Thundurus doesn’t come with Regenerator. IIRC he comes with Volt Absorb, but I know for sure it’s not Regenerator.

    Also, the term “Dream Ball” is really confusing, considering we use Dream (Poké) Balls to capture Pokemon transferred from the Dream World. I don’t know what the Japanese term is, but you might want to change your term slightly. Dream Orb, maybe?

  • Miner

    Dunno if I can post this, but I think the rom is out:

    • icysoul

      miner,how do i make the rom work. i let the download finish,and it told me it couldnt locate the source or something,so i thought i would ask you how to make it work,reply soon please 🙂

  • Stego

    Been playing the game for a while now, and I must say, even though I can’t read Japanese, THIS GAME IS AMAZING!

  • lui

    When will pokeradar coverage begin? I want to know if the Pokemon from there get special moves!

  • CyberKnight94

    Hay does anyone know if Pikachu, and Poliwag are in the pre national Unova pokede?

    • moving

      Neither of them show up pre National Dex.

  • tlm

    I hear Dream Radar is on the eShop now. Are you gonna cover it right now?

    • moving

      Kriff, Kryzz and possibly ozy should start covering it soon, we’re trying to get as much as we can done as quick as we can. So keep an eye out 😉

      Also going to start going through B2/W2 ourselves getting what we can, so watch out for that too.

    • moving

      Scrap that, Ozy has started, so expect a post/update soon.

  • Zuzu V^-^

    So wait if I have black version and i transfer my Reshiram to Black 2 and use the Gene Wedge, does that mean I can get White Kyurem in Black 2? If so I will be happy! 🙂

  • me

    just seen on serebii that u can catch a shiny lvl 60 haxorus after completing unova dex and taking a plane from mistraltin city