…we just can’t read it yet! Bluuuuuurry scan. Please do take note of the upgraded armor on the protagonists though. Looks like a cool feature 😀

There are a few new busho names and their Pokemon, but I’ll make a page detailing them later tonight. Their images are more important to you probably than their Japanese names…

<3 pokejungle

Image from 2ch

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  • JM

    people really understimate this game D: I think it will be amazing I saww all the gmeplays and I really like it I’m a great fan of pokemon and sengoku musou and I’ll sure buy it , and I really can’t understand why european and american people dislikes that game that much

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  • JM

    ok I don’t know why my post isn’t shown but as i said I think this will be amazing ** ,I saw all the gameplays and I’m a great fan of both pokemon and sengoku musou series but…I can’t understand why european and american people dislike that game s much D: I’ll sure buy it

  • EliteEmperor

    I’m hoping a Keldeo event will soon be announced. It’d be nice to actually obtain a legit one. I’d have to wait a while though since I have the American version of the game.