Nintendo Direct Live Coverage

It’s in English so there’s nothing for us to translate, but for those of you who miss it, or don’t want to sit through it, we’ll put the news up for you here. The livestream can be viewed here!

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  • Explaining the Wii U Gamepad. Features include NFC reader, infrared TV controller, ergonomic design
  • Gamepad can sometimes be used without TV being on
  • Wii U supports the existing Wii controllers (nunchuck, balance board, etc)
  • New “Wii U Pro Controller” which is a slick black controller more akin to a PS3/360 controller (picture added)
  • Wii U has new posting feature on Plaza which can be viewed from a smartphone
  • Video conferencing with Wii U gamepad
  • “Mii Wara Wara” displays behind the menu. Includes Miis from your Wii U, friends’ Miis, and others that play the games you do
  • You can send typed messages and also small drawn messages
  • When posting those messages your Mii avatar’s mood can be chosen
  • Game developers can integrate Miiverse messages into games
  • Miiverse will be accessible online from PC/Smartphone and also 3DS
  • 3DS and Wii U will be connected the the Nintendo Network and Miiverse
  • Gamepad can be used as a browser and can be displayed on television (or not)


Nintendo direct has now finished! What’d you guys think?! I gotta go get ready for class… I’m late! D:

<3 pokejungle