If you have a Pokémon still in the PGL please be aware that it will go offline tomorrow (Tuesday, June 5th)and will not re-open until Thursday, June 21st. Any Pokémon tucked into the site will be unable to be withdraw back to your Pokémon Black or White game.

That warning aside, I’m excited to see the makeover! The Japanese PGL will be getting a new area to explore in the Dream world as well 🙂

<3 pokejungle

ps- Final episode of The Jungle Games will be posted tomorrow! 😀

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  • Leo

    You’ll be unable to visit the Dream World until the 21th? I’m getting my Pkm White game next week and I will have to wait even more? 😥

  • Reece

    You mean I wont be able to water my berries for over two weeks(!)